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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.  The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

PIUG 2006 Annual Conference

An International Conference for Patent Information Professionals

Boolean and Beyond:
Patent Information: Overcoming Pitfalls and Enhancing Productivity

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Saturday, May 20 to Thursday, May 25, 2006
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
1300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Exhibit Room

The Exhibit Room (Nicollet Ballroom C/D) will open Sunday Evening with the Welcome Reception. Monday through Wednesday, the Exhibit Room will be open 7:15am-5pm, but staffing of exhibits is only expected during breakfast, morning and afternoon session breaks. The Exhibit Room will be closed during meeting sessions.


Exhibit Room Times


Information about Exhibits

Related Information (contract, order form, check list, etc.)


  • Exhibit setup will take place from 2pm - 6pm on Sunday, May 21
  • Exhibit takedown may begin after 3:30pm on Wednesday, May 24

Exhibit Room Times

Sunday, May 21

2 - 6 PM

7 - 9 PM

Set Up (Vendors Only)

Evening Reception

Monday, May 22

7:30- 8:30 AM

10 - 10:30 AM

2:55- 3:25 PM


Morning Break*

Afternoon Break

Tuesday, May 23

7:30- 8:30 AM

10 - 10:30 AM

1:30 - 3:30 PM


Morning Break*

Product Reviews and Afternoon Break

Wednesday, May 24

7:30- 8:30 AM

9:45 - 10:15 AM

2:55- 3:25 PM

3:30 PM


Morning Break*

Afternoon Break*

End of Exhibits

*Times for break sessions are subject to change.

2006 Participants

BizInt Chemical Abstract Service Elsevier MDL
European Patent Office FIZ Karlsruhe IFI Patent Intelligence
Intellevate Korea Institute of Patent Information
Minesoft OmniViz PatentInformatics
Prous Science PRV InterPat Questel-Orbit
RWS Group Search Technology Temis
TimeLogic Thomson Scientific TPR International


Our BizInt Smart Charts software helps you create, customize, and distribute tabular reports from patent and drug pipeline databases. With BizInt Smart Charts for Patents you can create reports from patent and literature databases on STN, Dialog, Questel*Orbit, MicroPatent and Delphion – and distribute HTML reports with automatically generated links to full patents.

Chemical Abstract Service

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) produces chemistry-related databases, covering more than 9,500 journals and patents from 50 national and international patent offices with unrivaled currency. CAS operates the CAS Chemical Registry, the world's largest collection of substance records, and provides access to the scientific literature via STN(r), the SciFinder(r) research tool, ScienceIP(SM), and ChemPort(r), with links to full-text literature and patents.

Elsevier MDL

Elsevier MDL provides integrated information, information management and workflow solutions to R&D organizations in chemistry and life sciences, accelerating the discovery and development of successful new compounds by improving the speed and quality of scientists' decision making. The MDL(r)
Patent Chemistry Database is a structure-, reaction- and text-searchable database of patent information from chemistry and life science patent publications (World, U.S., and European) since 1976. The database is specifically designed for scientists.

European Patent Office

The European Patent Office is an international authority set up on the basis of the European Patent Convention to grant European patents using a unitary and centralised procedure. A single patent application in any of the three official languages - English, French or German - can provide patent protection in 31 states.

FIZ Karlsruhe

FIZ Karlsruhe is a leading information provider in the fields of energy, physics and mathematics. In collaboration with the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) in and The Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST), FIZ Karlsruhe provides the STN International online service. The company was founded in 1977 and is based near Karlsruhe, in Southwest Germany. At our exhibition stand learn about
improved STN patent databases, including IPC version 8 (IPC 2006) changes, new features of the reloaded Derwent World Patent Index file, and new EPO Register Legal Status in our EP full-text file.

IFI Patent Intelligence

For more than 50 years, IFI Patent Intelligence has been at the forefront of the patent industry, providing clients with trusted tools to access U.S. patents. IFI has introduced and continues to develop a wide variety of proprietary systems that make the patent search process faster, more productive, and more cost-effective. IFI covers all types of chemistry as well as polymers and Markush structures in addition to mechanical and electrical patents. Today, the database known as CLAIMS® represents the largest, most reliable, text-searchable, computerized collection of U.S. patents in the world.


Intellevate, a subsidiary of Computer Patent Annuities Ltd., provides outsourced processes, both onshore and offshore, that help streamline the IP management process. Our employees become an extension of your team, making your organization more efficient and accessible than ever before. Services include: Docketing, Illustration, Prior Art Searching, Patent Paralegal Services, Patent Proofreading and Trademark Paralegal Services.

The Prior Art Database is a unique database dedicated to the publication of technical disclosure documents. Its sole purpose is to enable the creation of and access to prior art. The database contains content exclusive to, and is an essential source of non-patent prior art literature for intellectual property (IP) professionals, research and development (R&D) staff, corporate library staff, and individual inventors wishing to research prior art.

Korea Institute of Patent Information

KIPI is a specialized IP information provider founded by KIPO in order to build up a solid patent infrastructure in Korea. KIPRIS, managed by KIPI, is a free patent information search service on the internet. It is a gateway to the most extensive Korean IPR resources. For international clients, KIPI also publishes KPA, the only English version of Korean Patents. Based on the know-how accumulated by conducting the KIPO projects, KIPI now provides a professional patent information service, FORX.



OmniViz, Inc., is an innovator in visual data mining applications, providing high-value solutions for intellectual property and patent analysis professionals. OmniViz has developed approaches that propel visual analysis beyond pretty pictures to truly effective solutions. Through the use of multiple visualizations and support for natural discovery processes - including the ability for the user to focus the analysis - OmniViz enables faster, more confident decisions.


We offer customizable products and services for automated patent information management and mining. PatBLAST web services integrate bioinformatics tools and genetic sequence patent databases. PatIndex offers a full text patent database compiler and indexer for keyword searching useful in any technical field. PatFam facilitates reporting on patent families and legal status. PatLAMP lets you to have it all securely in-house.

Prous Science

For more than 40 years, Prous Science has been a trusted source of information on which the biomedical community has depended for the discovery of safer and more effective medicines. The company's products have evolved through the years from print journals to sophisticated electronic products incorporating the latest advances in Information Technology.

PRV InterPat

PRV InterPat is a department within the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (SPRO), one of twelve international PCT-authorities. With nearly 60 years experience of search and advisory services we offer pre-file searches, such as Novelty and Validity searches. We have access to all patent databases as well as sophisticated search tools. All our searches are made by the patent examiners of the SPRO.


Questel.Orbit has been helping manage some of the world's most important IP portfolios for the last 30 years. This international company offers a suite of vertically-integrated IP services to researchers, industrial companies, law firms, and competitive intelligence professionals. Known for having the most comprehensive collection of patent and trademark databases, Questel.Orbit also provides a wide array of tools for searching; analyzing, visualizing, evaluating and sharing results; and document ordering.

RWS Group

RWS Group provides specialist intellectual property search, translation and filing services. Its Information Division offers patent, design, trademark and non-patent literature searches; patent watches, filewrappers/inspections and status reports. PatBase – a new professional patent database (developed in partnership with Minesoft Limited) is available on an annual subscription basis. RWS Translation Division is the world's leading patent translation specialist with offices in China, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, U.K. and U.S.A. and employs around 350 staff.

Search Technology

Search Technology's Vantage Point text mining software helps Patent Analysts, Competitive Technical Intelligence Professionals, and Technology Managers find relationships and identify patterns within search results from dozens of patent, scientific, technical, and business databases. Import, clean, and analyze your data; automate your analytical and reporting process; and distribute your results using the Vantage Point Reader. Come see what's new in Vantage Point.


TEMIS is a leading provider of Text Analytics technologies and solutions, addressing the unstructured data management needs of corporations and governments in Europe and the United States. TEMIS solutions help thousands of users everyday accessing business critical information in a timely manner, using concepts and meaning extraction, automatic classification and relationships representation. TEMIS solutions present factual information rather document lists and contribute to reduce information overload.


Active Motif's high-performance TimeLogic® solutions leverage the knowledge within biological databases, from GenBank to PubMed. The DeCypher® and CodeQuest biocomputing systems speed genome annotation and microarray probe selection by combining optimized BLAST, Smith-Waterman and HMM algorithms with a powerful accelerator card, and are in use worldwide by groups such as the Joint Genome Institute, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and the Japan Patent Office.

Thomson Scientific

Thomson Scientific offers information solutions for the patent searcher. Derwent World Patents Index ® -- the premier patent database; Thomson Pharma SM- presenting integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets; Delphion ® -providing access to full-text patent documents; and, Techstreet ® -- offering engineering codes and standards. Also see MicroPatent ® and Dialog ® , now part of Thomson Scientific.

Technology & Patent Research International

Technology & Patent Research (TPR) International, Inc. is a full service search firm specializing in researching worldwide patent and non-patent information sources for all areas of technology. TPR International offers a variety of services, including analysis of worldwide patent and non-patent literature for state-of-the-art searches through to infringement and validity studies conducted via world-wide and regional online databases and/or via manual searching conducted at patent offices and libraries in Europe, the U.S. and Japan.

Related Information

  • Sponsorship/Exhibit Contract, WORD, PDF (This contract should be signed by all sponsors/exhibitors)

  • Electrical Services Order Form, WORD, PDF (Attachment A - Required for ordering electrical service for the exhibit)

  • Telephone Service Order Form, WORD, PDF (Attachment B - Use this form to place order for broadband access and telephone service for exhibits)

  • Audiovisual Equipment Form, WORD, PDF (Attachment C - Use this form to place order for any audiovisual needs for the exhibit)

  • Information for Shipping to the Hotel, WORD, PDF (Attachment D - See this for shipments of any exhibit related items to the Hotel)

  • Check List for Sponsors/Exhibits WORD, PDF (Refer this document for items related to sponsorship/exhibits)

Please email Kartar Arora or call 262-631-4177 for further information about exhibits.

Last updated: 15 May 2006

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