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Advanced Patent Search Strategies

What to Use When All Else Fails

Two-Part Webinar Series originally offered Live on March 23 and April 6, 2022

Learn advanced search strategies to try when you’ve used the typical search methods and you want to make sure you did not miss something important. These strategies are also useful to help determine when a search is as near complete as possible, indicating that the searching may soon end. While the typical search methods including keywords, classification codes, citations and advanced systems will be briefly reviewed, the main focus will cover what to do after using these initial strategies.  

The course has been recorded in its entirety for access as an on-demand offering.

Ron Kaminecki, the course instructor, provides a video overview of the course below:

This two-part series presented by Ron Kaminecki covers multiple techniques including:

          The Building Block Approach: Categorizing concepts to modify a strategy

          Successive Fractions: Paring a search down by concepts

          Recombination of Elements: Narrowing  piecemeal results to avoid duplicates

          Terms of Art: Identifying the most important terminology

          Linking: Extending the search to  other database sources

          Pearl Growing: Expanding results starting with only a single result

          Cherry Picking: Using a few documents to locate more information

          Analogous Arts: Using alternative sources to locate the information

Pricing for the entire course is $159 for PIUG Members and $199 for Non-members.

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