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PIUG 2018 Annual Conference Presentations – May 2018

PIUG Conference Plenary and Business Meeting presentation files are provided to PIUG members with permission of the presenters. Further distribution is limited to current PIUG members. PIUG is an organization of individuals and not companies, so sharing presentation files with colleagues who are not PIUG members is against PIUG policy. We welcome new members and renewals per the PIUG Membership Benefits page.

The USPTO and EPO Workshop presentations (below) are available to all interested parties, PIUG members or not.

Abstracts, author biographies, and the full program are available on the Final Program page.

PIUG 2018 Annual Business Meeting presentation

Download the full PIUG 2018 Annual Conference Book just as printed and distributed at the conference.

Patent Office Workshops

USPTO Initiatives: Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) (Christopher Kim) – abstract, presentation

USPTO Initiatives: Global Dossier and eCommerce Modernization Workshopabstract, presentation pending

EPO: Sneak Preview of New Espacenet (Roland Feinäugle) – abstract, presentation pending

Commercial vendors Workshops

Commercial vendors are invited to provide links to their presentations loaded on the vendors' own sites. These links will added to the Workshops web page by the PIUG Webmaster as soon as they are received.

Plenary Presentations

Monday, May 7, 2018

Keynote Address, Joseph Matal, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (No slides were presented.)

The Way We Were – The Founding and Early Days of PIUG, Edlyn Simmons, Simmons Patent Information Service, LLC

30 Years of Patent Information: Past, Present & Future, Alan Porter, Nils Newman, Search Technology, Inc.

An Exemplary Patent Landscape Analysis Linking Patent Documents from NIH Grant Recipients to Drug Development for the Cancer Moonshot Challenge, Yateen Pargaonkar, Riser IP, LLC

I Didn't Know You Had That! – Improving Your Search Results with Lesser Known Data in STN Databases, [Gold Sponsor Presentation – STN], Scott Hertzog, CAS

Additive Manufacturing – The Developing IP Landscape, Kevin J. Hess, PhD, Patent Technics LLC (This presentation was not given due to the unexpected absence of the speaker.)

Do Mergers Stifle Innovation? – The European Commission's Use of Patent Quality Metrics to Assess the Dow/DuPont Merger, Christopher Baldwin, PatentSight

Patent Olympiad, Andrea Davis, Bodkin IP LLC

Reflections on Legal Patent Search Types – Looking Back Nearly 30 Years, Lucy Teixera Antunes, DuPont Nutrition and Health

Defining the Future of Patent Data & Analytics, [Gold Sponsor Presentation – Clarivate Analytics], Daniel Videtto, and Bob Stembridge, Clarivate Analytics, and Paul Torpey, Derwent Innovation (Pending transfer of the file to the Webmaster.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Exemplified Compounds Table Display Linked to Citing Publications, Maddy Marley, GlaxoSmithKline

Chemical Searching Made Possible by Automated Chemical Structure Extraction, Daniel Lowe, Minesoft

Panel Discussion on Partnerships and Patent Offices (PPO) Collaboration moderated by Cynthia Barcelon Yang, PPO Committee Chair, Bristol-Myers Squibb; and Elliott Linder, PIUG Immediate Past Chair (Introductory presentation slides from Cynthia Barcelon Yang).

Intelligent Presentation of Sequence Search Results, Stephen Allen, GenomeQuest

Computer-Assisted Deep Analysis of Chemical Patents at Document Level, Árpád Figyelmesi, ChemAxon

Aim for the Goal of Intellectual Property Information Professional with Artificial Intelligence, Ben Kirayama, PhD

What You Don't Know has Already Hurt You – Digging into Neglected Corners of IP Rights Information, Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd.

Resuscitating the Elusive Patent Description, Kristine Atkinson, PhD, A/A Patent Investigations

State of the Art in Patent Search – a Technologist's Perspective, Mihai Lupu, PhD, Research Studios Austria, Data Science Studio

Uniting Patent Data Sources with BigQuery, Janice Stevenson, IFI CLAIMS Patent Service

"Scour the Earth" Invalidity Searching: When Deep Dive Searching is Appropriate and Strategies to Support It, Matthew Benavides, CPA Global

Exploring New Business Fields from the Core Technology by "Stepwise Conception" Method, Izumi Tsuzuki, PhD, HIT Institute

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Patentscope: A Use Case Scenario, William Keyser, WIPO

AI meets IP: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to improve IP Discovery and Monitoring, Joy L. Bryant, Joy L. Bryant, PC and Sven Brueckner, PhD, Convergent AI

Emerging IP and Litigation for IoT Technologies, Kenie Ho, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

From the Early Days of Patent Searching to a New Espacenet and Future Tools, Heiko Wongel, European Patent Office

Trust – The Key Factor When Outsourcing the Search and Analysis of Data, René Sørensen, Nordic Patent Institute (NPI) and Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO)

Case Studies in Deep Learning-based Patent Analytics, Sumeet Sandhu, PhD, Elementary IP (No presentation slides available.)

Classification Fundamentals – How Documents are Classified, Tonya Heyboer and Brett Johnson, Serco North America

More Bang for Your Buck – Assessing Return on Investment in Public Research, Leo Ming Hei Lai, IP Australia

Hybrid Search: Why it's the right time to integrate AI-driven search with Boolean, Nasreen Brady, JD,

Prior Art of the Prior Art, Ron Kaminecki, JD, Kaminecki IP

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