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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.  The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

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Sunday, April 30

11:00 am Gain Invaluable Insights into Sustainable Technologies
Nicholas Valentino, LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions
12:00 pm Defensive Patent Searching Anticipate and Avoid Pitfalls Throughout the IP Lifecycle
Laura Bantle, Clarivate
1:00 pm

Complete Search Coverage with Aptean GenomeQuest Sequence & Full Text Document Searching: Mining Key Combinations 
Stephen Allen, Aptean

2:00 pm Patent Notifications May Be Tedious But They’re Essential. Ignore Them at Your Own Risk. How IFI CLAIMS Incorporates the Ever-Shifting Data Into Its Repository
Janice Stevenson, IFI CLAIMS Patent Services
3:00 pm A Familiar Song in a New Key-word: More Efficient Technology Searching Using Full-Text Indexing
Andrew Klein, Minesoft
4:00 pm Create IP Reports Integrating Your Key Sources
John Willmore, BizInt Solutions, Inc.

Monday, May 1

8:00 am Welcome and Introductions
Martha Yates, PIUG Planning & Program Chair
8:15 am Keynote Talk:  Patenting Actions that Speak Louder than Words
Mike Pellegrino, Pellegrino & Associates
9:30 am The Green Perspective
Devin Salmon, IFI Claims Patent Services
10:30 am Searching Antibody-Drug Conjugates in CAS STNext®
Mike Axton, CAS
12:50pm Revolutionizing the Future: Navigating the Landscape of Machine Learning and AI Patents
Michael Carey, F. Chau & Associates
1:20 pm AI: Will it help or hurt?
Moderator: Shelley Pavlek, Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Panelists: MarthaYates, Bayer, Nils Newman, Search Technology, Jonathan Skovholt, Ensemble IP and Andrew Klein, Minesoft
3:20 pm Advanced Search Techniques in the CAS MARPAT Markush Chemical Structure Database
David Saari, CAS IP Services, CAS

Tuesday, May 2

8:15 am Back to Basics: Why Patent Documentation Standards Matter (virtual only)
Stephen Adams, Magister Ltd.
8:45 am Boolean or ML-based search?--Both!
Heiko Wongel
9:15 am How Do I Deliver My Search Results?
Matt Eberle and Diane Webb, BizInt Solutions, Inc.
10:15 am What GPT Means for the Innovation Process.
Gaby Lai, PatSnap
10:40 am Aptean GenomeQuest Sequence & Full Text Document Searching
Stephen Allen, Aptean GenomeQuest
11:05 am A Whole New World of Patent Research: What’s Next on the Horizon at Minesoft?
Andrew Klein,Minesoft
1:10 pm Ten Years of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system: a historical perspective and future developments
Jose Alconchel Ungria, EPO and Derris Banks, USPTO
3:15 pm How Far Patent Searching Has Evolved 
Ron Kaminecki, Kaminecki IP


  Wednesday May 3
7:15 am Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) Searching Workshop
Justin Krause, Terrance Mackey, and Dimple Sopariwala, USPTO
 9:00 am CAS STNext® Patent Forum
Mike Axton, Scott Hertzog, Darryl French, CAS & Jim Brown, FIZ-Karlsruhe
  What’s New In CAS STNext
Darryl French, CASJim Brown, FIZ-Karlsruhe
  CAS Sequences
Scott Hertzog, CAS
  Moving CAS STNext Answer Sets to CAS SciFindern
No slides presented - session was done via live demo which was recorded.
  Leveraging CAS PatentPak™
No slides presented - session was done via live demo which was recorded.

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