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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.

The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.  The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

PIUG 2009 Annual Conference
An International Conference for Patent Information Professionals

Searching for Patents Beyond Your Borders

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Saturday, May 2 to Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk
123 Losoya Street
San Antonio, Texas, USA 78205
Tel: +1 210-222-1234

Sponsors and Exhibitors

PIUG gratefully acknowledges the following sponsors and exhibitors
who have generously provided support for this event.

Emerald Sponsors
Computer Patent Annuities

With clients in over 100 countries, CPA Global is the world's top intellectual property (IP) management specialist and a leading provider of related legal support services. Now celebrating its 40th year of operations, CPA Global provides lifecycle management services for intellectual property such as patent, design and trademark searching, watching, renewals, and portfolio strategy. CPA Global is also a leader in the growing market for outsourced contract management and litigation support services, helping law firms and corporations to realize value by managing risk, cost and capacity. Founded in 1969, CPA Global today employs some 1,200 people in 16 offices in eight countries.



For over 30 years, Questel has been helping manage the world's most important IP portfolios. We offer a suite of leading-edge patent, trademark and design services to executives, researchers, and competitive intelligence professionals, and help turn their IP information into real value and enhance their organizations' competitiveness. Known for having one of the most comprehensive collection of databases, we also provide a wide array of tools for searching, analyzing, visualizing, evaluating, sharing results, and ordering.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, scientific, healthcare and media markets, powered by the world's most trusted news organization.

Our Scientific knowledge and information is essential for drug companies to discover new drugs and get them to market faster, for researchers to find relevant papers and know what's newly published in their subject, and for businesses to optimize their intellectual property and find competitive intelligence.


Diamond Sponsors
Sapphire Sponsors
BizInt Solutions

Our BizInt Smart Charts software helps you create, customize, and distribute tabular reports from patent and drug pipeline databases. With BizInt Smart Charts for Patents you can create reports from patent and literature databases on STN, Dialog*Orbit, Questel, MicroPatent, Delphion, PatBase, Integrity, IDdb, and GenomeQuest; and distribute HTML reports with automatically generated links to full patents.


Chemical Abstracts Service

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, produces the most comprehensive databases of chemical information from publicly disclosed research worldwide, including the CAS REGISTRYSM database, the world's most authoritative collection of substance information. CAS products and services such as the SciFinder® and STN® research tools make this content accessible with both easy to use and advanced search, retrieval, and analytical tools. CAS customers include chemical and pharmaceutical companies, university science departments, and government agencies around the world. CAS has been connecting scientists with the work of their colleagues for more than 100 years.



LexisNexis® offers a suite of solutions specifically designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of your patent research. The newest addition is TotalPatent™, the most comprehensive and relevant, yet easy-to-use, patent research and retrieval system available. And now it includes the world's most complete full-text source of granted patents – including searchable PDFs – issued by the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, from 1982 to current.



Amethyst Sponsors
FIZ Karlsruhe

FIZ Karlsruhe, Inc., is the US-based subsidiary of Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe, Gesellschaft für wissenschaftlich-technische Information mbH (FIZ Karlsruhe GmbH). Its primary purpose is to offer our US customers technical support and training in databases on STN International that are hosted by FIZ Karlsruhe GmbH. Most of these are patent databases like the Derwent World Patents Index® and INPADOC, biosequence databases like USGENE® and GENESEQ™ (DGENE), technical databases like INSPEC and COMPENDEX, and chemical databases like BEILSTEIN.



GenomeQuest, Inc. is the leading genomic information company providing applications and services to manage and mine the world's sequence data. The company's flagship product, GenomeQuest™, is a web-based sequence information platform that enables sequence information specialists to exploit genomic information resources including next-generation sequencing tools and worldwide biological sequence reference databases. GenomeQuest's customers leverage high-speed algorithms and sophisticated analysis and reporting tools to transform data into functional knowledge, on-demand. GenomeQuest delivers genomic data access, management, and utility to over 140 leading life science companies and IP law firms, worldwide.



INTELLIXIR develops INTELLIXIR System, a Web application for technologic, scientific and competitive intelligence purposes dedicated to organizations eager to transform the cost of structured information into a high valuable decision. Studies on patentability, detection of emerging trends, identification of major players, the search for partners, or the development of periodic indicators are the main applications offered by the INTELLIXIR System.


Minesoft, Ltd.

Minesoft creates and provides products and solutions for the patent information sector, including PatBase, a US and international searchable full-text and bibliographic database, PatentArchive, Patent Tracker, and PatentOrder, providing linked archives, legal and competitor tracking & alerting services & patent document delivery by Internet and for Intranets. Minesoft serves leading corporations, Patent Offices and patent attorney firms worldwide.


Search Technology/VantagePoint

So much information, so little time. For 28 years Search Technology has helped people succeed in rich information environments. Since 1998, VantagePoint text mining software has helped Patent Analysts, Competitive Technical Intelligence Professionals, and Technology Managers find relationships and identify patterns within search results from patent, scientific, technical, and business databases. Visit our table to discover why many of today's Fortune 100 companies use VantagePoint to give them a smart marketplace advantage.


Patents Online, LLC

SumoBrain is a new professional patent searching solution from the creators of Powerful searching capabilities allow searching on all the world's major patent collections, while workflow tools such as alerts, portfolios, document commenting, document sharing, and document delivery solutions are also available. SumoBrain also offers custom data solutions and analytics for those clients that need to integrate patent data into their own datacenters and in-house solutions. Look for more developments from SumoBrain in the coming months, including additional data collections, advanced semantic searching, additional workflow and analytical tools, data visualization, and more.


Technology & Patent Research International, Inc

Technology & Patent Research (TPR) International, Inc. is a full service search firm specializing in researching worldwide patent and non-patent information sources for all areas of technology. TPR International offers a variety of services, including analysis of worldwide patent and non-patent literature for state-of-the-art searches through to infringement and validity studies conducted via online databases and/or via manual searching conducted at patent offices and libraries in Europe, the U.S. and Japan.





DecrIPt's Markush enumeration software allows you to complete patent structural analyses in hours, not days or weeks as it is now. Our software enables much more rapid strategic identification and evaluation of chemical space not already patented or published, allowing rapid analysis of chemical space available for innovation within therapeutic areas and for product differentiation. DecrIPt's enumeration software also creates value through knowledge extraction from the largest and most valuable source of pharmacology information that is currently available to chemists and patent attorneys.



The Dialog online-based information services help organizations across the globe to seek competitive advantages in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance and law. The Dialog portfolio of products and services, including Dialog® and DataStar®, offers organizations the ability to precisely retrieve data from more than 1.4 billion unique records of key information, accessible via the Internet or through delivery to enterprise intranets. As part of ProQuest, a leader in the collection, organization and publishing of information, Dialog combines industry expertise with technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial, legal, scientific, and media markets.



Dolcera is an international services firm specializing in intellectual property, market research and competitive strategy for North American, European and Asian clients. Our carefully developed processes ensure consistent and accurate results. Internally developed analysis tools give our team a significant edge. We have delivered complex analysis and research projects in areas including telecommunications, enterprise software, advertising, chemistry, petrochemical, polymers, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronic, mechanical, cell and tissue culture and medical devices. Our expertise lies in IPMap interactive visual analysis & collaborative, extensible online reports.


European Patent Office

Patent information from the European Patent Office (EPO) encompasses over 60 million documents. Over the years, EPO patent information has become a strategic tool for thousands of professionals whose work depends on regularly updated and high-quality data. The past year has seen a number of significant developments in the range of services available from the EPO, including: SmartSearch in esp@cenet with CQL command line searching, the IPScore patent portfolio analysis software, the PATSTAT database for statistical analyses of patent data, and the GPI worldwide database that runs under the powerful MIMOSA software. The EPO has also continued to expand its Asia helpdesk by adding India to the range of countries it covers.


Global Language Translation and Consulting

GLTAC offers accurate technical translations of your documents: everything from Patents to Safety Data Sheets, ISO manuals, SAP training documents, shipping labels, and much more. Our skilled native-language translators possess either degrees and/or work experience in the subject area, greatly increasing the initial quality and reducing the overall time it takes to do a translation. In addition, our reviewers have the same qualifications plus the added responsibility of ensuring your documents contain consistent terminology usage and are error-free. Combining this talented linguistic staff with experienced project managers creates a team focused on exceeding your expectations every time.


GVK Bioscience

GVK Biosciences, Asia's leading Contract Research Organization, delivers integrated research services to big Pharma and Biotech companies globally. GVK BIO accelerates the drug discovery and development process of its customers through science and innovation. GVK BIO has a diverse customer portfolio including 15 big pharma companies, agri & life-sciences companies, leading biotechs and academic institutions..

The Patent Research Services of GVKBIO offers high quality, cost-effective, secure and confidential Intellectual property services with minimum turnaround time. We are specialized in Pharma and Biotech domains and our services include Infringement Search, FTO/Clearance Search, Markush (Chemical structure) Search, Biosequence Search, Patentability Search, Prior art Search, Invalidity Search, Claim analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Market analysis, Non-patent literature Searches and Indian Patent Search services."


IFI Patent Intelligence

For more than 50 years IFI Patent Intelligence has been at the forefront of the patent industry, providing clients with trusted tools to access U.S. patents. IFI has introduced and continues to develop a wide variety of proprietary systems that make the patent search process faster, more productive, and more cost-effective. IFI covers all types of chemistry as well as polymers and Markush structures in addition to mechanical and electrical patents. Today, the database known as CLAIMS® represents the most reliable, text-searchable, computerized collection of U.S. patents in the world.


Parthys Patent Eagle

Parthys Patent Eagle performs customized patent searches to suit your requirements. We have multidisciplinary patent experts covering all areas of specialization who are proficient in analyzing patents and scientific information. Technology coverage includes chemical and biological sciences, commodity products and medical devices, electrical, electronics, communication and mechanical engineering. Very often ad hoc teams of professionals are formed to handle specific projects, each one handling the aspects within their technological area of expertise. Law firms, Corporations and Universities around the world benefit from our comprehensive search reports.


RWS Group

RWS Group provides specialist intellectual property search, translation and filing services. Its Information Division offers patent, design, trademark and non-patent literature searches; patent watches, filewrappers/inspections and status reports. PatBase - a professional patent database (developed in partnership with Minesoft Limited) is available on an annual subscription basis. RWS Translation Division is the world's leading patent translation specialist, including translations for information purposes, and a full European, Chinese and Japanese national validation service. The Group has offices in China, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, U.K. and U.S.A. and employs around 350 staff.



The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations based in Geneva, Switzerland. WIPO was established in 1967 with a mandate from its Member States (184 as of today) to promote the protection of Intellectual Property throughout the world through cooperation among states and in collaboration with other international organizations.




Believe it or not, the world of patent professionals is far wider than you imagine!

From patent information researchers to licensing professionals, patent attorneys to commercialization managers, there is only one patent information professional association that gives you access to this growing community. Worldwide since 1988.

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