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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.  The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

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In-person Presentations and Workshop

All presentations and workshops from May 2-4 will be accessible through the meeting app beginning on May 9, 2022.

 Monday, May 2

  7:00 am    Breakfast

  8:00 am    Welcome - Shelley Pavlek (PIUG Chair)

  8:15 am    WORKSHOP - Wake up with BizInt!  Creating, Updating, and Distributing IP Reports from Patent, IP Sequence, and Chemical Structure Data - John Willmore                                     (BizInt Solutions, Inc.)

  9:15 am    WORKSHOP - The Art of Patent Search and Analytics: New Colors in the Palette of Patent Intelligence - Christopher Baldwin, Laura Bantle, Andrew Klein (Clarivate)

10:15 am    Break

10:30 am    Keynote Address: Patent Trial and Appeal Board - State of the Board - Michael Tierney (Vice Chief Administrative Patent Judge)

11:30 am    Goldilocks and the Three Case Studies - Dominic DeMarco (DeMarco IP)

12:00 pm    IP Data and Insights Unleashed - Caroline Peel, Paul Torpey (Clarivate)

12:20 pm    New: IFI IP Profiles - Janice Stevenson (IFI CLAIMS Patent Services)

12:30 pm    CAS, Gold Sponsor Product Review

12:35 pm    Lunch

  1:40 pm    Beyond Patents: What else is in patent databases and what does the future hold? - Martha Yates (Bayer Crop Science-US)

  2:10 pm    Patent Sequence Searching – Searching for Old Targets in New Technology Areas - Steve Allen (Aptean GenomeQuest)

  2:30 pm    PatSnap, Silver Sponsor Product Review

  2:35 pm    Connecting & Exhibit Time

  3:20 pm    The Practitioners Guide to IP Intelligence - Vasheharan Kanesarajah (IP Group, Clarivate)

  3:50 pm    How to Empower the Patent Teams in the Modern Enterprise – Carl Rosen (PatSnap)

  4:10 pm    Integrated Predictive Approach to Accelerating Patent Examinations: A Case Study - Jennifer Sexton (CAS Custom Services)

  4:40 pm    WIPO Inspire - Mussadiq Hussain (World Intellectual Property Organization)

  5:10 pm    PIUG Awards & Wrap-up

  5:30 pm    Social Activity - Heavy Appetizers & Beverages provided along with games and activities to enhance making new and renewing existing

   connections with peers.  Prizes will be given to game winners.  (approx. 2 hr in length)

Tuesday, May 3

  7:00 am    Breakfast

  8:00 am    Welcome - Shelley Pavlek (PIUG Chair)

  8:15 am    WORKSHOPGoing Green: Mapping Patents to Sustainability GoalsNicholas Valentino (LexisNexis)

  9:15 am    WORKSHOPWhat's Coming for GenomeQuest in 2022 - Steve Allen (GenomeQuest & LIfeQuest)

10:15 am    Connecting & Exhibit Time

11:00 am    World Patent Information Journal. In the Forties - Jane List (World Patent Information)

11:30 am    Patent Analysis: The Once and Future Discipline, Revisited - Tony Trippe (Patinformatics, LLC)

12:00 pm    Clarivate, Gold Sponsor Product Review

12:05 pm    BizInt, Silver Sponsor Product Review

12:10 pm    Aptean GenomeQuest, Silver Sponsor Product Review

12:15 pm    Lunch

  1:15 pm    Search and Analysis with STNext Prior Art Search Engine - Mike Axton (CAS)

  1:45 pm    Eculizumab and the Administrative Nullity Processes of patent in Brazil: a case study - Larissa Dutra  & Wanise Barroso (Oswaldo Cruz 


  2:15 pm    Have We Seen This Patent Family Before? - Matt Eberle (BizInt Solutions, Inc.)

  2:30 pm    Connecting & Exhibit Time

  3:30 pm    Use of Temporal Context in Identifying Fundamental Patents (Withdrawn & Presented  on May 12, 2022) - Kevin Hess (HTS LLC)  

  4:00 pm    Panel Discussion / Round Table Discussions

  5;00 pm    Wrap-up

  5:30 pm    Social Activity - Appetizers & a Beverage provided along with more activities to enhance making new and renewing existing connections with

   peers. (approx. 1 hr in length)

Wednesday May 4, 2022

  7:30 am    Breakfast

  8:00 am    WORKSHOP - Patent Search Redesigned – Bridging the Gap between Boolean and Black Box AI - Andreas Cehlinder (IPRally)

  9:00 am    STN Patent Forum  (9 am - 2:30 pm  - Details below)   REGISTER HERE

Patent Forum Details:        REGISTER HERE

9:00 AM – 9:15 AM -- Registration and Coffee

9:15 AM – 10:30 AM -- What’s New in STNext®

This session will cover the latest database improvements and developments on STNext, including content updates and new functionality.

10:30 AM – 10:45 AM – Break

10:45 AM – 12:00 PM -- Creating Impactful Reports in STNext and BizInt Smart Charts

You have developed the perfect STNext search and created a tailored answer set for your client. One more big job to do – create a report for your client that documents your findings. We’ll review the options STNext offers you for creating reports, including recent enhancements. STNext data can also be included in reports created with BizInt Smart Charts, and our guest speaker, John Willmore, will demonstrate creating impactful reports incorporating STNext data using BizInt.

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM -- Lunch  

12:45 PM – 1:30 PM -- Derwent Reloaded on STNext – Enhancements, Additional Content and New Options

The Derwent suite of databases on STNext have been reloaded and reorganized. The new implementation offers several enhancements, including additional first-level data and the integration of the Derwent Patent Citation Index™ (DPCI) into the Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI) database. The Derwent Chemistry Resource® (DCR) has now become a separate structure searchable database with new search options, and substructure highlighting. This session will illustrate these enhancements and discuss changes to search strategies and workflow as a result of this reorganization.

1:30 PM – 1:45 PM – Break

1:45 PM – 2:15 PM -- Introduction to STNext Projects

When searching, you may need to create structures, transcripts and scripts as part of you investigation. The recently introduced Projects functionality in STNext allows you to create and manage a repository for each of your project’s search assets. In this session, we’ll demonstrate this valuable new feature that will allow you to immediately increase your efficiency as a searcher.

2:15 PM – 2:30 PM  -- Wrap Up

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Meeting Abstracts

IP Data and Insights Unleashed

Caroline Peel, Paul Torpey - Clarivate

Abstract -

As the global innovation landscape changes at a rapid pace, multiple forces are reshaping the consumption and use cases for patent information. In this new landscape, accessibility, speed to insights and the need for clean and structured data are notable emerging factors. During this presentation Clarivate will provide an update on how it enables its customer to ensure that the value of patent intelligence is embedded within the fabric of the organization. Topics covered:

·   Introduction to IP Intelligence. -  Paul

·   Data curation – Content curation process and how Clarivate utilises advanced technology to create smart IP data. -  Caroline 

·   Accessing data through a connected ecosystem – the various ways Clarivate allows its customer to consume IP data. -  Paul

·   Speed to insights through curated dashboard. -  Paul

Biography - 

Paul has been with Clarivate for more than 20 years and has held several roles across the organization. In his current role as Sr. Director of IP Intelligence Products, Paul manages solutions that include Derwent Innovation and Innography. Prior to joining the IP Intelligence team in 2010, Paul spent a significant amount of time in the Science business of Clarivate supporting platforms such as the Web of Science. In his spare time Paul is involved with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and is a member of the Clarivate Philadelphia cycling team that participates in fund raising activities for MS research and patient care.

Dr. Caroline Peel LLM is the Content Director for IP at Clarivate and has been part of the Clarivate team for 21 years. She joined the Derwent GENESEQ editorial team after completing PhD in Cell Cycle Checkpoints and now leads the editorial teams across the globe curating patent and trademark content for products such as the Derwent World Patent Index, Derwent GENESEQ, Cortelis and the CompuMark suite of products. Caroline graduated from the University of Leicester with a BSc Hons Degree in Biological Sciences (Genetics) and a PhD in Cell Cycle Genetics from the University of Sheffield and completed her Masters in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Edinburgh in 2021.

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The Art of Patent Search and Analytics: New Colors in the Palette of Patent Intelligence

Christopher Baldwin, Laura Bantle, Andrew Klein - Clarivate


Join us for a four-part case study as we journey through:

  1. Precision antibody searching on Derwent SequenceBase
  2. Expansive semantic search with concept refinement via Thematic Smart Search
  3. Sharpening your focus in the new Record View on Derwent Innovation
  4. Vibrant landscaping with our Analytics Data Hub


Chris has been involved in the patent information field since 1999 and a member of PIUG (on and off) for nearly as long. Today he manages a very talented team of solution consultants for Clarivate supporting many of our well known products and services such as Derwent Innovation, Innography, IPfolio, and many others. Prior to joining Clarivate, he was a solution consultant for LexisNexis PatentSight helping clients use patent analytics to inform critical business decisions. However, he actually honed most of his patent information and analysis skills as an information scientist for nearly 20 years with E. I. duPont de Nemours & Co. While at DuPont, he learned the fine art of legally significant patent searching from Pat Dorler, a founding member of PIUG. She had a passion and dedication to the profession that easily transferred to her apprentice. Over the years, his role expanded into patent landscaping, competitive analysis, and providing innovation assessments for discovery programs in Central Research & Development. Chris lives in Newark, DE with his wife Carrie and two children, Ryan and Kaytelin. 

Laura is a Solution Consultant with the Derwent business at Clarivate Analytics. Laura is a registered US patent attorney and is a member of the Minnesota Bar, with 10 years of experience in IP due diligence, patent and legal research, litigation strategy, and contract drafting. Her primary goal is working with customers to successfully develop and implement their patent research, analytics, and portfolio strategy. Laura earned her B.S. from the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota, and graduated magna cum laude from William Mitchell College of Law where she served as Editor-in-Chief of the Cybaris® Intellectual Property Law Review. Prior to joining Clarivate Analytics, Laura gained corporate industry experience in pharmaceutical regulatory compliance, patent licensing, and M&A due diligence. 

Andrew is a Solution Consultant for Clarivate patent research and analysis products, including Derwent Innovation, Derwent Data Analyzer, Derwent SequenceBase, Darts-ip, Chemical Patents Index, and the Derwent World Patents Index hosted on STN and other third-party platforms.  Andrew conducts demonstrations and trainings on Clarivate tools and consults with customers on their patent research workflows.  He holds a Master’s degree in Library Science from Indiana University, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Prior to joining Clarivate in 2017, he worked as an academic librarian and as a patent searcher and technical librarian in corporate research and development. He lives and works out of his home office in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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Wake up with BizInt!  Creating, Updating, and Distributing IP Reports from Patent, IP Sequence, and Chemical Structure Data 

John WIllmore, BizInt Solutions, Inc.


Start your day with an overview of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents -- core capabilities, new features, and planned future developments.  As always, there will be plenty of time for your questions and requests!


John Willmore is Vice President, Product Development, for BizInt Solutions, Inc. and manages the development of all aspects of the BizInt Solutions product line. John has over 25 years of experience in processing, analyzing and integrating patent and drug pipeline information, and has worked closely with patent and drug pipeline publishers over that period. He was the head of the TRW Smart Charts team at TRW, Inc. and along with Diane Webb, founded BizInt Solutions in 1996. John has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rice University and over 30 years experience in software development.

John spends his free time doing woodworking, playing amateur ice hockey, and competing with the dogs. He is an American Kennel Club judge for earthdog, dachshund field trials, and agility.

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Patent Search Redesigned – Bridging the Gap Between Boolean and Black Box AI
Andreas Cehlinder - IPRally


IPRally bridges the gap between the boolean world and black box artificial intelligence solutions by introducing knowledge graphs to patent searching. The IPRally platform is a fully-featured prior art, novelty, invalidity, and FTO search platform powered by graph-based deep learning AI. In this workshop, we show how knowledge graphs bring the long-awaited control and explainability to AI searching, and what benefits they offer in terms of speed, accuracy and simplicity.

Biography - 

Since 2005, Andreas has been working in the IP industry as a consultant and in different commercial and/or leadership roles, both regionally and globally. He has worked at companies like Thomson Reuters, Clarivate and Patsnap before joining IPRally as Chief Commercial Officer to build a commercial strategy and organization. Andreas has an LL.M. focused on Intellectual Property and Contract Law from the University of Lund, as well as additional education in IP Strategy and Management, Media- and Antitrust law.

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Goldilocks and the Three Case Studies

Dominic DeMarco - Demarco IP

Abstract -

For the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of teaching the PIUG “Patent Search Fundamentals” course to several hundred students. Today's extremely fast paced presentation, should give everyone a taste of the Fundamentals course. We'll be running through several patent searches from start to finish, and hopefully, by the end of my time, everyone in the audience will be ready to wear their very own WWDD (What Would Dominic Do) bracelet.

On a more serious note, today we will quickly work through three relatively simple patentability searches. We will discuss the necessary decisions to make at each point along the way. Every search, and every query within the search, is a careful balance of precision vs. recall, of learning, adaption, and iteration. We will tackle this head on and for those of you keeping score at home, please feel free to log into your search engine of choice and show up the presenter in real time!

Biography -

Dominic DeMarco is an expert in the field of patent searching. His specialty is the broad swath of engineering technologies including biomedical, chemical, computer, electrical, and mechanical. Dominic is a registered US Patent Agent and has been teaching patent search classes on behalf of PIUG for over a decade. In his free time, he manages the patent search firm DeMarco IP and goes on ridiculously long bicycle rides.

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New: IFI IP Profiles

Janice Stevenson - Exec. VP of Client Services, IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

Abstract -

I will be presenting the IFI CLAIMS IP Profiles, a new product that provides a quick overview of a global entity’s patent portfolio. I will briefly describe the IFI CLAIMS Direct API tools that collate the data. In addition, I will explain the content development underlying the summary information.

Biography -  

Janice Stevenson applies her vast client support experience to providing IFI clients the foundation they need to bring their applications to full fruition. She draws on past experiences as a trainer, sales manager, and developer focused on intellectual property and patent applications.

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Keynote Address: Patent Trial and Appeal Board 

Michael Tierney - Vice Chief Administrative Patent Judge - US Patent & Trademark Office, Patent Trial & Appeal Board


The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the federal agency for granting U.S. patents and registering trademarks. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) at the USPTO is created by statute, and includes statutory members and Administrative Patent Judges. The PTAB conducts trials, including inter partes, post-grant, and covered business method patent reviews and derivation proceedings, hears appeals from adverse examiner decisions in patent applications and reexamination proceedings, and renders decisions in interferences.

This presentation will focus on an overview of statistics from PTAB ex parte appeal and AIA proceedings, an overview of the interim post-Arthrex Director review procedure, an update on recent rules at the PTAB, and a brief overview of programs at the PTAB.


Judge Michael Tierney was appointed to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board in July 2000. Judge Tierney is currently a Vice Chief Administrative Patent Judge on the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

As part of the Office’s AIA implementation, Judge Tierney led the Board’s comprehensive effort on the trial rulemakings. Judge Tierney worked closely with USPTO executive officials, trial judges, the patent community and other members of the public to develop the trial rules. Judge Tierney served on the first IPR panel, (Cuozzo) as well as the first CBM panel (SAP v. Versata). Judge Tierney has given numerous presentations that educate the patent community on the statutory provisions, proposed rules, and final rules for the AIA administrative trials.

Judge Tierney received both a J.D. and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington. He is a member of the Washington State and the District of Columbia bars.

Prior to joining the Board, Judge Tierney was a senior patent associate in private practice, and he has also worked as a patent examiner in the chemical arts.

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The Practitioners Guide to IP Intelligence

Vasheharan Kanesarajah, Head of Strategy, IP Group, Clarivate

Abstract - 

Big data and analytics have climbed to the top of the corporate agenda, its successful application can offer competitive differentiation and help stay ahead of change. Competitive and market intelligence in particular have become valuable tools in strategic planning. For R&D focused organizations, IP information provides early insights on competitors and the overall business environment, allowing a company to proactively adapt its strategy or in extreme cases, change it.

But while business leaders recognize the value of better data and insights, IP intelligence is too often not considered in strategic decision-making. A potential way forward is for business leaders and corporate strategists to gain an understanding of IP data and an appreciation for how it can benefit the commercial and strategic imperatives driving their organization. Only when business leaders and IP professionals are speaking the same language, can the transformational value of IP intelligence be harnessed to improve the quality of decision-making in the C-suite. And in the process, truly align IP with business strategy.

The presentation will provide a practical to incorporating IP intelligence into strategy development from an experienced strategy and IP Intelligence professional.

  • Bridging the IP and business divide
  • IP intelligence for corporate decision making - what does this really mean today
  • A practical guide to aligning IP intelligence into strategy frameworks

Biography - 

Vasheharan (Vashe) Kanesarajah is a senior member of the Strategy team at Clarivate and plays a key role in the design and execution of the organization’s market-focused strategy. He is an experienced patent and technology analyst and has previously managed the European patent analytics practice and was the principal consultant for Asia.

Vashe has worked globally with technology-focused corporations, governments and research institutions to deliver actionable intelligence to support R&D, IP and innovation strategies. His clients have included Fortune 500 board members, government agency heads, CTOs and General Counsels.

Vashe has been with Clarivate for 16 years. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) and a postgraduate degree in the Management of Intellectual Property from the University of London.

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How to Empower the Patent Teams in the Modern Enterprise

Carl Rosen - PatSnap

Abstract -

Patents are increasingly becoming a boardroom topic and many patent teams are transitioning from cost-centres to cross-functional business enablers. As such, the in-house teams of patent specialists and portfolio managers are put under the spotlight, and many are now expected to interface with C-suite and drive cross-functional processes within the organisation. In this keynote, Carl Rosen will address key industry trends and shine some light on why the next generation patent analytics must empower patent specialist and portfolio managers in their new roles by making cross-department collaboration and C-suite communication easier.

Biography - 

Carl Rosen is PatSnap’s first Senior Thought Leadership Manager, dedicated to helping the modern enterprise and its creative minds accelerate innovation with Connected Innovation Intelligence. With international and frontline experience working at the intersection of business, innovation, and intellectual property strategy, Carl brings a unique perspective on the industry and the transformational impact of AI-powered technology and machine learning. A creative futurist with a passion for culture, innovation, and people, Carl is a frequent panelist at events and speaker at universities, focusing on topics relating to the future role of intellectual property as a key business and data asset. Carl holds an LL.M from the School of Business, Economics, and Law, Gothenburg and an M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Business Design from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg.

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Beyond Patents: What else is in patent databases and what does the future hold?
Martha Yates - Science Fellow, Principle Information Scientist, Bayer Crop Science-US

Abstract -

Originally patent databases were bibliographic information about patents based on the patent documents. Then came full-text based on the patent documents. The holy grail of enhanced meta data is still assignee information. But what else is in the databases that isn’t from the documents themselves? I will explore some fields and metrics and survey some offerings from different vendors. There will also be a discussion of what we would like to see in the future.

Biography -

Martha Yates is currently a Principal Information Scientist for Bayer CropScience. She has been a patent information professional for over 25 years and is a certified QPIP. She is the current immediate past chair of PIUG. Somehow, she has developed a passion for understanding patent databases.

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Integrated Predictive Approach to Accelerating Patent Examinations: A Case Study

Jennifer Sexton - CAS Custom Services

Abstract - 

Growth in the volume and complexity of patent applications is causing longer pendency times, rising costs, and growing backlogs, as well as reducing stakeholder satisfaction, for many patent offices around the world. This presentation will provide an overview of a custom AI-based solution developed by CAS and optimized in collaboration with the Brazilian patent office as part of Brazil’s effort to eliminate their extensive application backlog.

The impactful results included significantly faster examination search times and fewer applications requiring additional searches. The unique approach, recognized by PIUG with the 2021 Stu Kaback Business Impact Award, incorporated the use of multiple, predictive search algorithms, workflow transformation, and big data curation, which have broad applications for addressing diverse patent search, classification, and reporting challenges to increase productivity and sustainability across the patent ecosystem.


As part of CAS Custom Services, Jen designs individualized client solutions by leveraging CAS content, technology, and subject matter experts to solve complex client R&D and business challenges. Jen joined CAS Custom Services in 2020 after spending over a decade as a Strategic Account Manager. Part of her former role included writing and delivering technical customer training for the CAS STN and CAS SciFinder® software platforms. Jen holds a Master of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Notre Dame. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Southwest Minnesota State University.

Jen is a member of the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) and the American Chemical Society (ACS), and is a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of the USA. She coordinates CAS volunteers for The Ohio State University’s Wonders of our World program, a collaborative science organization bringing active scientists into Columbus City classrooms.

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WIPO Inspire

Mussadiq Hussain - Head, Technology and Information Section, World Intellectual Property Organization

Abstract - 

WIPO INSPIRE is a one-stop platform integrating expert and social content on patent databases, patent registers, patent analytics, technology transfer and institutional IP policies, providing a unique blend of information and knowledge on resources, tools, and good practices in these areas. The patent database portal provides free access for patent information users and professionals to comprehensive, unbiased, and structured reports highlighting the features and services of a number of national and commercial patent databases from around the world.

WIPO INSPIRE is a global reference for innovation, helping researchers and entrepreneurs make informed decisions at critical junctures. It also provides a platform for innovators to engage in dialogue and share their knowledge and experience with other experts from around the world.

WIPO continues to expand the coverage of information in all the areas of the platform and looks forward to receiving input and feedback from PIUG and its members on the continued development of the WIPO INSPIRE platform.

Biography - 

Mr. Hussain joined World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 1996 and has been engaged in its different areas of its activities and services since then. Currently, he is heading Technology Information Section in the IP for Innovators Department of WIPO. He leads the development and maintenance of systems and platforms (i.e. WIPO INSPIRE, TPPM, Patent Register Portal, eTISC etc.) as required to support Department’s activities and to respond to the users’ needs in the WIPO member states, particularly the countries with Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) networks. He also manages WIPO’s public-private partnership programs ARDI and ASPI and coordinates with partner UN organizations in Reseach4Life and commercial patent database providers. He holds multiple master’s degrees in international business administration and management of information systems from European University, Switzerland.

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Going Green: Mapping Patents to Sustainability Goals 

Nicholas Valentino (LexisNexis)

Abstract -

Our workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss the conversations your organizations are having about sustainability and the objective role IP can play in measuring progress towards a sustainable future.  Sustainability is an emerging value indicator for investors and a decision-making factor for consumers. LexisNexis has developed an objective way to measure an organization’s dedication to sustainable innovation by mapping patents to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These objective measurements around SDGs can provide forward-looking indicators of where companies are focusing their attention.

Biography -

Nicholas Valentino is a Lead Customer Success Manager with LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions. Nick works with international and Fortune 500 companies to ensure effective deployment of patent analysis for Business Strategy, M&A Due Diligence, Portfolio Management, and other cases.  With extensive experience of SAS applications, Nick has developed an innate ability to understand client processes and align them with application functionality; leading to better utilization of time and resources.

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    What's Coming for GenomeQuest in 2022 

    Steve Allen (GenomeQuest & LIfeQuest)

    Abstract -

    The GenomeQuest platform will continue to evolve in 2022, during our workshop we will review the updates to GQ, and show what you can expect during 2022. Using real life examples, we will show how the GenomeQuest informatics engine enables searchers to concisely “tell their story.”

    Biography -

    Steve Allen joined Aptean GenomeQuest in September of 2017, he is the Solutions Consultant for GenomeQuest & LifeQuest. Steve previously worked at Dupont and his background includes work in a patent group and work as a computational biologist in an agricultural discovery group. Steve has been working with sequence data of one form or another for over 30 years.

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    World Patent Information Journal. In the Forties

    Jane List, Founder, Extract Information Limited Editor in Chief, World Patent Information

    Abstract - 

    This talk is based on a presentation from World Patent Information journal’s 40th anniversary meeting.  At that meeting we discussed ‘the history, the state of the art, and also the future for IP information and the management of IPRs’. 

    Three years on I’d like to widen that discussion with you all.  First by looking behind the scenes at World Patent Information.  What is involved in creating the journal?  I will outline the roles of WPI’s community of writers, reviewers, board members and the editorial team.  Then I will give an overview of the content of the journal, highlighting key trends and key papers over the first 40 years.

    WPI Journal started in 1979, initiated by the presidents of WIPO and the European Commission to ‘encourage the use of and understanding of patents and patent information’.   WPI continues to publish high quality patent information research, IP office news, review articles and articles highlighting best practice in using specific tools and techniques for patent search, analysis and IP management. 

    In 1979, ‘information’ was a new topic of research, and PCT patent applications were new!  Today, we are occupied with understanding how to take advantage of emerging (or frontier) technologies such as data science, AI , machine learning, and digital interconnectivity for patent information .  

    So today although access to patent information is a lot easier, and less expensive than it was in 1979; the sheer volume of patent publications, and the complexities, mean the original goals of the founders of WPI still resonate.  


    • ·         40th Anniversary meeting
    • ·         Origins of WPI – why did it start
    • ·         What we publish – from research to practice
    • ·         The World Patent Information community
    • ·         How PIUG members can get involved and earn CPD at the same time!

    Biography -

    Jane List founded Extract Information Limited, Cambridgeshire, UK, in 2013 following a career in the information industry where she held commercial, content, and product development roles at Lighthouse IP, ProQuest, and DataStar. She has also held IP and Information analyst roles at The Technology Partnership plc, Xaar plc and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. Jane has provided training in the retrieval and analysis of scientific, technical, medical, commercial and patent information throughout her career.  Jane is Editor in Chief of World Patent Information Journal since 2014

    In 2015 Jane List co-founded The Cambridge Information and Intellectual Property Meeting ( to provide a space for knowledge sharing for those involved with technology commercialisation and needing to understand more about IP and patent searching.  Jane has qualifications in Chemistry, Information Science, and IP Law. 

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    Patent Analysis: The Once and the Future Discipline, Revisited

    Tony Trippe, Managing Director, Patinformatics, LLC

    Abstract -

    It can be said that the modern age of patent analytics started in 2003 when the discipline was the theme of the PIUG Annual Conference in Chicago. That year and the proceeding few also saw the publication of seminal papers on the topic appearing in World Patent Information (WPI). Professor Holger Ernst and I were the keynote speakers at the 2003 PIUG Annual Meeting, and the authors of some of these seminal papers. My keynote address at PIUG 2003 was entitled, Patent Analysis: The Once and Future Discipline, and it sought to share the earliest foundations of patent analysis with current patent information professionals who were mostly focused on patent information retrieval. The talk also shared some perspectives on the future of the discipline and how it might impact the lives of patent information professionals as they developed in their careers. In 16 years later a lot has changed and patent analysis has continued to grow and evolve as a discipline. This can most especially be seen in the number of highly cited and downloaded papers from WPI that cover this topic. This talk will focus on the advances made in the field in the last 16 years, and once again speculate on what the future may hold for analysts and the broader patent information community.

    Biography - 

    Anthony (Tony) Trippe is Managing Director of Patinformatics, LLC. Patinformatics is an advisory firm specializing in patent analytics and landscaping to support decision-making for technology-based businesses. In addition to operating Patinformatics, Mr. Trippe is also an Adjunct Professor of IP Management and Markets at the Illinois Institute of Technology teaching a course on patent analysis, and landscapes for strategic decision making. Tony is an influential thought leader in the patent analysis space, wrote the Guidelines for the Preparation of Patent Landscape Reports for the World Intellectual Property Organization, has been named one of the Top 300 IP Strategists by IAM Magazine and is the developer of the industry's online resource for the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the field of Intellectual Property.

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    Search and Analysis with STNext Prior Art Search Engine

    Michael Axton  - Customer Success Specialist at CAS

    Abstract -

    CAS has developed an AI-based prior art search technology, which is now available in STNext. The Prior Art Analysis generates a set of relevant patent and non-patent literature references published prior to the starting patent document. This session considers subsequent analysis of the prior art results for insight into the searched technology and discovery of new search terms. Use cases will consider analysis of CA Concepts, CAS Registry Numbers, patent classifications, and more. Learn how the AI-based Prior Art Analysis may provide new options for your patent search.

    Biography - 

    Mike is a Customer Success Specialist at CAS, supporting federal accounts in North America with STNext and other CAS solution-oriented training. He has 8 years’ experience as a patent search specialist with strong expertise in scientific information retrieval, including chemistry, biotechnology and materials science. Mike is located near Washington DC and has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

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    Eculizumab and the Administrative Nullity Processes of patent in Brazil: a case study

    Larissa Dutra, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation

    Wanise Barroso, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation

    Abstract - 

    Eculizumab is a monoclonal antibody drug and has already been described as the most expensive in the world, with an estimated cost of $500,000 per patient per year. For this reason, the Brazilian Ministry of Health (MH) has requested the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) for the possibility of establishing the nullity of two patents granted in Brazil for the use of this drug to treat paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), registered by Alexion Pharmaceuticals in the country.

    Although the patent for Eculizumab (Soliris®) expired on 05 January 2015, which fell within the public domain in Brazil, these two patents prevent the manufacture, commercialization and use of Eculizumab by interested third parties in the national territory. Against this background, the Administrative Nullity Processes (ANP) were filed at the Brazilian Patent Office (BPO), as the requirements for patentability established in IP Law 9.279/96 (BR) were not met, i.e., inventive activity and novelty of the drug Eculizumab in its use for PNH. Subsequently, the ANP documents were analyzed by the examiners of the BPO and it was decided that the anteriorities and explanations were valid and it was suggested the Nullity in November 2021.

    Biographies - 

    Larissa Dutra holds a pharmacy degree, BA. Currently is a master's student at Professional Postgraduate Program in Management, Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry by Farmanguinhos/Fiocruz. Also holds a postgraduate degree in Scientific and Technology Information in health by ICICT/Fiocruz, as well as an advanced knowledge certification in industrial property by the National Institute of Intellectual Property in Brazil in corporations with Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

    Wanise Barroso is PhD in Information and Communication Sciences by Université de Toulon et du Var (France). Head Researcher in Health at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz). She has been working for more than 40 years in Competitive Intelligence, Industrial Property and Management of Technological Innovation, mainly in the areas: patent, database, public domain, technological surveillance and patent oppositions. Substitute coordinator of the Technological Innovation Center of Farmanguinhos. Coordinator of the Professional Postgraduate Program in Management, Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry of Farmanguinhos/Fiocruz.

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    Have We Seen This Patent Family before?

    Matt Eberle, BizInt Solutions, Inc.

    Abstract -

    Since its introduction in 1998, BizInt Smart Charts for Patents has provided tools to help patent searchers build compelling reports. Over the years, new systems and techniques for searching have proliferated.  In this presentation, we will look at the evolution of BizInt Smart Charts capabilities over this time with a case study illustrating different techniques for determining "have we seen this patent family before" when reviewing data from multiple sources.

    Biography -

    Following over ten years of experience at Wyeth, Pfizer and Sunovion as a Senior Information Scientist and Pharmaceutical Information Analyst, since 2013 Matt has helped BizInt customers use the BizInt Smart Charts and VantagePoint tools to create new solutions to address their challenges and problems. Matt lives outside Boston, MA.

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    Use of Temporal Context in Identifying Fundamental Patents

    Kevin J. Hess - Patent Analyst/Program Manager, HTS LLC


    When assessing the value of patents, many factors have been proposed as contributing to the perceived value, including: claim length, family size, prosecution time, citations, etc. While each has some merit, they do not account for the technology landscape at the time of invention. Consideration of a patent’s temporal context provides insights into how fundamental a patent is its peer group.

    A case study is presented to demonstrate approaches to temporal analysis and how the results may be useful in valuation or business intelligence. A technology development curve, or S-curve, is derived for technologies relevant to the subject patents. The relative location of the patents along the timeline suggests how fundamental a patent is to the technology. As a refinement, rejection analysis is used to identify patents that the Examiners consider more fundamental within the peer group. The analysis is useful to benchmark dates for further prior art search. Finally, the assessment of which assignees are leaders within the peer group is determined from analysis of citations and each company’s relative speed of innovation. With each approach, the business decisions that may be supported by the analysis are discussed.

    Biography - 

    Kevin Hess is patent analyst and program manager at HTS LLC (HighTech-Solutions), a technology firm focusing on intellectual property consulting for the wireless, video, telecommunications, semiconductor, battery, and consumer electronics markets. Kevin is also a subject matter expert and founder at Patent Technics LLC which specializes in patent technical analysis for the semiconductor, LED lighting and display, and additive manufacturing (3D printing) markets.

    Kevin’s IP experience has spanned many stages of the IP lifecycle, including: inventing, prosecution support, market analysis and valuation, reverse engineering, claim charting, and licensing/litigation. His areas of interest are patent analytics, IP landscaping and taxonomy development. His industry experience includes R&D and product development positions at Tyrex Corporation, Freescale Semiconductor, Motorola, Huntsman Corporation, Phillips-Sumika, ConocoPhillips, and JemPac, a semiconductor startup. Kevin is a named inventor on over 50 US and foreign patents granted in semiconductors, electronics, and materials. He has published on patent search strategy, semiconductor device design and reliability, and polymer materials formulation. Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. His interests include music and guitar collecting.

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    Patent Sequence Searching – Searching for Old Targets in New Technology Areas

    Steve Allen - Solutions Consultant, GenomeQuest & LifeQuest

    Abstract -

    Newer technology areas such as AAV therapy or Fusion Protein therapy frequently utilize genes or portions of genes from older research areas.  Patent searching with these older targets can return hundreds of thousands of hits unrelated to your new IP.  Narrowing these searches requires different approaches, and sometimes multiple approaches.   Different methods of narrowing and isolating data of interest will be demonstrated with real life examples.

    Biography -

    Steve Allen joined Aptean GenomeQuest in September of 2017, he is the Solutions Consultant for GenomeQuest & LifeQuest. Steve previously worked at Dupont and his background includes work in a patent group and work as a computational biologist in an agricultural discovery group. Steve has been working with sequence data of one form or another for over 30 years.

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