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Comprehensive Techniques for Obtaining and Interpreting Legal Status Information

This course has been accredited by ISBQPIP for training as a Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIPTM).  It is listed on the following QPIP page: 

This series of webinars has been developed and is being presented by Stephen Adams.

Obtaining comprehensive and accurate Legal Status information is crucial for patent searchers particularly for Freedom-to Operate and effective evaluation of Intellectual Property acquisitions. Find out what constitutes legal status, use cases for needing it, where to find it, differences between multi-authority resources and national registers, PCT legal status and developing a deeper understanding of legal status.

Introductory Video Describing the Webinars Series

The LIVE webinar series provided an opportunity to ask questions and all sessions were recorded to allow series subscribers to catchup on a missed session.  The first Webinar was held on December 9, 2020.  All sessions were recorded so you now have the opportunity to access either the complete series or individual webinars.

Once the series is paid for, the confirmation email will be sent containing the URL and password for accessing the recording to view on demand along with a link to download presentation slides.  The links for the recorded sessions and associated slides will also be sent in the confirmation email.

 Membership Status Series Fee Individual Webinar Fee 
 PIUG Member  $249 $79
 Non-member  $399 $129

Complete Series Registration

Save approximately 20% savings over registering for each webinar, one at a time by registering for the complete series.  Register HERE.

Webinar 1

First steps in determining legal status

Webinar 1 is suitable for beginners to intermediate level search professionals unfamiliar with legal status information but also provides a refresher on the basic principles for more advanced search professionals

  • What is legal status? - you might already be using it without knowing
  • Limitation to patents and patent-like IP rights
  • Use cases for needing legal status information - there may be more than you think
  • Quasi-legal status from the bibliographic record - hold the front page
  • Reading and understanding some unfamiliar INID codes
  • Where to go next for dedicated sources

Registration for this Webinar is open.  

Webinar 2            20 January 2021; 11:00 EST/ 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET

Overview of source types for legal status information

  • Who generates legal status information?
  • Where do we find legal status information – different approaches
  • Registers and file inspection – what’s the difference?
  • Navigating information sources covering the IP5 offices
  • The WIPO Patent Register Portal
  • Other directories

Registration for this Webinar is open.

Webinar 3            17 February 2021; 11:00 EST/ 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET

Deep-diving into Legal Status

  • Characteristics of PCT legal status information
  • Multi-country or national sources – which is best?
  • INPADOC revisited
  • Patent Office information from multiple sources – are they really equivalent? (INPADOC/Register, INPADOC/PAIR, J-PlatPat/INPADOC, etc.)
  • EPO Federated Register and deep-linking

Registration for this Webinar is open.

Webinar 4            17 March 2021; 11:00 EDT/ 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET

Interpreting Legal Status Records 

  • How do we understand what we find?
  • Sources of national patent law (in English)
  • WIPO-CASE and the IP5 One Portal Dossier
  • Navigating some non-English Patent Office registers
  • Legal status impact upon the bibliographic record (including non-IPO decisions)
  • When do we conduct a legal status enquiry?

Registration for this Webinar is open.

 Any questions regarding this series should be addressed to PIUG at including the availability of group discounts for 5 or more.  Such requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

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