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Links to Patent Valuation and Intellectual Property in China

"Intellectual Property Trend in China"
By: Ricky Lee, Assistant Vice President of Business Valuation Group of American Appraisal China Ltd.

"Recent Developments in Judicial Protection for Intellectual Property in China"
By Chief Judge Lu Guoqiang, Vice-President of Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's Court, November 2001

IP Tec, a Taiwan-based company providing Patent Valuation service for the Greater China

Contributed by Tralvex (Rex) Yeap
August 2003

What Every Chemist Should Know about Patents, 3rd Edition
McLeland, Le-Nhung
American Chemical Society

A really useful pamphlet for anyone working in the industry or academia. It covers the fundamentals of U.S. patent law, including key changes introduced by the 1999 American Inventors Protection Act (AIPA) and key initiatives taken in late 2000 by the USPTO. A schematic diagram illustrating patent term calculation and a glossary of terms and acronyms are provided.
Contributed by E. Cheeseman & Cynthia Yang, June 2002

For those who are truly interested....there are two papers about Japanese Patent System on the UC Boulder Dept. of Economics webserver...
Impacts of the Japanese Patent System on Productivity Growth
by Keith E. Maskus and Christine McDaniel
Legal Features of the Japanese Patent System and Impacts on Technology Diffusion
by Christine McDaniel

Contributed by Tom Koehler
August 1999

We have published a couple of dozen papers related to patent citation analysis (see our home page at, and have constructed, for our own purposes, a bibliography of probably 50 other papers on the subject, including a stream of new papers coming out of the economics community.

Contributed by Francis Narin, CHI Research, Inc.
March 1997

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