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PIUG 2017 Annual Conference Presentations – May 2017

PIUG Conference Plenary and Business Meeting presentation files are provided to PIUG members with permission of the presenters. Further distribution is limited to current PIUG members. PIUG is an organization of individuals and not companies, so sharing presentation files with colleagues who are not PIUG members is against PIUG policy. We welcome new members and renewals per the PIUG Membership Benefits page.

Abstracts, author biographies, and the full program are available on the Final Program page.

PIUG 2017 Annual Business Meeting presentation

Download the full PIUG 2017 Annual Conference Book just as printed and distributed at the conference.

Patent Office Workshops

EPO Online Products Roadshow Introduction, Nigel Clarke, European Patent Office

EPO Roadshow Search Find Watch, Nigel Clarke, European Patent Office

4th EPO-USPTO CPC Annual Meeting with Industry Users, Nigel Clarke, European Patent Office

Plenary Presentations

Monday, May 22, 2017

Keynote Address: Goals, Tasks, and Information Retrieval, Nicholas Belkin, Rutgers University

Search Technology: Patent Information from Our Vantage Point [Emerald Sponsor Presentation – Search Technology], Nils Newman, Search Technology

Finessing Patent Related Information – Utilizing New Resources Using "Old School" Techniques, Barbara Miller, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR)

Machine Translation of Patents. Here to Stay?, Jane List, Extract Information Limited, and Editor-in-Chief World Patent Information

Quick Automation or Laborious Manual Tagging – Finding the Right Balance, Andrea Davis

Bringing Clarity to your IPR+D Search and Intelligence through Right Combination of Technology and Human Expertise [Emerald Sponsor Presentation – Evalueserve], Anoop Sankar, Evalueserve

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Neural Networks: What Does All of This Have to Do With Patent Analytics?, Srinivasan Parthiban, Parthys Reverse Informatics

Single Pass Numerical Matching – a Linguistic Solution to Numerical Searching, David Woolls, CFL Software Limited

Finding Formulations: Challenges and Opportunities, Matthew McBride, ScienceIP (CAS)

PATENTSCOPE Functionalities, Iustin Diaconescu, WIPO

Prior Art Searches at Various Levels of Product Pyramid – A Startup Perspective, Vivek Doulatani, Ather Energy Pvt. Ltd

Patent Information Analysis for Creating New Business, Jo Sagawa, AsahiKASEI Corporation

Back to the Future – Where Clarivate Analytics Has Been and Where We're Headed [Sapphire Sponsor Presentation – Clarivate Analytics], Bob Stembridge and Daniel Videtto, Clarivate Analytics

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Timelines: A Visualization Option for FTO Analysis Built with BizInt Smart Charts and Visio 2-Visualisation Tools [Sapphire Sponsor Presentation – BizInt], Gregory Roland, Novartis, and Matt Eberle, BizInt

Modern Semantic Search – Similarity Search in Patents via Deep Learning, Sumeet Sandhu, Elementary IP

Auto-identification of High Emergence Patents, Alan Porter, Search Technology

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Neural Networks: What Does All of this Have to do with Patent Analytics?, Parthiban Srinivasan, Parthys Reverse Informatics

The Enhaced Patent Quality Initiative and Search: A Brief Timeline with Options for the Future, Robert Grantham, Reveal-IP LLC

Winning the Game of Cat and Mouse: Helping IP Searchers Find Elusive Patents [Sapphire Sponsor Presentation – STN], Brian Sweet, STN

Industry 4.0 and the Role of Patent Information in Innovation: EPO Perspective, Nigel Clarke, European Patent Office

National IPR Policy of India and Its Implementation, Raj Hirwani, CSIR-URDIP

Study on the Effectiveness of "A SWOT Analysis", Tsutomu (Ben) Kiriyama, Raytec Ltd.

Patent Analysis and Visualization: An Update on Challenges and Opportunities, Nils Newman, Search Technology

Next-Generation Semantic Mapping and Landscaping, James Durkin,

USPTO Update, Jessica Patterson, USPTO

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jumpstart: IP Quarrying for R&D, Kris Atkinson, A/A Patent Investigations

Seeing Our Work Through Other Eyes: Talking to Engineers About Patents and Patent Information, Cathy Chiba, Dauratus Research

A Real Patent Searcher Should Perform Beyond Just a Patent Searcher, Rong Yang, Allergan

Soft Skills, Neglected Features in a Hardcore Technical Environment, Bodil Hasling, Danish Patent and Trademark Office

GTMI: Engage, Leverage, Accelerate, Ben Wang, Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute

Fast, Free, and Available: A Shunpiker's Road to NPL Databases & Grey Lit in the Library and Online, Barbara J. Hampton, RedLine Information Services

Handouts, Barbara J. Hampton, RedLine Information Services

Locating Unconventional Prior Art, Ron Kaminecki, Questel

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