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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.  The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

The unconference sessions are designed to be discussion sessions.  Attendees will vote on what topics they would like to discuss.  Each unconference session time will have several different topics that were the top vote getters.  The number of sessions will be dependent upon the number of attendees.  The sessions will be kept to a size to encourage group discussion.  The attendees will drive the conversation.  Here is a preliminary list of topics, but we anticipate that more will be added and topics can even be added at the conference if there is a hot topic.  We will be looking for moderators for each session.  Moderators will just keep the discussion focused and moving and report out a few key points from the discussion.  Those points will be captured in the PIUG discussion board.  They are loosely grouped below.


  • Artificial Intelligence in Patents (including searching, patenting AI or AI patenting)
  • AI – Why do all of my clients suddenly think that it’s a magic bullet?
  • What challenges are you facing in your machine learning projects (and how to solve them)?
  • Trends in AI
  • ML for patents
  • What are the risks and benefits of AI tools--what are the information sources; strengths of the tools for particular uses; limitations of the tools and source material
  • Selecting an AI system


  • Data processing, clean-ups and tagging (the less glamorous and essential part of patent analysis)
  • Watch outs for patent analytics
  • Analytical tools people use
  • Contributions of non-patent and business intelligence to patent analysis and CTI
  • Utility and usefulness of patent dashboards--do they matter?
  • Use of integrated reapplication repositories or custom information portals (combining patent and business intelligence)
  • Competitive Information from Intellectual Property
  • Leveraging patent information for technology assessment
  • Benchmarking of patent data (follow on of the keynote)


  • Providing "double platinum" service
  • Organizing complex, multi-faceted search results
  • Preparing an exceptional search report
  • Keeping Track of Search Requests/Reports – What Resources Are Used?
  • What kinds of reports are you being asked to produce?
  • How to create effective and informative reports
  • Using OneNote in Searching and reporting results

Search Systems

  • Best Features and Desired Functions of Patent Search Systems
  • What do you want from the vendors?  What do you wish they would do?
  • Vendor sessions (there can be an unconference session with a vendor if there is sufficient interest)
  • Odd tools and unexpected resources useful in patent searching
  • What data have you seen missing in certain databases?

Search Industry and General Topics

  • FOMO-Identifying the Patent Searching Experts to Stay in the Know
  • Classification Codes – Utilizing the Expertise of Patent Office Professionals
  • What makes a good PIUG talk?
  • Synonym Sources – Where to Go
  • Finding Therapeutic Antibody/Protein Sequence Information
  • Traps for the unwary in patent searching
  • Interesting things you learned about searching this year
  • Wishlist of something that would make your life easier
  • What surprised you most about patent searching when you started?
  • What tools are you using beyond the normal patent tools?
  • What trends are you seeing?
  • Where do you want to see PIUG go?
  • Mentoring (how to do it)
  • Favorite search tricks

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