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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.  The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

Patent Information Vendor Sites

Inclusion policy: This page includes links to services of value in patent searching, patent information, patent documentation, patent document delivery, and patent publishing. It has been assembled largely from contributions from service providers. Please contact our Sponsorship Committee at sponsorship @ with corrections or additions.

Content: Entries should be factual and avoid marketing language. PIUG requests that new entries be limited to a total of approximately 200 characters per vendor across all categories (listed under “Contents”, below).  Older entries will be edited over time to meet these guidelines.

Disclaimer: PIUG does not endorse, sanction, or verify the information that is provided on linked sites. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, PIUG has no affiliation with any other organization mentioned or described on the PIUG web site.


Consultants and Services

  • ACE+Plus Consulting, LLC focuses on patent value and infringement opportunities. Patent assessment includes portfolio taxonomy and triage, prior art research, file history analysis, and generating claim charts/EOUs across a broad range of technical fields, such as consumer electronics, wireless, cloud computing, and social media.
  • Aranca helps innovation-led enterprises, law-firms, universities and R&D institutions with comprehensive prior-art services, patent valuation and monetization strategies. We blend our strengths in business research, valuation and patent research and cover the entire patent lifecycle from conceptualization to commercialization.
  • Article One Partners - A global IP research community that provides premium compensation to the members of its community that identify and submit prior art evidence for selected patents. Our mission is to add a crucial level of review to the U.S. patent system that can strengthen legitimate patents and reduce unjust patent monopolies.
  • Bio Intellectual Property Services - Patent searches in chemical/pharmaceutical/medical/biotech arts. Contact Sam Zaghmout, registered US Patent Agent and former USPTO examiner.
  • BIOLEDGE is a small independent research and analysis firm that provides actionable scientific and competitive intelligence exclusively for Life Sciences since 2009. As information professionals with scientific background, with over more than 25 years within Life Sciences organizations, we provide high-quality customized desk research and analysis to pharma, biotech or academic labs.
  • BioXcel - A research and analytics solution provider with exclusive domain expertise in biopharma and allied sectors. Conducts patent searching and analysis to support R&D, licensing, competitive intelligence, manufacturing, and marketing teams-using a cost-effective, global hybrid delivery model.
  • Bodkin IP is a patent research consulting firm that partners with attorneys, corporate officers, surgeons, start-ups and inventors to strengthen patents and support the evolution of product design. We offer a comprehensive level of services in medtech and the mechanical arts by performing patentability, state-of-the-art, collection, infringement and invalidity searches, as well as patent landscapes.
  • CENTREDOC - A Swiss-based services company providing searching (prior art, novelty, FTO, patentability), patent and NPL monitoring. Commercialize RAPID, a platform for patent and NPL monitoring.
  • Clarivate Analytics Patent Search Services will ensure you get complete, accurate information to fulfill your research needs. We understand the art of patent, literature, competitive intelligence and market data searching and possess the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to fulfill your requests, on time and within budget.
  • Computer Patent Annuities (CPA) - CPA has managed IP for over 35 years. Patent services include renewals, analytics (reports and consultancy), and outsourced IP support services. Trademark services cover renewals, online and offline watching, and searching. Software products bring web-based IP management solutions to attorney firms and corporations. Domain name services are also offered.
  • DANNALAB - A Netherlands-based CRO offering GLP/GMP characterization of pharmaceuticals combined with the analysis of relevant information disclosed in the patents. Our core expertise is the analysis of physical content obtained with X-ray techniques (XRPD, SAXS, WAXS). For patenting of new crystalline and amorphous forms (small-molecule drugs) or biologics (proteins) we offer: deriving x-ray, crystallographic, structure and meso-structure properties for use in specification and claims. We offer clearance and invalidation research based on crystallographic and image data analysis.
  • DeMarcoIP - Patent Research for Patent Attorneys. DeMarcoIP is a full service patent research firm that combines knowledge and experience to support patent attorneys in prosecution, litigation, and product clearance across a broad spectrum of technologies.
  • DexPatent is a premier IP Services company meeting the needs of global business and professional customers. DexPatent provides IP Consulting services, patent drafting, prior art searches, infringement analysis, freedom to operate studies, patent mapping, patent landscaping, white space analysis, technology tracking and competitive intelligence.
  • Dolcera LLC - An international services firm specializing in intellectual property, market research and competitive strategy for North American, European and Asian clients. We have delivered complex analysis and research projects in areas including telecommunications, enterprise software, advertising, chemistry, petrochemical, polymers, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronic, mechanical, cell and tissue culture and medical devices. Our expertise lies in IPMap interactive visual analysis and collaborative, extensible online reports.
  • Drakopoulos Law Firm - An international law firm with offices in Greece, Romania and Albania, offering specialized patent services, from prosecution and maintenance, to litigation, as well as patent searches and consulting, for national, EPC and PCT patents. The firm has experience in all types of patent matters, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical / generic matters and has a cost-sensitive policy and a client-oriented approach and corresponds primarily in English, yet other languages are also frequently used.
  • Effectual Services - A patent research services company providing support services for patent prosecution, management, licensing and litigation. Our spectrum of services include prior art searches, freedom to operate, invalidity / validity searches, infringement searches, design searches, landscaping studies, competitor watch, EoU / patent-to-product mapping charts, patent brokerage documents, and drafting and filing of patents. We serve small to mid-sized companies, multinational conglomerates, research institutions, law firms and venture capital firms.
  • Einfolge Technologies is a leading research and analytics company aggressively providing patent searches, patent analytics, patent landscape report, patent portfolio management, IP watch, business & market research, valuation services, patent drafting and PCT & national filing services. Our expertise covers electronic & telecommunications, mechanical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, food and green technology.
  • E-Merge tech Global Services - An India-based Intellectual Property services company providing IP services such as prior art searches, state of the art searches, validity searches, infringement searches, FTO searches, patent mapping, landscaping studies, technology tracking, white space analysis, patent analysis for in/out licensing, patent drafting, portfolio analysis, patent tracking and competitive intelligence studies, to international customers, with multi discipline and multi country expertise.
  • Ensemble IP blends qualified human expertise with AI tools to deliver patent searches to patent attorneys, litigators, and R&D managers. This "ensemble approach" to prior art searching also includes multiple software tools, full-text native language searching, and manual library searching.
  • Envision IP, Inc. - Started by a patent attorney, our multi-disciplinary team includes patent agents, former USPTO examiners, and experienced industry professionals. We assist clients with patentability, invalidity, and freedom-to-operate searches, as well as competitive intelligence and patent landscaping.
  • Evalueserve provides IP searches, IP intelligence and analytics services, IP management process support, and R&D information to corporates, IP law firms and other professional services firms in the IP industry. Evalueserve provides: standard searches for preparation and prosecution IP and R&D intelligence such as patent landscaping, IP licensing and commercialization support, IP management / paralegal support, R&D information and library management.
  • ExpertLancing is a leading Patent services provider, with its services portfolio including Patent research and analytics, prosecution, litigation and licensing support. We have a quality driven culture and offer tailored & cost effective approach to our global clientele that includes Fortune listed corporations, law firms, SMEs, start-ups and VCs.
  • Extract Information was founded in January 2013 by Jane List to provide information industry consultancy, patent, scientific, legal and business search services, and training on IP information matters, and patent, NPL, databases and searching.
  • filament pty ltd (Australia) and filament intelligence pte ltd (Singapore) provide specialist intellectual property searching, analytics, monitoring and strategy services. our team has the legal background, technical skills and corporate experience to understand your requirements and deliver the results in a format is tailored to your target audience.
  • Florenus AG - Patent evaluation, scouting and monetization as well as technology management in the fields Cleantech (environmental technology, energy management, renewable energy and water management), innovative materials and processes, information and telecommunications technology (ICT), medical technology and security technology.
  • Gazelle Technologies, Inc. - High quality and fast turn-around patent-related consulting, done by a US-based staff of attorneys, technologists and MBAs. Proprietary patent databases and analysis software. Work with law firms and product companies to organize, characterize, analyze, and compare patent portfolios for purposes including, among others, patent budget planning, M&A, valuation, licensing, competitor / technology tracking and litigation.
  • GEM Patent Services provides affordable patent services for independent inventors and smaller businesses working on fixed budgets. Call for fixed-fee quotation. Over 360 patent applications prepared in the engineering arts. Experienced with prior art searches.
  • Global Patent Solutions, LLC (GPS) is an intellectual property research and consulting firm founded to meet the demanding needs of Inventors and IP professionals around the world for high-quality patent research and consulting. With over 130 U.S. based full-time Researchers on staff, we service every technology including electrical, chemical, biotech, life sciences, business methods, mechanical and physics.
  • Gongwell Services Inc. - A prior art search firm focusing on Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent and non-patent literature search and translation. All searches are performed by using local languages without using machine translation and English abstract.
  • Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc. - The leading outsource provider to law firm, in-house and sole practitioner patent attorneys for meeting U.S. (37 CFR §§1.821-.825) and foreign (WIPO ST.25) Sequence Listing requirements. In addition, we perform sequence, text, and structure searches using various STN and public databases for freedom to operate, patentability, invalidity, and due diligence assessment purposes.
  • Hilltop Consultants, Inc. - IT consulting services to IP Law Firms, document providers, and other vendors. Experienced in implementing IP management systems and document management systems. Use the online Contact Us form to be contacted by a team member.
  • Hoffman Patent Firm - A law firm specializing in patent monetization through sale, licensing, and enforcement, sometimes for contingency fees. We also do skilled patent prosecution, including improving value through continuation applications.
  • Hourglass Research is hi-tech sector focused patent services firm, founded in 2010, that helps organizations around the world secure, manage and monetize their IP assets. The company caters to a global clientele that includes “Fortune” listed corporations, law firms, SMEs, startups and VCs on patent searching, drafting, landscaping, and licensing support services, such as claim charts and evidence-of-use charts.
  • HLP Integration - A full service litigation support firm that specializes in patent research, e-discovery, review, and translation services. Blending these core competencies we are able to provide sound cost effective results for our clients legal strategies.
  • IdeationIP is Patent Analytics service provider with its esteemed positioning to serve the needs of varied business verticals. We render handmade techno legal reports integrated with AI tools to analyze technology trends and company's competitive position. We provide intelligence for strategic business decision making for companies of any industry.
  • Ingenious e-Brain Solutions provides patent services include patentability/validity, freedom-to-operate landscape/white space studies, bio sequence & chemical structure searching, preparation of biosequence listing, drafting, filing & prosecution, alerts & watches, accelerated examination searches, innovation scouting, valuation, portfolio management, competitive intelligence, and due diligence study.
  • Innovation Asset Group (IAG) - Innovation Asset Group (IAG) empowers companies with DECIPHER™, an integrated software solution for the management of intellectual property assets and the contractual agreements that surround them.
  • inovia offers an online platform to reduce the cost and administration of PCT national stage entry, direct (Paris Convention) filing, European validation and patent translations. Create a free account for an instant quote and file into multiple countries with a single, online instruction..
  • Institute of Intellectual Property Research & Development - A leading IP consulting and offshoring firm based in India and having client representations in US (California) and UK. IIPRD is one of the fastest growing IP firms in the country and along with its team of Patent Practitioners and Attorneys having high level of technical and legal expertise in US and European Patent Laws, focuses on IP Support Services, Patent Valuation, Commercialization and Litigation Support for Indian and International Corporates.
  • Integrity Intellectual Property - Patent Portfolio services including patent application appeals and reexamination proceedings. Having locations and clients in both Europe and California, IIP is a full service patent prosecution firm available for immediate consultation regarding your intellectual property concerns.
  • IntellectPeritus is a Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) consulting company, providing patent and non-patent search services and IP management services. We provide excellent quality of analysis clubbed with Innovigence Coronium & Corona, with only goal to fill the gap between quality analysis and interpretation of conclusive results to make smarter decisions.
  • Intepat IP Services - A niche Intellectual Property consulting firm based in Bangalore India, providing services in a broad range of Intellectual Property matters, specializing in patent, trademark, and design. We offer a suite of leading-edge services in creation, protection and management of Intellectual properties. We provide tailored and cost effective approach to our clients ranging from Fortune 500 to SME’s to Individual Inventors and help our clients to turn their ideas and innovations into business opportunities.
  • International Technology Information - TechnoProfile™: Low cost, fast turnaround technology portfolio analysis by patent classification mapping. For a demo, go to and click on the TechnoProfile™ button.
  • IP Law Leaders PLLC is an intellectual property law firm headquartered near the U.S. Patent and Trademark office outside of Washington, D.C. Premier Law Group offers patent and trademark searches, patent and trademark applications, copyright filings, legal opinions, and litigation services worldwide.
  • IP Partner - The creator of ip-savvy™ and ip-invent™ series of proprietary tools for patent analysis and mapping, client and industry specific and in-depth patent analysis for biotechnology, medical, data storage, software, energy industries.
  • ip-search - A professional provider of tailor-made patent and technology searches in all technology fields. ip-search is a service of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. ip-search uses state-of-the-art search technologies, including text mining, and has access to several hundred patent and technology databases including EPOQUE, the search system of the European Patent Office.
  • IPCalculus - An Intellectual Property research and analytical consulting firm based in India, providing a full array of customized services: patent landscape and portfolio analysis; patent search, alert, legal status, trend analysis, and monitoring; patent to product mapping; and patent licensing.
  • IPDecision™ is a full service modern and progressive IP strategy and consulting firm of technical and patent professionals with expertise in R & D, Business & Intellectual Property. We have been successfully serving global Fortune 500 high-tech companies and law firms with a clear mission to help corporations innovate, develop and monetize technologies and intellectual property.
  • ipfeathers - An intellectual property consulting and advisory firm based in Mumbai (India) with strong and focused expertise in the areas of life sciences, biomedical devices, and petrochemical.
  • J&B Partners - A UK-based firm which offers high quality research services through patent and non-patent literature to enable clients to make important decisions relating to innovation, research and development, litigation and the commercialization of assets. With over ten years of experience in the research industry we offer a flexible service which ensures we provide the most comprehensive investigations possible for the resources available.
  • L.R.SWAMI CO is a leading intellectual property attorney firm established in 1954, based in India, providing specialist advice and assistance to clients nationally and internationally in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright and designs. We handle intellectual property portfolios of multi-national companies and individuals.
  • Marentech Research - Patent research and technical analysis specializing in the plastics and fibers industries. Areas of expertise include materials (resins, compounds, additives, fillers), products (fibers, nonwovens, films, composites), processes (forming, extrusion, lamination, post-treatment), and end-products for hygiene, medical, technical and industrial applications. Marentech provides service in English, German and French to North American and European clients including patent attorneys, law firms, large corporations, and other IP service companies.
  • Nordic Patent Institute is an international PCT authority based on co-operation between the national patent offices of Denmark, Norway and Iceland. It also offers prior art search and analysis services for companies and IP Law firms, utilizing their 150 highly qualified patent examiners and state of the art search tools.
  • NPS Patent Searches offers professional patent search services in the fields of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, optics and semiconductor manufacturing. More than 14 years of experience.
  • Patent Bots is a suite of essential tools for patent prosecution, including AI-enabled patent proofreading that's more accurate and 33x faster than the competition. Try it FREE for two weeks!
  • Patent Effect helps innovative companies, universities and public bodies to shape their R&D, and innovation strategies by providing business intelligence coupled with innovation insight reports and patent monitoring reports prepared by using patent data that covers emerging technology and market trends in selected fields.
  • Patent Information Promotion Center (PIPC) is a public institution responsible for supporting the activities of KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) such as PCT prior art searches, IPC assignments, etc. PIPC also provides value-added IP search services such as patentability, invalidity, and state-of-the-art searches to customers around the world.
  • Patent Information Services, Inc., established in 1990 by Suzanne Robins, president, provides in-depth online chemical patent and literature searches. Areas of expertise include chemical markush structures and polymers. Services include prior art, patentability/novelty, infringement, freedom to operate and validity searches.
  • Patentec - Patent Searches, specializing in high technology subjects such as Internet applications and Genetic Engineering.
  • Patents from RU - Document delivery and info on Russian patents.
  • Patents & Technology Surveys - European based law and patent search firm that specializes in information technology, telecommunications and software patents searches. All searches are made by former search examiner with the European Patent Office.
  • PatentYogi - A patent services company providing services throughout the patent life-cycle including patentability searches, FTO searches, validity/invalidity searches, infringement searches, patent drafting, office action response drafting, patent analytics and patent animations. We cater to law firms, large technology companies, SMEs, and start-ups globally.
  • PatNMarks - IP Consulting firm with offices in Austin, Bangalore and Chennai and associated with a vintage law firm specializing in intellectual property, M&A and contract law. Services include IP evaluation and identification, due-diligence, valuation, and support of filing and prosecution of patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights.
  • PATON Thuringia Patent Center - IP search and data delivery service (patents, designs, trademarks) based in Ilmenau, Germany. We provide searching and analytics for prior art, patentability, and FTO; patent and non-patent literature monitoring; full-text documents delivery online; and IP-oriented consultancy, especially for German speaking regions.
  • Perception Partners® is a global advisory services firm that systematically and interactively helps clients understand, quantify and maximize the value derived from global innovation and intellectual property. The company focuses on enabling clients to get the Story Behind the Story™ in technology investment, business development and IP transactions. To find critical facts, Perception Partners integrates extensive legal, technical, and business expert teams, cutting-edge IP and business intelligence tools, and algorithmic discovery techniques.
  • Perquisitum - Expert search services, including prior art, validity and freedom to operate searches, carried out by experienced UK-based information professionals.
  • Planet Patent - A patent search company utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide our clients thorough searches. Our experienced research team examines U.S. and foreign patents as well as non-patent prior art. We serve law firms, Fortune 500 businesses and independent inventors. Searching over 90 patent authorities using the latest technologies, including latent semantic analysis, we give our clients an edge.
  • - Founded in 1997 by a U.S. Patent Attorney, we provide a full range of patent searches, including validity, infringement, freedom to operate, state of the art, landscape, and patentability. We also provide opinions of counsel, due diligence, competitive intelligence, pre-litigation investigations, offensive and defensive patent portfolio analysis, and patent litigation support.
  • Quaestio - Information Retrieval Service - International novelty patent searches, specific searches of Italian patents, utility models and designs and copyrights, and a wide range of related searches.
  • Questel is first Extension Filer in the World offering end to end on demand and integrated intellectual property process support, operational excellence and consulting services ranging from prior art searches, EP Validations, drafting, International filings, Annuities, Paralegal and docketing.
  • Red Chalk Group, an IP professional services firm, serves senior executives and investment professionals with custom consulting services, investment research, and patent data and statistics. We integrate business, technical, and legal expertise by leveraging our proprietary patent database and network of technical experts to deliver decision-grade results in a timely and economic fashion.
  • ResearchWire is a leading technology and intellectual property consulting company, whose services include: Invalidity Search, Patent Monetization, IPR support, End to End Litigation Support, Freedom to Operate, Patent Prosecution Support, Landscape Analysis, Portfolio Management and IP Intelligence.
  • Rutman IP is a boutique intellectual property firm with offices in Tel Aviv and Boston. We have been serving startups in Israel, the US and around the world since 2008. We have a clear fee structure with no hidden costs and provide quality work at reasonable prices, within tight time limits.
  • RWS Group - The in-house team of technically qualified patent searchers offers patent and design searches and watches, non-patent literature searches and copies, file inspections and patent status reports.
  • Sagacious Research is an established patent information support firm providing highly economic global multi-lingual patent searches, patent licensing and other ip support services. value proposition of sagacious is uncomplicated - top-quality work product, fixed and cost-effective rates, and timely delivery.
  • Science IP - Science IP provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive searches of the world's scientific and patent literature.
  • SciTech Patent Art Services, Inc. is an intellectual property services firm with highly qualified technical personnel to provide services such as prior art search, analysis and mapping; novelty assessments; FTO searches; validity searches; white space identification; patent alert; SAO analysis. We do in-depth analysis for variety of discipline areas.
  • SPi Global is a global services company providing IP research and market intelligence support solutions to clients from the consumer goods, healthcare and technology sectors. Scope has more than 600 subject matter experts providing patent search services, competitive monitoring services and complex patent analysis services.
  • SPIP Services LLC provides patent searches for prior art, novelty, infringement and validity in chemical and pharmaceutical areas.
  • Stellarix Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. - An ISO certified company working aggressively in the field of patent research and analysis. We provide proprietary IP management "smart tools" to all our clients to fill the void between quality patent analysis and representation of conclusive results. Stellarix works on patent landscaping, competitive watch and intelligence, patent valuation, patent searching (invalidation, infringement, FTO, patentability etc.) for American, European and Asian companies and law firms.
  • Technology & Patent Research (TPR) International - A full service search firm dedicated to providing a superior level of patent and non-patent literature searching expertise to IP Professionals. TPR services encompass expert online database searching, as well as manual searches at patent offices and specialist libraries worldwide. Search types include invalidity, state-of-the-art, patentability, freedom-to-operate, patent watches, and collections. Expertise covers chemistry, polymers, pharma, biotech. and sequences, electronics, circuits, semiconductors, medical devices, and mechanical engineering.
  • TechSaras is IP boutique company providing custom-tailored solutions to Large Corporations, Law firms, Research & Technical Institutes, Individual Inventors and Emerging-startups. Our service portfolio includes prior art search, patent prosecution, patent litigation support, intelligence support and patent monitoring, trademark and design filings.
  • TJETS - Japanese patent search and translation provided by a Ph.D. engineer with many years of experience in academia and industry
  • TT Consultants - A patent support services firm delivering patent prosecution support, landscape and patent analysis, and validity, patentability and state of the art searches to clients across the globe.
  • Uppdragshuset - An international provider of professional IPR services, focusing on novelty searches, infringement analysis, invalidation searches, monitoring services, IP-mapping and freedom to operate analysis. All the staff has prior national patent office examiner status, with international PCT examination experience.
  • Victor Green & Company has provided patent searching services for over 30 years, including patentability, validity, freedom-to-operate, state-of-the-art studies, chemical substructure and gene sequence searching. Searching is done by class, code, keyword, structure, sequence, image and interview. We take on all areas of science and technology.
  • WissInfo GmbH - Patent and trademark search service based in Germany.
  • Wolff Information Consulting LLC provides technical and patent search and analysis services to help you meet your business, research and intellectual property objectives. We provide state-of-the-art, patentability, freedom-to-operate, and invalidity searches, particularly in the chemistry arts.
  • ZeusIP Services is an IP service company providing customized technical and paralegal/docketing services in IP, specifically the patents domain. Backed by a premier law firm, we have uniquely blended IP domain expertise with process-based approaches in order to guarantee business continuity while we aim to stay ahead of the curve with our technological abilities.
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Database Producers & Suppliers

  • Chemical Abstracts Service - CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, is a leader in scientific information solutions, partnering with innovators around the world to accelerate scientific breakthroughs. CAS employs over 1,400 experts who curate, connect, and analyze scientific knowledge to reveal unseen connections. For over 100 years, scientists, patent professionals, and business leaders have relied on CAS solutions and expertise to provide the hindsight, insight, and foresight they need so they can build upon the learnings of the past to discover a better future.
  • Derwent World Patents Index - The world's most comprehensive database of enhanced patent documents. Subject experts from Clarivate Analytics analyze, abstract and manually index every patent record, making it easier for you to quickly find the information you need to make informed decisions. DWPI contains over 21.85 million patent families covering more than 45.2 million patent documents, with coverage from over 47 worldwide patent authorities.

  • - Provides patent data, sales statistics, industry trends, and comprehensive data on all FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs. DrugPatentWatch also offers a free industry dashboard and patent expiration bulletin.
  • Equerion offers back-files, monthly updates or the development of new patent databases of official IP data from over 20 Latin American countries. Contents and databases are available in XML format and are ready to be distributed, licensed, acquired or embedded in a wide range of ways. For more information about existing databases (e.g. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico), please go to the Equerion IP Databases page.
  • GenomeQuest - The first intranet sequence search engine with percent identity and biological searching GenomeQuest allows IP bioanalysts to quickly establish freedom-to-operate and easily monitor competitor sequence IP positions. GenomeQuest software automates the reporting of the most important and relevant matches, minimizing tedious research, while providing advanced search algorithms so no relevant sequences are ever missed.
  • IFI CLAIMS Patent Services is the producer of IFI CLAIMS Direct, a high quality global patent database. Access more than 100 million records through our cloud-based API or install the database directly in your data center. We offer value-added features such as name standardization, machine translation, expiration dates, and patent status.
  • IP Data Corporation - Truly affordable Patent Image Delivery system, or Full Text Search System with or without images right in your office (on your intranet) with the entire US, EP or PCT inventory, or all three. We also have Full Text and Image collections to build your own.
  • IP DataDirect - Patents from LexisNexis provides detailed patent content is compiled from information received from national patent offices around the world and reprocessed with various other proprietary patent sources. Whether you need to search for prior art, validity, patentability, or analytical purposes, IP DataDirect enables comprehensive patent research.
  • Questel offers patent search databases for bio sequence, to compare DNA sequences or peptides with our databases of sequences from patent and non-patent literature and chemical searches straight forward molecule searches in over 75M of patent documents.
  • ktMINE provides databases that link intellectual property data together. With our linked data sets the value of a given technology can be determined by connecting royalty rates to patent families. ktMINE ties licensing information to patents to allow user to value their patents. ktMINE is an all encompassing IP database provider of royalty rates, license agreements, patent and trademark assignments, M&A deals and rumors, company news and IP connections.
  • Lighthouse IP Group - An intellectual property content and service provider that specializes in creating databases to meet specific requirements from many countries, including Asia and South America. Lighthouse provides patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, legal status information and case law all with regular updates, and offers machine translations on-demand human translations.
  • Red Chalk Group - A provider of USPTO bibliographic patent data, custom data extracts, and patent indicators and statistics. Our indicators and statistics provide unique perspective as to the quality and strength of both patent portfolios and individual patents. Industry patent scorecards as well as individual patent reports are also available.
  • SequenceBase Corporation - Producer of both USGENE on STN and the subscription version of USGENE for in-house use. The USGENE database provides search access to all available peptide and nucleotide sequences from published applications and issued patents of the USPTO; sequence data are available in USGENE within 3 days of publication by the USPTO.
  • Twin Dolphin Software - Databases include US full text patents, applications, images; PAIR US XML records, images (IFW); Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB); US Inter Partes reexaminations; US Inter Partes review; US Ex Partes reexaminations; US trademark; EP full text patents, applications, images; WO full text applications, images; INPADOC legal events (62 countries); DOCDB bibliographic data (96 countries). Easy API subscriptions; other options available.

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Online Services and Database Vendors

  • powered by Wisdomain is a patent search and analysis solution designed to integrate big patent data into ready-to-use information with a series of visualization tools. With Smart Tools, delivers detailed statistics & analysis on worldwide registered patents and patent holding organizations.
  • Averbis provides automated, high quality classification of patents into user-specific categories. In this way, we automate patent searches and patent monitoring, and support IP professionals in competitor and patent landscaping analyses.
  • Cippix® - An up-to-date patent chemistry database with immediate access through our certified web shop. Search over 6 million patent documents from chemistry, pharma and biotech and over 1 billion compound references by chemical structure, chemical name, full text and keywords. Create PDF reports and structure exports in suitable formats from complete back-files and weekly updates. Cippix covers English, French, German, and Japanese patent documents.
  • Derwent Innovation - Expedite your IP research and be confident in your decisions with the leading IP intelligence and collaboration platform. Derwent Innovation combines the most relevant content, easy-to-use productivity and collaboration tools, and powerful analysis and visualization tools that save you time and improve the quality of your IP research.
  • Dialog - Specializing in professional content and workflow solutions for pharmaceutical, engineering, and patents research. ProQuest Dialog™ enables searchers of all skill levels to quickly find, organize, and share the right information with intuitive search and collaboration tools, partnered with content from the world's most authoritative publishers.
  • Espacenet - Free access to more than 60 million patent documents from all over the world representing technical developments from 1836 to today.
  • FreePatentsOnline - provides fast, free patent searching, with powerful features such as PDF downloading, search management functions, collaborative document folders, and more. Sign up today -- it's free!
  • GenomeQuest - The first intranet sequence search engine with percent identity and biological searching GenomeQuest allows IP bioanalysts to quickly establish freedom-to-operate and easily monitor competitor sequence IP positions. GenomeQuest software automates the reporting of the most important and relevant matches, minimizing tedious research, while providing advanced search algorithms so no relevant sequences are ever missed.
  • The IamIP Platform enables technology-based companies to search, visualize and monitor patents in a collaborative way – thanks to the digitalization of patent documents. The main purpose with the platform is to get a complete overview over competition and technology in order to mitigate risks, save time and boost innovation, by encouraging solid collaborations across different professions.
  • infoapps - info patent is an innovative and fully automated archive for IP information. The out-of-the-box solution generates an archive of intellectual property specifically for your enterprise. Intellectual property complete with bibliography, drawings, pdf and full text is loaded by info patent loader from 11 free hosts for access by engineers and scientists. Used by 30,000 users in 17 countries.
  • Inspec - A premier, non-patent literature (NPL) database with over 11 million records covering over 100 years’ worth of prior art records from the world’s technical and scientific literature. To request a product demo and/or trial access contact us at
  • Institut National de la Propriete Industrelle (INPI) - Produces several European patent and PCT files, and partner in MMS. Web site in French.
  • is an intellectual property solutions provider that helps organizations make complex business decisions around their innovations. Our industry-leading portfolio of services enables businesses to increase revenue, optimize operations, and manage IP risk through insightful data analytics and publishing.
  • IPQuester - A complete content resource on worldwide IP Practice, Proceedings, and Law, which includes patents, utility models, industrial models, trademarks and domain names content, covering over 235 countries and territories. It contains Abstracts and Rules and all the information an IP practitioner or IP docketing software needs for deadline calculation, requirement checklists, official fee estimation and more.
  • IPRally offers an online platform for patent searching driven by examiner trained-AI data & based on a graph methodology.
  • JPDS (Japan Patent Data Service) provides web-based English language search engine "JP-NETe" for Japanese unexamined patents after 1989 including legal status information, and Japanese search engine "JP-NET" for Japanese patents, utility models, designs and trademarks including legal status information, together with US patent data after 1985.
  • Korea Institute of Patent Information (KIPI) - KPA Search In KIPRIS - Free Services - Korean Patent Information available in Korean and English. Includes bibliographic information, abstracts and patent specifications.
  • LexisNexis offers a suite of intellectual property solutions including IP DataDirect - Patents provides worldwide patent content, PatentOptimizer® for patent drafting and analysis, PatentSight® for patent drafting and analysis, and TotalPatent One® for patent text mining and visualization.
  • MyIntelliPatent is a patent-knowledge management tool that provides many search strategies (by text and metadata, by citations, by similarity), different criteria for ranking and categorising search results. Moreover it allows you to annotate and score patents to facilitate your search campaign and to share your results with your customers in real time.
  • Pantros IP - An Advanced IP Solutions provider utilizing highly developed Latent Semantic Analysis to improve organizations IP Processes through next generation analytics, semantic, guided and advanced search technology, and portfolio quality analysis. Natural language and artificial intelligence serve as the core foundation in our IP solutions greatly improving research, analytics, and evaluation precision, speed and results.
  • PatBase - An online patent database, developed in partnership by Minesoft Ltd. and RWS Group, contains over 88 million patent publications organized into 46 million consolidated patent families from 75+ patent-issuing authorities, with searchable Latin and non-Latin full text with machine translations. It is updated fast each week, English abstracts, bibliographic details, also integrated legal status, full text display, PDF patent document ordering using PatBase, PatBase Express, PatentOrder, PatentArchive, PatentViewer, Patent Tracker, and/or Patent Family Portal.
  • Patent Calls® provides Patent Tools, a free patent search tool, that includes powerful features such as advanced search capabilities, cover page drawings, PDF downloading, export/import, and an intuitive user interface to review and analyze key patent metrics.
  • Patent Expert Network provides an online marketplace to connect patent-related professionals and service providers with employers (i.e., firms or individuals) who have intellectual property needs. Through our online marketplace, employers can access a global pool of patent-related professionals. It directly connects businesses with active expert profiles specializing in various patent-related professional categories including litigation, litigation support, patent search, prosecution/filing, and technical assessment/review.
  • Patent Guru is an online patent research and intelligence platform that covers global database with in-depth analysis and collaboration capabilities. Its similar patents search tool, patent analysis features have visualization and customization capabilities. Patent Guru also provides sections on patent ranking, patent knowledge, and patent of the year review.
  • Patent Images allows users to search for patent drawings based on keywords. For example, searching for hat, will show patent drawings about hats.
  • Patent Integration - An integrated platform providing patent search, analysis, visualization, and collaboration composed of a worldwide patent database and special multi-platform client software. It is a high-productivity patent search solution with features not provided by other patent search systems. Download the application and register to get a userid and password to explore the application.
  • Patent Pulse - Patent search and analysis platform integrating full text patent databases for a global coverage. Manual and automated analysis tools for the monitoring of competitors and technologies, state of the art and FTO searches, valuation of IP, mapping of patent portfolio. User friendly interface and collaborative features for the sharing of patent information.
  • Patent Safari - Fully automated patent, patent application and reexamination tracking. Just add the cases that interest you and we do the rest. We inform you of new reexams for your patents, track transaction histories and image file wrappers for the cases, daily or weekly, and send you email alerts containing the latest changes and PDF files. We will take care of this clerical, paralegal cost burden through our automated online service and our user-friendly website, while you can focus on the legal matters.
  • Patentics - Full-text including images for USPTO, EPO, WO, and SIPO patent applications and grants updated weekly. SIPO Chinese patents are available in Chinese and translated English. Hybrid search incorporating Boolean operators to limit patent set and relevancy ranking of results based on any phrase or full text of patent. Over 2.4 million EPO search examiner reports used as validation. Contact for more information or free trial.
  • Patentswatch is an automated patent application monitoring software for law firms and industry. It monitors USPTO PAIR, EPO, WIPO, and DPMA patent applications, search patterns and keywords, and notifies of changes by email. It tracks office actions, transaction history, documents, continuity data, patent family, claims, and much more.
  • PatSeer is an online patent database with global patent coverage that includes 15+ full text collections, 95+ bibliographic collections, machine translations, PDFs, drawings, simple/extended families with legal status, integrated US reassignments and maintenance status, corporate tree, semantic search tools and more.
  • Patsnap Pte Ltd provides a comprehensive global patent search, analysis and portfolio management platform, accessible in both Chinese and English, covering more than 90 million patents and providing advanced patent analysis tools understanding the technology landscape and making better business decisions.
  • PCT Patents Search (WIPO)
  • Questel offers asset management software, Orbit Asset for IP docketing software and intellectual property portfolio management. Orbit Capture for monitoring workflow to stay in control of your IP portfolio, and Orbit Blockchain offers Blockchain-based timestamping and protection.
  • Raytec PAT-LIST-CN/WEB - A Patent Information Retrieval Web System Specializing in Searching Patent in China.
  • RoyaltyStat provides patent license agreements with a disclosed royalty rate, upfront fee, and milestone payments. We provide an indispensable online tool to structure patent arrangements and to assess damages. We specialize in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology industries.
  • Search4IP - Search 4 IP is a free, full text patent search system developed by the Munich company Software for Intellectual Property (SIP). Unlike the other well-known free patent servers such as Depatis or Espacenet, a search conducted in Search4IP can included a search of the full text of patent documents.
  • STN® - CAS - USA - CAS STNext ® is a premier scientific IP information platform, connecting searchers to a comprehensive collection of global databases, scientist-curated content, and patent information with powerful precision search and analysis tools.
  • STN International - FIZ-Karlsruhe - Europe - CAS STNext ® is a premier scientific IP information platform, connecting searchers to a comprehensive collection of global databases, scientist-curated content, and patent information with powerful precision search and analysis tools.
  • TechInsights – Producer of highly detailed technical analysis of semiconductor and other technology products. Simplify patent investigation and reduce costs with access to over 30 years of analysis through one platform.
  • USPTO - Patent search engine
  • WIPS (Worldwide Intellectual Property Service) provides on-line worldwide patent information service and IP consulting services to over 3,000 companies, patent law firms, academics, government, and R & D institutes in Korea as well as 12 overseas countries which include the U.S., the U.K, China, Japan, Taiwan, Sweden, Denmark, Colombia, Thailand, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam. WIPS believes in providing quality products and services in most user friendly environment to our customers in most timely manner.
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Analysis Tools

  • 3i Analytics - Through, 3i offers the widest collection of patent mapping reports covering over 1000 technology areas, 160 corporate patent portfolio and 40 country patent portfolio.
  • Aistemos brings together the very best of IP and data science, to offer a unique range of IP strategy, analytics and risk management services. Our big data platform Cipher is the world's first IP analytics platform to aggregate, analyse and visualise IP data relating to patents and related events including litigation and licensing.
  • BizInt Smart Charts - BizInt Smart Charts for Patents helps you create and customize tabular reports from patents databases including Derwent World Patents Index, CLAIMS, and CA/CAPLUS.
  • Clearstone FTO is an end-to-end freedom-to-operate and patent clearance management platform. The web-based application is an interactive hub for dynamically connecting product information, patent analysis, reporting, and workflow management. Integrated patent analysis tools for efficient claim-by-claim assessment and multi-dimensional analytics bring unprecedented insight and best practices to the murky world of FTO. Conceived and pioneered by patent attorneys; based in California.
  • Cobalt IP - A modern patent search and analysis solution that offers a full suite of search, clustering, similar document detection, collaboration, and visualization features in an easy-to-learn interface – from the makers of FreePatentsOnline.
  • Global IP Portfolio Cost Analyzer - Calculate and analyze current and future costs worldwide for prosecuting and maintaining your patent portfolio.
  • Innography provides better answers to questions about intellectual property to help organizations improve their business results. Innography's proprietary software suite combines unique correlation and visualization technologies to enable users to quickly gain valuable insights for managing, extending and exploiting their patent portfolios.
  • InnovationQ is a powerful, user-friendly search, analytics, and valuation platform that helps bring the research interests of organizations together to optimize the value of their intellectual property. It allows you to collaborate with colleagues to rapidly conduct IP research, analysis, valuations, competitive intelligence, and profiling.
  • Innovation Asset Group (IAG) - Innovation Asset Group (IAG) empowers companies with DECIPHER™, an integrated software solution for the management of intellectual property assets and the contractual agreements that surround them.
  • INTELLIXIR - INTELLIXIR is a Patent and knowledge Discovery Web Application with intuitive navigation through thousands of documents using powerful visualization and patent mapping tools. It allows users access through the internet in protected ASP mode and automatically extracts text words, keywords, recognize IPC codes, affiliations, authors, dates, from written patent resources. It accepts most known intellectual proprietary database formats as well as scientific and technical oriented databases, thus insuring good correlation between scientific articles and patents.
  • Inteum's cloud-based software solution provides companies a full suite of tools to manage, market and analyze their intellectual property assets. Inteum features dynamic reporting capabilities and notifications to help companies stay on top of their technologies.
  • IPVision, Inc. provides customers a business perspective of patents through our patent analysis and analytics reports, consulting services, and advanced patent analytics software. The See-The-Forest and IPVision Advantage software is available at multiple account levels.
  • Linguamatics Text Mining Software provide high performance text mining software which can be used to analyze scientific literature, patents and other sources in the life sciences and other industries.
  • Matheo Analyzer - Powerful patent information processing and knowledge discovery software that allows the integration of all patent database formats, of very large sets of data and has a full personalization of analysis configuration. Use Matheo Analyzer for creating statistical lists, charts, matrices, networks and clustering.
  • M-CAM Doors - Patent visualization tool.
  • MyIntelliPatent is a patent-knowledge management solution for analysis of competitors and technologies, such as (a) by querying and collecting patents by different criteria, e.g. by company or IPC; or (b) by analyzing patent collections with linguistic technologies to identify different kinds of distribution, e.g. topic by company and/or by year).
  • patentCut is a fast tool for parsing, searching and reading patents. Create lists of patents from any text - just copy and paste. Rank patents using automated score. Priority, expiry, assignee, entity, maintenance data and more. Easy to read format. Still free.
  • Patentics - Web-based visualization of patents and keywords with historical and top assignee graphs per keyword or patent, available across our USPTO and SIPO patent databases. Windows-installable SmartClient application allows for heavy-duty patent set manipulations, patent set comparison for portfolio and competitor analysis and much more. Contact for more information or free trial.
  • PatentInspiration - An easy to use free online patent search & analysis tool with more than 40 different analyses. It allows you to focus on companies and technologies as a whole instead of single patents. Key features are advanced patent analyzing, saving searches and analyses into reports, easy PowerPoint/Excel exporting, creating weekly/monthly patent alerts, sharing reports with others and much more. Check out the "Take a tour" link.
  • PatentOptimizer® from LexisNexis streamlines patent analysis and creating applications by helping develop internally-consistent, concise and well-tailored patent applications or analyze and dissect online-issued patents with features such as Check and Compare Claims, Check Terms, Check References, Check Parts, and more.
  • Patent Calls® offers advanced research capabilities with Patent Tools Premium™, available as a subscription service. Rapidly identify relevant patents using with advanced search capabilities and Patent Quality Scores (QScores), view Related Art Timelines that include semantic similarity matching of patents and applications, and portfolio management allows you to create research sets and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Patentcloud is a patent intelligence platform that leverages artificial intelligence and big data analytics to deliver actionable insights. With products such as Validity Insights, Patent Search, and Design Search, Patentcloud enables users to make more impactful business decisions.
  • Patent iNSIGHT Pro™ is a comprehensive patent research and analysis platform that includes specialized text mining algorithms for patent and scientific literature, powerful charting and mapping capabilities, support for almost all free and commercial databases, a powerful easy-to-use interface, and a visual analytics solution called VizMAP.
  • PatentSight® from LexisNexis is a patent analytics solution that helps companies gain valuable insights into the strength, quality and relative value of patents and patent portfolios. PatentSight provides decision makers and patent experts with advanced analytics in the fields of benchmarking, R&D strategy, finding trends, M&A, licensing and portfolio optimization.
  • - A Cloud-based Automated Patent Drill-Down and Analysis Tool including patent parts, drawings and claims processors.
  • Quantify IP offers Global IP Estimator (desktop and online versions) to generate worldwide cost estimates for patent and trademark applications and Portfolio Estimator to analyze and predict costs for prosecuting and maintaining patent portfolios.
  • Questel's Orbit Intelligence is a leading global IP business intelligence software dedicated to patent research and analysis. Orbit Intellixir is the industry’s leading solution to analyse patent and scientific data for innovation and competitive intelligence.
  • Relecura - A web-based patent and portfolio analysis platform that uses a knowledge discovery framework to support and simplify workflows at various stages of the IP lifecycle - ranging from prior-art search, landscaping, to licensing. It incorporates features to deliver IP intelligence in an easy and intuitive manner for various strategic business initiatives such as IP commercialization activities and R&D planning and prioritization.
  • Resolute Innovation - Resolute Innovation's AI patent analysis platform mitigates risk and increases search efficiency in patent prosecution, freedom to operate, and litigation. We have integrated data from a broad range of resources, including US and foreign patent data, scientific and engineering publications, and TTO data from leading institutions.
  • TEMIS develops and markets multilingual software solutions for Text Mining, which enable optimization of information processing by transforming free text into data that can be analyzed for information extraction or automatic classification of documents applicable to Competitive Intelligence, Patent Analysis and more.
  • Derwent Data Analyzer - A powerful interface on your desktop for managing and extracting business-critical insights from patent and scientific data within in-house or commercial databases. Provides an easy way to analyze trends, profile competitors, avoid or uncover patent and copyright infringement, and identify strategic development opportunities in information from both in-house and commercial databases and Derwent information products.
  • TotalPatent One® from LexisNexis is a comprehensive patent research tool providing access to the world’s largest and deepest collection of patent data from around the globe.
  • Treparel - Patent text mining and visualization software solutions for various stages of R&D and IP management using Treparel's KMX patent analytic software.
  • Twin Dolphin Software - Tools include patent portfolio summary and visualization; company / competitor dashboards; data facets, histograms and statistics; advanced correlation, clustering; basic and advanced search, e.g. similar document search; docket loading / verification; patent family tree; patent term adjustment verification; patent portfolio valuation; PTAB and PAIR monitoring services; patent examiner reports. Easy spreadsheet import / export.
  • VantagePoint - Search Technology's VantagePoint provides analysis tools for discovering knowledge from patent databases.
  • XLPAT Labs offers automated patent tools for quick online patent searches. We have the Patent Invalidator to facilitate invalidation of patents, Landscape Viewer to analyze patent trends and generate clickable charts and graphs, Claim Mapper to draw comparisons between subject patent claims, and much more.

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Patent Document Delivery

  • Digital Patent Services is a full service patent document company that provides all patent-related documents, including: US patent file histories, non-US patent file histories, assignments with reel/frame copies, non-patent literature (NPL), pto certification of documents, and legalization & authentication. We ensure that your orders are processed smoothly and delivered promptly. Most orders are filled the same day requested. No account setup needed. Just use the easy, online order form.
  • Documents Delivered retrieves copyright-compliant documents from our global library network. With access to over 288 million publications, we deliver the journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings you need. PubMed IDs accepted, documents delivered in secure PDF format, and no charge unless your document(s) are successfully delivered.
  • Fiz Karlsruhe Autodoc (Europe) - Automated document delivery broker system.
  • FreePatentsOnline - provides fast, free patent searching, with powerful features such as PDF downloading, search management functions, collaborative document folders, and more. Sign up today -- it's free!
  • GetIPDL - Software that downloads the text and the images from JPO, USPTO, EPO, DEPTATIS, WIPO, IP Australia, CIPO, SIPO of P. R. China, Thai IPIC website and merges and converts to PDF for printing. It includes features, such as SmartTag, which expands the Internet Explorer context menu.
  • Get The Patent - Patent image downloads from US, EP, WO, GB, DE, FR, JP, CH.
  • Innovation IP Services is a global IP documents provider that focuses on patent information products, such as non-patent literature search, file histories, certified USPTO documents, certifications, apostille & legalization, hand delivery to the USPTO locations including new filing, foreign filing license petitions, PTE application deliveries at competitive pricing.
  • IP Data Corporation - Current and back-year bulk data for most major authorities with Images (TIF or PDF) and full text available in several formats (this includes subscriptions). Download U.S. and foreign patents and applications from our document library. We also publish US IP manuals in soft cover and 3-ring (CFR-37, US Code, TMEP, TBMP and MPEP).
  • IP-Discover : - Software to search, download, and manage patents and applications from the public patent servers. Free functional demo.
  • Matheo Patent - Downloads patents from Espacenet and USPTO automatically according to your request criteria, constitutes and updates your local database, integrates many analysis tools, and generates graphic visualizations and personal printable reports. Use Matheo Patent for IP, innovation, competitor and technological monitoring, competitive intelligence.
  • Minesoft PatentOrder: - Instantly download PDF patent documents from over 40 countries (incl. PCT, US, EP on day of publication). Electronic EP Filewrappers, patent family/legal status reports, available via the Web, or either as Intranet or PC Desktop software.
  • Pat2PDF - is a service that makes dealing with patent documents easier. It started as a service to convert the native U.S. patent documents into industry standard PDF documents. Since that time, it's grown to meet all your patent viewing and searching needs.
  • Patent Fetcher - Offers PDFs of all U.S. and most foreign patents and patent applications for a fee of $0.65 per document, regardless of size, via the Web site.
  • Patentec - Patent documents in paper and electronic form, and electronic file wrappers.
  • PatentPleeze - With it you can download unlimited full (or partial) patents from most countries (From Espacenet, USPTO, CIPO and Depatis). You can analyze downloaded documents (search rank..). You can view documents with text and images side by side and you can create a database of patents... and you can Email patents with one click.
  • PATONline - Online orders of full-text documents and on-demand search in user-specific formats, with searchable bibliographic and full-text data, fully linked to Espacenet and/or PDF original full-text documents.
  • poxoq for patents is a patent retrieval tool which can be used to easily download, bulk or individually, publications in PDF format of granted patents, patent applications and utility models from over 90 countries. For more than 10 years poxoq has been providing continuous maintenance service to our customers. Free test license.
  • Reed Tech Order Center - offers extensive USPTO and international patent file history inventory including high-quality copies of original patents, U.S. file histories, non-patent literature and more. Our services range from professional translations of patent documents to proprietary analytical reports compiled using the latest patent information available.
  • Clarivate Analytics File Histories and Document Services provides US and international patent file histories, patent publications, non-patent literature, trademark services, certification & legalization, and publication search services at competitive rates, backed by our extensive inventory, proximity to the USPTO and expert customer service.
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Patent Drawing

  • AM Patent Drawings - produces high-quality patent drawings in a timely manner and at reasonable costs. We are a full-service patent illustration company located in Washington, DC.
  • CORMC Technical Graphics - provides high quality patent drawings to USPTO and international standards. Rapid turnaround is available – often in hours. We have completed thousands of drawings and have never had a drawing objection! Check out our website for published examples of our work and additional information!
  • Cotsis CAD has been providing digital patent drawings to IP professionals nationwide since 1991. Our drawings adhere to USPTO standards. Fast turnaround. No extra charge for rush jobs. Additional information and patent drawing examples available on our website.
  • Draftinc - Patent Drawing and Drafting - Providing US and International Patent Drafting, Trademarks and Patent drawings services for your invention or idea.
  • Legal Advantage - A leading provider of patent, trademark, and patent design drawings headquartered in Washington, DC. All drawings are reviewed by a QC manager before they're sent back to the attorney often reducing unnecessary revision time. Standard turnaround time for moderate complexity drawings is three days, with capability to do so in 24 hours when needed. Request a free quote via the online form.
  • The Patent Drawings Company offers Utility and Design Patent Drawings to Inventors, Law firms and Corporations.

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Recognition and Awards

  • Aztec IP Solutions LLC is an INC. 500 company and a trusted IP Recognition provider. We specialize in the design, manufacture, and management of Corporate IP Recognition Programs.
  • Patent Awards - Plaques and Frames To Showcase Your Intellectual Property Achievement - Custom framed patent displays and hand-crafted patent plaques with the convenience of online ordering!
  • - A woman-owned company and leader in the Intellectual Property awards industry that has been supplying clients worldwide with custom high quality Patent Plaques for over 15 years. We invite you to browse for our latest styles of wood plaques and acrylic patent awards. Online ordering is available.
  • World Wide Recognition Company Inc. - A service based, manufacturing firm that specializes in the practice of developing and implementing, corporate patent and technology, recognition programs. Products include handcrafted plaques, framed certificates, classy perpetual awards, desktop awards, and custom lobby displays.

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Translation Services

  • A Better Translation - High quality Russian translation for your products and services: general, technical, and promotional materials.
  • All Language Alliance, Inc. provides legal document translation and deposition interpreting services in more than 100 foreign languages. Certified document translations certified translation of all manner of legal texts and evidentiary documents for U.S. courts, domestic and international regulatory agencies, the USCIS, the USITC, U.S. government offices, foreign embassies.
  • American Language Services specializes in providing professional translation for all languages and offers certified local professionals for Patent Translating Services.
  • Applied Language Solutions - professional language services for translation of any type of document: financial, legal, medical, marketing, or any other subject.
  • BLI Translations - A division of The Boston Language Institute, offers translation and interpreting services to major corporations, law firms, universities, media and marketing firms and federal, state and local government agencies.
  • Burg Translations - Multi-lingual, full-service translation agency based in Chicago.
  • Connect-Sprachenservice Gmbh - Translation Office in Vienna. Certified translations (EN 15038) into more than 100 languages. Interpreters for more than 40 languages.
  • Choice Translating offers the following services in any language: document translation, brand name analysis, name validation, advertising and tagline localization, interpreting services, multilingual typesetting and graphic design.
  • Clarivate Analytics Patent Translation Services - Provides translations from and into a wide range of languages, combining language proficiency and subject matter knowledge with an understanding of patent literature based on years of experience. Trust our subject specialists to provide professional patent translations to support your patent filings or litigation, and to support business decisions.
  • Elite Translingo provides professional patent translation service with high quality and affordable rates. We also provide patent document translation and patent website and software localization services, and we support more than 100 languages.
  • Enunce, LLC - Managed by Ph.D. scientists, Enunce, LLC provides Korean / English translation of patents in the fields of engineering, chemistry, biotechnology and medicine.
  • McNeil Multilingual, "The Center for Technical Translation®" - Specialists in the major languages of Europe, Latin America and Asia.
  • Global Language Solutions - Translation agency specializing in technical, medical, and pharmaceutical translations in over 50 world languages. Types of IP documents we translate include patents, published patent applications, utility models, abstracts, reports, and legal documents.
  • Global Language Translation and Consulting (GLTAC) - A full service translation company with machine language capabilities in several European and Asian languages.
  • Global Link Language Services, Inc. - Provides specialized translation services for patents and other related projects in all major languages. Since 1996, our clients have entrusted us with their most critical legal translation projects. Our translation workflow process ensures quality, accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality.
  • Inbox Translation - Professional translation agency based in London, UK that offers translation services in various languages, including for patents.
  • intellect propels - Intellectual property language services specializing in technical and patent translation for European languages.
  • IPTranslator is patent-specific machine translation service for patent information specialists. The service can be accessed through the website, or on-demand via a browser plugin, for a number of languages including Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Users can specify their own terminology, improve translations over time and enhance subsequent searches through our text analytics.
  • IVANNOVATION, LLC is a translation and localization provider of patent, user interface, documentation, and marketing materials for the IT, software development, legal, and manufacturing industries. It provides translations of technical materials into all major European and Asian languages.
  • Japanese-English Technical Translations specializing in chemistry, nanotechnology, and biotechnology.
  • - Japanese patent translation service in electrical and mechanical arts.
  • Landon IP Translation Services - Our uniquely qualified team brings together expertise in native language translation, patents and patent law, and all major technology disciplines, which allows us to effectively meet the needs for all legal and technical translations, whether or not they are patent-related. We handle all major European and Asian languages and can provide quality translations in any language pair upon request.
  • Lingtech - We are a Danish translation agency with 12 years of experience in patent translation from mainly English, German and French into Danish. We employ more than 200 freelance translators world wide. We guarantee (a) translations of very high quality; (b) on time delivery; (c) use of language technology and (d) well established processes and routines. We have vast experience in dealing with large volume documents, especially in the fields of chemical, mechanical and bio-technical patents.
  • Linguistic Systems, Inc. - Contact LSI, when you need a patent document but in a different language from the one it's published in.
  • Merrimack Translations - Full suite of high quality professional translation services in more than 60 major languages. With offices in Lowell, MA, the agency also offers consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services.
  • McElroy Translation provides translation and localization services in all languages to business and government clientele enhancing their ability to compete in global markets.
  • Lighthouse IP Group - An intellectual property content and service provider that offers machine translations for many languages and on-demand human translations to and from English for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Charlie Meng - Manual translation of Japanese patents by Ph.D. chemist with 10-year experience in the pharmaceutical industry. tel. 678-336-2540.
  • Morningside Translations is one of the world's leading patent translation services, translating patent for national stage and EP validation. We streamline the translation process and substantially reducing foreign filing costs (35-45% on average). We also translate documents related to patent litigation. Morningside is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • Omniverbal provides patent translations in major European languages. We also provide desktop publishing services for recreation of complicated formats and graphics of specialized texts and technical documents. Omniverbal follows DIN EN15038 quality standards.
  • ONPAT - Fine quality, competitively priced translation of patent specifications particularly from English, Chinese, German, and Japanese to Korean in the HLT form required by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Established in 2003, ONPAT employees 30+ senior translators in the fields of electronics, mechanical and chemical engineering, etc., and serves many Korean patent law firms.
  • Park IP Translations specializes in technical translation and interpretation. Park IP translates patents, trademarks, contracts, technical articles, litigation reference materials, and operation manuals associated with IP. Park translates documents into and from all languages. Park IP engages on translation assignments for, but not limited to, foreign filing(s), prior art, and litigation review.
  • provides translation of patents from Japanese, German, French and other languages.
  • Paterra - Machine translations of Japanese patents.
  • PoliLingua delivers translation, localization and managed language solutions for clients large and small; in the corporate, government and private sectors. Our project management teams offer a professional and friendly service as well as an in-depth understanding of the project requirements and respects client's deadlines and budgets.
  • Professional Interpreting - Interpreting and Translating Services across Los Angeles and neighboring areas for over 21 years.
  • Quality Translation Services Our quality patent translation services for languages like Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish have made many patent and IP lawyers in India, Japan, USA and UK to lean on us for patent translations services.
  • Questel’s translation service offers a single integrated approach to global IP services. With the acquisitions of Multiling and Morningside, Questel is an innovative leader in international IP translation and foreign patent filings. Our centralized model mobilizes a unique ecosystem of 80 in-house linguists (65 in Asia) and more than 1,200 specialized translators.
  • Rising Sun Communications - Providing Japanese to English, human and post-edited machine translations of Japanese national and PCT patent applications.
  • RWS Group - The Translation Division is a leading patent translation specialist with a newly introduced Global Filing Platform offering these core services: EuroFile, full European translation and validation; WorldFile, translation and filing worldwide, via national and PCT route; and IP-Trans, translations for litigation and information purposes.
  • Russian Patent Translations - English/Russian technical, scientific, medical translations: patents, published patent applications, legal documents.
  • Schreiber Translations, Inc - Provider of patent translation services for all types of patents, all languages.
  • SciTech Patent Art Services, Inc. - Translation services offered across the globe. SciTech Patent Art offers translation services for various Asian and European languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Polish, Russian, Italian and others.
  • tolingo translations - An internationally active online translation agency rooted in Germany and offering translation of about 30 different languages and counting. Our advanced translation system allows consumers to get an instant online quote for their translation job. We also provide an estimated duration of the translating process. Also professional translators can easily participate on tolingo and earn money. We already have more than 2000 translators working with us for our clients.
  • Tomedes Professional Translation - The new generation of human based translation offers the best translation quotes for over 50 languages and diverse domain fields including legal translations, patents translation and more.
  • Translation Company India is the best translation company in India which provides technical translation services, website localization and software localization at affordable prices.
  • Translation Services USA - A translation agency based in New York with experience translating technical documents into over 100 different languages! We also translate patents and all other document types.
  • TransPerfect Translations - We have earned the trust of every firm on the American Lawyer's Top 100 List. We provide translations and interpretations in over 100 languages. With 20 offices worldwide, TransPerfect has continually excelled by completing some of the world's most important legal projects in Intellectual Property, Litigation and Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Yoshimi Sheridan - Japanese translator, tel. 281-558-6511.
  • Technical Translation Agency - Translation agency in Austria.

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  4. Briefly summarizing prices is acceptable but users should recognize that wiki and forum pages will remain available indefinitely while prices and features change over time.
  5. Commercial postings may include non-executable attachments such as Adobe Acrobat documents, but they should be attached only when they supplement rather than replace explanatory text on the wiki page or on other web sites.
  6. Communication about the content or features via comments by users and commercial representatives is welcomed and encouraged.
  7. Information on new products, services or pricing structures, training seminars or classes, press releases containing business information relevant to the interests of PIUG members, and replies to requests for assistance are welcome. Messages focused on marketing or advertising the company itself, as opposed to providing specific information regarding products or services of use to the membership of PIUG, should be avoided.
  8. Company representatives are expected to avoid disparaging comparisons with competing products. Comparisons with competitors should be limited to brief factual statements about content, price or features.
  9. An individual who is not a company representative may submit comparisons with competing products, however such postings are expected to avoid unsupported attacks on commercial products or their representatives.

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