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PIUG Service Award Presentations at PIUG Annual Conferences

This page has all the award presentation text that we can find. Please provide other presentations that are missing to the PIUG Board or PIUG Wikimaster for inclusion on this page. Recipients below are listed in alphabetical order by year. The full list in chronological order is available on the PIUG Service Award Recipients page.

Stephen Adams

May 2008 – Special Recognition Award in Recognition of

  • Stephen's Tireless Service to PIUG
  • Ten Years of Excellent Patent Searching Workshops
  • PIUG Board of Directors 2002 to 2006
  • Voted Favorite Speaker Countless Times May 2008

Presented by Sandra Unger

What do you mean Steve Adams never received a PIUG Service Award?

There must be some mistake. Check the PIUG History.

Steve has offered incredible patent searching workshops for the past ten years, right?


Steve has been the main driver for "educational" workshops at PIUG conferences, right?


Steve has served on the PIUG Board of Directors. Right?


Steve has been the keynote speaker at PIUG Annual Meetings TWICE, right?


Steve has been voted the favorite speaker for XXXX years, right?


Steve's presentations are so popular that he was placed as the last speaker on the last day to keep the audience from leaving on early airplane flights, right?


Steve has served as the foreign patent office liaison, right?


Steve has contributed YYYY clearly written and knowledgeable messages to the PIUG email list, right?


In 2001 Stephen organized the "JIPI" game (Jeopardy for Patent Searchers) as an evening entertainment, right?


So precisely why has Steve Adams never received a PIUG Service Award?

Good Question.

This is clearly an oversight and we would like to correct this situation immediately.

Of course it has not always gone smoothly. In Chicago??? Steve suddenly took ill and his presentation had to be given by Edlyn while Steve languished in the hospital.

In 1998 Steve's first talk at PIUG was interrupted by a loud guteral WhoooooAH! That came through the wall. The room next door had a travel agent conference and had Hawaiian fire dancers performing.

Donna Cooper

May 2008 – In Recognition of Donna's Service to PIUG as Newsletter Editor from 2003 to 2004, Annual Meeting Brochure Editor 2002 to 2008

Presented by Sandra Unger

Remember the professional looking flyers that accounted the PIUG Annual Meetings? Donna created them.

Remember the first color cover for the PIUG Newsletter?

Donna created them.

Remember the first color centerfold of photos from PIUG meetings?

Donna created them.

Donna created them when she served at newsletter editor from 2003 to 2004.

Denise Fobare-Deponio

May 2009 – In Recognition of Denise's Service to PIUG as

  • Annual Conference Sponsorship Committee Member, 2005-2007
  • Annual Conference Sponsorship Committee Chair, 2008-2009

Presented by Doreen Alberts

Denise Fobare-Deponio served as a member of the Sponsorship Committee for the 2005, 2006, and 2007 Annual Conferences. She then took the lead and chaired the Sponsorship Committee for both the 2008 and 2009 Annual Conferences. In all of her volunteer work for PIUG Denise pays attention to details and follow-up, making sure nothing falls through the cracks. As chair of the Sponsorship Committee for two years Denise continued to make improvements in soliciting for our annual conferences and maintaining relationships with our sponsors and exhibitors. Denise has had to handle some pretty sticky issues over the years, and she has always done so willingly and professionally! We owe Denise a huge debt of gratitude for her devotion and hard work!

Mark Hutcherson

May 2008 – In Recognition of Mark's Service to PIUG as Newsletter Editor Extraordinaire 2004 to 2008

Presented by Sandra Unger

Did you realize that the PIUG newsletter is recognized by the library of congress?

Did you realize that the PIUG newsletter has an ISSN number? (ISSN1931-3519)

Did you realize that the PIUG newsletter looks like a professional


Did you realize that the PIUG newsletter reads like a professional journal?

Did you realize that all of this has occurred in the XXX years that Mark Hutcherson has served as the PIUG newsletter editor?

Have you ever worked with Mark and realized what an enthusiastic and knowledgeable and patient and talented editor he is?

Did you realize that Mark holds a full time job and edits the newsletter in his spare time?

We would like to recognize Mark's incredible contributions as the PIUG Newsletter Editor.

Qin Meng

May 2009 – In Recognition of Qin's Service to PIUG as PIUG Boston Biotechnology Meeting Founder and Planning Committee Chair 2007-2009

Presented by Doreen Alberts

In 2006 Qin Meng asked the PIUG Board if there could be a regional PIUG meeting in Boston devoted to biotechnology. They thought it was a great idea but knew someone would need to spearhead the effort. Qin immediately volunteered and with her typical grace and humility set out to identify and organize a veritable army of hardworking volunteers. She has successfully chaired the Planning Committees for three PIUG Boston Biotechnology Meetings, each one better than the last. She is a terrific organizer and a true pioneer for PIUG. We owe Qin a big thank you for her initiative and hard work!

Tom Wolff

May 2009 – In Recognition of Tom's Service to PIUG as

  • Webmaster, 2006-2009
  • Discussion List Moderator, 2006-2008
  • Wikimaster, 2008-2009
  • Electronic Communications Committee Chair, 2008-2009

Presented by Doreen Alberts

Tom Wolff volunteered to take over as the PIUG webmaster in 2006 when Rodney Cruise had to step down. But that wasn't enough for him. He also took on the jobs of Discussion List Moderator, Wikimaster and Electronics Communications Committee Chair! Tom has worked tirelessly to create and promote the wiki, his passion for the last 12 months. Some of our members are slow to change. In this age of new cool technologies like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, some of us still sit through commercials when watching TV because we are still not using Tivo. But there is hope Tom.If we can learn how to search fragmentation codes, we can certainly learn how to post a message on our wiki.

We would like to thank Tom for his outstanding contribution to the operation of PIUG!

Robert Austin

May 2010 – In Recognition of Rob's Service to PIUG as

  • Popular Workshop Presenter and Speaker at PIUG Meetings Since 1999
  • Advisor for the First Boston Biotechnology Meeting, 2007
  • Boston Biotechnology Meeting Program Committee Member, 2007-2009

Presented by Heidi Stone

Rob is being recognized for his efforts in establishing a PIUG Boston Biotechnology Meeting. He was an underlying force in the success of Biotech meeting and he has been instrumental in identifying topics and resources for the Biotech meeting. He has served on the Program committee and helped to identify high quality speakers and ensure the topics are on target for the Biotech audience.

Rob has been a avid supporter of PIUG. For many years, he has been one our most popular presenters and workshop instructors. As one of our previous PIUG Chairs pointed out, "In his quiet, unassuming way, Rob has helped shape PIUG in ways many of members don't even realize."

Terri Dockter

May 2010 – In Recognition of Terri's Service to PIUG as

  • Annual Conference Program Committee Member, 2000
  • Annual Conference Session Chair, 2002-2003
  • Annual Conference Program Committee Co-Chair, 2004-2006

Presented by Doreen Alberts

Terri is receiving this award primarily for her contributions to the PIUG's Program Committee.

I still remember one year when the Program committee hosted multiple technical sessions tracks. There was Terri making sure that speakers stay on schedule and that attendees have enough time to go to other tracks. Personally, when this tall woman from Texas says it is time to go, it is time.

2006 was a sad year for PIUG and a happy one for Fiz Karlsruhe. That was the year Terri joined Fiz and became a vendor, affectionately known as moving to the 'dark side'. PIUG members nominated her to the position of Secretary but as a vendor, she had to withdraw from the election. Her new membership status did not stop her from continually voicing her opinion on how to help PIUG grow.

Well Terri, PIUG is listening. This year, we eliminated the associate membership status for vendors. All PIUG members now enjoy the same privileges and responsibilities. I'm counting on you to volunteer in as many committees as you want.

The last time you were officially a PIUG Committee leader was in 2006. That was 4 years ago but we never forgot your contributions and I'm am please to present this award to you today. I wish we could have done it sooner!

Martha Yates

May 2010 – In Recognition of Rob's Service to PIUG as

  • Annual Conference Gifts Committee Co-Chair, 2005-2007
  • Annual Conference Workshop Committee Chair, 2008-2010

Presented by Cynthia Barcelon Yang

Martha is being recognized for her consistent tireless efforts as Co-Chair of the Gifts Committee from 2005 to 2007, and as Workshop Committee Chair since 2008 to the present. Chairing the Workshops Committee in 2008 was especially time consuming and challenging since 2008 was the first year that we implemented a new system where sponsors and others could buy workshop hours. Then last year was especially rough with 3 Emerald sponsors, it was the first time we had so many in the top level sponsor level, but Martha juggled the schedule to meet everyone's satisfaction.

Martha worked tirelessly and with great humor. She coordinated the workshop scheduling very efficiently, and is very responsive to questions/issues raised by both vendors and the planning committee. She is someone we can rely on and trust that everything will be done very well and on time.

Susanne Hantos

May 2011 – In recognition of Susanne's service to PIUG as Education and Training Task Force - Certification Working Group Chair, 2008-2011

Presented by Heidi Stone

The 2011 PIUG Service Award is presented to Susanne Hantos for her tenacious leadership in driving PIUG’s Certification Working Group. She almost single-handedly worked towards the creation of a certification scheme that encompasses the needs of the PIUG’s international membership. She has been working with the PDGvarious European Certification Working Groups as PIUG’s representative to develop the mock examinations and to provide PIUG’s input on certification issues, which do not have easy answers. PIUG recognizes therecognizes the visionary insights and strong leadership demonstrated by Susanne Hantos in creatively developing an inclusive international certification approach.

Kristine Atkinson and John Zabilski

May 2011 – In recognition of their service to PIUG as Education and Training Task Force - Training Working Group Co-Chair, 2008-2011

Presented by Edlyn Simmons

The award for John and Kris recognizes their work as co-chairs of the PIUG Education and Training Task Force’s Training Working Group from 2008 to 2011. The Training Working Group began by establishing a wiki forum, investigated existing patent information courses and investigated continuing education credit programs for possible adoption. When PIUG was invited by WIPO to send expert speakers to participate in their workshops in support of its cooperation with least developed countries to establish Technology Innovation Support Centers, John took on the task of creating the initial presentations requested by WIPO. As of May, 2011, Kris and John have worked with PETT volunteers to prepare modified and updated presentations for WIPO workshops in seven countries.

Zhifu Shu

May 2012 – In recognition of his contributions to the PIUG Northeast Conference including as member of the Program Committee (2005 - 2007), Planning Committee Co-chair (2008 - 2009) and Planning Committee Chair (2010 - 2011)

Presented by Jim Brown

Zhifu Shu was awarded the PIUG Service Award at the 2012 PIUG Annual Conference. Zhifu received this award because of his involvement with the PIUG Northeast Conference over many years. He was on the program committee for the PIUG Northeast Conference in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Zhifu had many functions while on the program committee, including fundraising. In 2008 and 2009 Zhifu was the planning committee co-chair for the PIUG Northeast Conference and in 2010 and 2011 he was the planning committee chair for the PIUG Northeast Conference.

Other members on the various committees described Zhifu as diligent, organized and dedicated. They also said that Zhifu knows how to get things done and was a pleasure to work with. His sense of humor was especially appreciated by the various committee members.

The PIUG Board is honored to bestow the PIUG Service Award to Zhifu Shu.

Jane Thompson

May 2012 – In recognition of her contributions to the PIUG Annual Conference including at the Registration Desk and participation in the Sponsorship Committee as a member (2008 - 2009), Co-chair (2010) and Chair (2011)

Presented by Heidi Stone

Jane has been an active volunteer for PIUG for at least 10 years. At first, she was rolling up her sleeves and helping with Registration. In 2008, she joined the Sponsorship Committee. In 2010, she Co-Chaired the Sponsorship Committee and since 2011 she has chaired the committee. Jane represents PIUG in dealing with our sponsors and exhibitors and she handles the role responsibly and professionally.

Rick Williams

May 2012 – In recognition of his contributions to the PIUG Biotech Meeting Program Committee, by taking responsibility for web pages (2008 - 2012) and funding and workshops (2012) and organizing of dinners for PIUG members in the Boston area

Presented by Antony Trippe

Rick Williams was awarded a PIUG Service Award at the 2012 PIUG Annual Conference. Rick has been a long time, active and vocal member of the PIUG community and he receives this award for his substantial and sustained contributions to the PIUG Biotech Meeting. Rick has served on the Program committees for both the Biotech Meeting as well as the NE Conference. He has acted as the Webmaster for the Biotech Meeting and was responsible for putting together all of the materials associated with this meeting and putting them on the PIUG Webpage and Wiki. Rick has also been an active and vocal member of PIUG, especially in regards to acting as a conduit to bring members together. This could best be seen in his organization of local PIUG member dinners in the Boston area.

In particular, PIUG members in the Boston area have appreciated Rick's efforts in helping continue to build a strong community there and create an environment where members can learn and work together.

Christine Geluk

April 2013 - In recognition of Christine's service to PIUG for her contributions as founding member of the PIUG Biotechnology Meeting Planning Committee responsible for registration, sponsorship, workshops and public relations for all of the PIUG Biotechnology Meetings since their inception and for evaluations for PIUG 2013 Biotechnology Meeting

Presented by Jim Brown

Christine has been a member of PIUG since 1999 and an active member since 2007 when she joined the Planning Committee for the first PIUG Biotechnology meeting. Christine has served on the committee in a number of responsibilities for registration, sponsorship, workshops and public relations for all of the Biotechnology meetings since its inception. Her development of an electronic survey for workshop participants after the PIUG 2013 Biotechnology meeting inspired her to take on all of the evaluations for the 2014 (Biotechnology) meeting. Christine is also an active member in SLA as the Nominating Committee Chair for the Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Division and Webmaster for the Information Technology Division. In her spare time, Christine enjoys traveling, salsa dancing and scuba diving, all with her husband. She is a Senior Information Specialist at Eisai.

Monica Weiss-Nolen

April 2013 - In recognition of Monica's service to PIUG for her contributions to the PIUG Biotechnology Meeting as Program Committee Chair (2011-2012), Workshop Committee Chair (2013), and Planning Committee Co-Chair (2014)

Presented by Antony Trippe

The PIUG Board is proud to present a 2013 PIUG Service Award to Monica Weiss-Nolen. Monica is a "repeat offender" in the world of PIUG volunteering starting with participation on the PIUG Biotech Meeting Program Committee in 2010. Monica went on to become Program Chair of the Biotech Meeting for 2011 and 2012 and went on to be Workshop Committee Co-Chair in 2013 for the meeting. Monica is continuing her commitment to PIUG and increasing her participation by agreeing to Co-Chair the Planning Committee overseeing all aspects of the 2014 Biotech Meeting. Monica is part of the reason for the growth and success of the PIUG Biotech Meeting over the past few years and the PIUG Board, on behalf of our members, thanks her for her service.

Suzanne Robins

April 2013 - In recognition of Suzanne’s dedicated service to PIUG as PIUG Treasurer (2000-2004), Vice-Chair (2004-2006), Chair (2006-2008), Immediate-Past-Chair (2008-2010), Member of the Biotechnology (2007-2008) and Northeast (2011-2012) Conference Program Committees, Strategic Planning Committee Member (2011-2012), and PIUG Member Relations Committee Chair (2012-present)

Presented by Cynthia Barcelon Yang

It is with great pleasure that I present this year's PIUG Service Award to Suzanne Robins.

  • Suzanne needs no introduction as she has been an active PIUG member, and has contributed so much to PIUG, starting in 2000 when she served as the PIUG Treasurer for 4 years. As Treasurer, she advocated for and secured the Director and Officer Insurance, meeting liability insurance and an accountant for annual review of our books.
  • In 2004-2006, she served as Vice Chair, and subsequently served as PIUG Chair from 2006-2008.
  • She served as co-chair of the planning committee for 4 PIUG annual conferences from 2005-2008. She is a very experienced "veteran" in planning PIUG annual conferences. She used to joke that she would be so ready to plan her daughter's wedding reception when that time comes because planning the PIUG annual conference is like planning a big wedding reception! The only difference is that PIUG conferences happen every year…but hopefully not her daughter's wedding! During these 4 years as co-chair of the PIUG annual conferences, she advocated for and secured a conference planning company to help volunteers plan for these increasingly complex annual conferences.
  • Suzanne continued on the Board as immediate past chair from 2008-2010, where she was an invaluable mentor to both me and Doreen Alberts on various PIUG Chair/Co-Chair responsibilities and during the planning of the 2009-2010 annual conferences.
  • She is currently the Chair of the Member Relations Committee helping our new PIUG members become acquainted with our organization and to take advantage of the PIUG membership benefits.
  • In addition to the annual conferences, Suzanne found time to also volunteer in the Biotech Conference Program Committee from 2007-2008, as well as in the Northeast Conference Program Committee from 2011-2012.
  • During the past two years, 2011-2012, Suzanne has been an active participant of the Strategic Planning Committee helping to set a plan for the organizations' sustainability.
  • Personally, I feel that this award is long overdue! But it is nobody's fault that it has taken so long. One of the stipulations to qualify for the award is that the recipient cannot be a member of the board. As you have heard, Suzanne has served in many different roles on the PIUG Board for a decade! So it's only now after she is no longer on the Board that I have the distinct honor to finally present this recognition award to her.

    Suzanne has worked tirelessly with her heart and soul on the PIUG organization, and always with a cheerful smile. She has such great enthusiasm, great energy, always with a positive outlook and a contagious laughter that make her so endearing to our fellow PIUG members.

    Please join me in congratulating Suzanne. Thank You, Suzanne, for the many, many years of service and dedication to PIUG!!!

    Ron Kaminecki

    April 2014 - In recognition of Ron’s service to PIUG for his contributions to the Annual Meeting as Program Committee Member (2009), Program Co-Chair (2011-2012), Closing Speaker (2010-2013), and to the future of PIUG as a Strategic Planning Committee Member (2011-2012).

    Presented by Dominic DeMarco

    This is the one and only time where this winner of our 2014 Service Award goes first. Normally, he is our Annual Conference closer and keeps attendees in their seats until the end with a promise of both useful information and patent humor. Yes, the winner is Ron Kaminecki as you have all guessed. However, Ron is not just a pretty face with a good sense of humor! He has also been a valued member for many years helping to organize our Annual Conference Program as both a member of the Program Committee and Co-Chair of the Committee. I also worked with Ron on the Strategic Committee and appreciated the valuable insights he provided. Ron, on behalf of PIUG, thank you for your dedication and service to the organization.

    Shelley Pavlek

    April 2014 - In recognition of Shelley’s service to PIUG for her contributions to the Northeast Conference as Planning Committee Co-Chair (2011-2013), Workshop Chair (2011-2013), Registration Chair (2013), and local PIUG representative for site visits.

    Presented by Ken Koubek

    This award is presented to Shelley Pavlek for her countless hours of work in support of the Northeast Conference since 2011. When PIUG was faced with moving from the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ to a new location, Shelley visited a number of prospective sites for the conference, gathering valuable information which helped in the choice of our current location at The Heldrich in New Brunswick. With my home being about 90 miles away, I relied on her evaluation of the various facilities and she met with the hotel sales manager, hotel Event Coordinator and hotel AV management. PIUG is indebted to her for her efforts in making the Northeast such a successful event for our organization over the past 3 years. Thank you, Shelley, for your dedication and service to our organization.

    Heidi Stone

    April 2014 - In recognition of Heidi’s service to PIUG for her contributions to the Annual Conference as Hospitality Chair (2003), Registration Co-Chair (2004), Planning Committee Co-Chair (2005-2008), Planning Committee Co-Mentor/Advisor (2009-2011); PIUG Board Vice Chair (2006-2008); PIUG Board Director-at-Large (2008-2012); and the PIUG Member Relations Committee (2013-to-date).

    Presented by Jim Brown

    This service award is given to Heidi Stone for her incredible dedication to the PIUG and for her tireless work ethic over the years to ensure the success of numerous PIUG Annual Conferences. She was responsible for keeping meeting plans on budget and on schedule. She was also the consummate hostess before, during and after meetings, making sure to visit every exhibitor at every meeting, writing thank you notes as needed, such as to PIUG volunteers and their supervisors, keenly aware of the time commitment made by volunteers and the need for their supervisors to know the value of their time if PIUG is to retain them. Heidi worked quietly in the background but indispensable to PIUG in many ways. We thank Heidi for all that she has done over the years.

    Jim Brown

    May 2015 - In recognition of Jim’s service to PIUG for his contributions to the Annual Conference as Annual Planning Co-Chair (2013-2014); PIUG Board Secretary (2010-2012); PIUG Board Vice Chair (2012-2014), and PIUG Board Liaison to the Biotech Conference Planning Committee (2013-2014).

    Presented by Susanne Hantos

    There are so many examples of Jim’s generous and sincere spirit, but there is one moment in particular I will never forget. Jim rose far above and beyond the call of duty during his term as my Vice-President when he boarded a plane bound for Wisconsin to sign the termination papers with our former association management company and personally oversaw the safe return of PIUG’s property. We are indebted to him for helping the organization during a very challenging time.

    Through it all, Jim has always been a highly professional, sincere and dedicated volunteer who cares about the people in this organization and its future. He truly deserves this award!

    Andrea Davis

    May 2015 - In recognition of Andrea’s service to PIUG for her contributions to the Annual Conference as Program Committee Co-Chair (2013-2014).

    Presented by Ron Kaminecki

    I’d like to present a case study.

    Imagine starting a presentation at a recent PIUG meeting and discovering about two slides in that the wrong PowerPoint deck has been loaded. You look around and see that everyone is looking at you helplessly, but then out of the corner of your eye, you see a volunteer, actually, better yet, a superhero, running towards the AV people in the back. This superhero pulls a memory stick out of her purse and hands it to the technicians. The memory stick contains the full copies of all the presentations, including the correct one for the session at hand. Within seconds, the correct presentation is loaded from the memory stick and the day is saved.

    This superhero who thought ahead to load all of the presentations onto a portable backup device is also the same person who Co-Chaired the Program Committee and actually helped to put together the Plenary program. Her ability to think ahead made the technical program a success.

    This person is Andrea Davis, who Co-Chaired the Program Committee for the 2013 Alexandria meeting and then did it again for the 2014 Garden Grove meeting. Having worked with her I can easily say that Andrea was a true professional and not only helped put together a successful program, she had the forethought to make sure the program would proceed without problems. It was a real pleasure working with her on the program, and I am very happy to be able to present this Volunteer – no, Superhero – Award to Andrea Davis.

    Ruben Diaz

    May 2015 - In recognition of Ruben’s contributions to the PIUG Biotechnology Conference since 2009 as member of the Program and Planning Committees, panel discussion participant, and organizer and gracious site host for the two conferences held at Genentech in South San Francisco, California, in 2011 and 2015.

    Presented by Martha Yates, on behalf of Qin Meng and Doreen Alberts

    Ruben Diaz has been a volunteer for PIUG Biotechnology Conference since 2009. Over the years, he served in Program and Planning Committees and participated as a discussion panelist on 2 occasions. We brought the PIUG Biotechnology conference back to the West Coast at the Genentech campus in 2011, with a repeat performance this year. Ruben took care of all logistical issues and provided us resources that we needed for a successful conference. In addition to planning the meetings and workshops, Ruben added another complexity: He gave our attendees a chance to tour Genentech’s Cell Culture and Purification Pilot Plants. Ruben’s easy smile and calm demeanor made him an excellent conference host.

    Service awards are not just about the numbers; it is more about the impact of a volunteer’s contributions. Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” We are all information professionals and for the most part, that’s how we make our living. PIUG is blessed with so many members who tirelessly give their time and share their talents to our association. We’ve honored our outstanding volunteers in the past, and this year I am extremely happy to see “Ruben Diaz” added to that list!

    John Arenivar

    May 2016 - In recognition of John’s work with the Member Relations Committee on multiple PIUG Salary Surveys, his Chairmanship of the PIUG Bylaws Committee, his presentations at PIUG conferences, and his exceptional talent as thespian extraordinaire in PIUG’s IFFI Player productions for so many years.

    Presented by Elliott Linder

    The PIUG Service Award goes, alas posthumously, to John Arenivar of 3M, who passed away last December.

    The Service Award recognizes John’s work with the Member Relations Committee on multiple PIUG Salary Surveys; his Chairmanship, albeit brief, of the PIUG Bylaws Committee; his presentations at PIUG conferences; and his exceptional talent as thespian extraordinaire, who brought Tuesday-evening entertainment – and his special brand of humor – to PIUG’s IFFI Player productions for so many years.

    John’s contribution, participation, and joyful presence at our gatherings is sorely missed.

    Graciously accepting the Award on John’s behalf is Carol Bachmann, John’s long-time colleague at 3M, and first recipient of the Stu Kaback Business Impact Award.

    Dominic DeMarco

    May 2016 - In recognition of Dominic's service on the PIUG Board as a Director-at-Large from 2011 to 2014 and for his efforts and service as a key faculty member of both the PIUG Freedom to Operate and the PIUG Fundamentals courses.

    Presented by Susanne Hantos

    It is with great pleasure that announce that Dominic DeMarco has been selected as a recipient of a 2016 PIUG service award. Dominic served on the PIUG Board, as a Director at Large, from 2011 to 2014, the latter two years of which he was always a willing and wise sounding board for me.

    Dominic is also being recognized for his efforts and service in being a key faculty member of both the PIUG Freedom to Operate course and the PIUG Fundamentals course. In the case of the PIUG Fundamentals course, he was instrumental in revamping and reenergizing the most recent course offerings. In the case of the FTO course, he helped to build it from scratch.

    Unfortunately, Dominic cannot be here to accept the award, but his colleague, Regan O'Brien, is here to accept the award on his behalf.

    Please join me in congratulating Dominic!

    Alison Taylor

    May 2016 - In recognition of Alison's 10 years of dedication to PIUG Biotechnology Conference for which she has co-chaired the Program Committee, has been a speaker and panelist, and has provided Meeting Book support for 8 years.

    Presented by Martha Yates

    Alison Taylor has been a volunteer for PIUG Biotechnology Conference for 10 years since the beginning of the biotech conference in 2007! She has had many hats: Meeting Book support function for 8 years, (2007-2012, 2014-2016), She was a speaker in 2008 and panelist in 2014. She worked on program in 2013. She co-chaired program (2014-2016). She has always worked hard to help put out high quality program! We really appreciate her 10 years of dedication to PIUG Biotechnology Conference!

    A.J. D'Ambra

    May 2017 - In recognition of AJ's many contributions to PIUG including service as Webmaster (membership matters) and Wiki Co-administrator (2008-2017); member of the Electronic Communications Committee (2008-2017) and Member Relations Committee (2012-2017); PIUG Annual Conference Presentation Logistics Coordinator (2008-2013) and Hospitality Chair (2009-2010); and PIUG NE Conference Program Chair (2006-2007).

    Presented by Martha Yates and Heather Simmons

    The theme for the service awards this year was our unsung heroes. These are people who work tirelessly behind the scenes. We call on them to do difficult things on short notice and they always come through for us.

    AJ D'Ambra has definitely been behind the scenes, but he has been an integral part of the PIUG wiki and web since 2006. He first got wrangled in to lead the move of the PIUG Discussion List from DialMail to Listbox in 2006. He is also active in Member Relations and in other conference activities. Thank you AJ for all of your service.

    Diane Webb

    May 2017 - In recognition of Diane’s 13 years of preparing the meeting books for all PIUG Annual, Biotech, and Northeast Conferences.

    Presented by Martha Yates and Heather Simmons

    Diane Webb has been producing the meeting books for all the PIUG Conferences since 2004. The books are beautifully done and, of course, always done at the last minute because that's when Diane gets the final information from the Conference Program and related committees. I [Heather] have worked with Diane for the last two years. I send her the information at the last possible moment, and then there are always further changes that Diane seamlessly and selflessly handles. Thank you Diane for all of your efforts.

    Tom Wolff

    May 2017 - In recognition of Tom's continuing contribution to PIUG as Webmaster (2006-2017), Wikimaster (2008-2017), Electronic Communications Committee Chair (2008-2017).

    Presented by Martha Yates and Heather Simmons

    We have our first 2-time service award winner. Tom Wolff has been the champion of our electronic presence. He developed and has been a tireless advocate for the PIUG wiki. He founded the Electronic Communications Committee. He has done a huge amount of work that is required to keep all this running, including migrating the entire website to Wild Apricot in short order when PIUG broke away from its management company. I am sure that we would still be mired in the last century without Tom's leadership. Thank you Tom for your vision and dedication.

    Greg Roland

    May 2018 - In recognition of Greg’s service to the PIUG Biotech Conference since 2012.

    Presented by Martha Yates

    Greg Roland has been a volunteer for PIUG Biotechnology Conference since 2012. He has hosted the conference at Merck Research Laboratories, Boston in 2013. He worked on program in 2014 and 2015. He co-chaired program in 2016, 2017 and 2018. He was a speaker: Search Strategies for Oligonucleotides and Proteins in 2007. He has proven to be a valued PIUG Biotech Conference volunteer through 7 years of dedication to PIUG Biotechnology Conference.

    Edlyn Simmons

    May 2018 - In recognition of Edlyn’s long service to PIUG, including serving on the PIUG Board in 1990-1992 and 2000-2010 and as chair of the Brian Stockdale Memorial Award since 2002.

    Presented by Martha Yates

    Edlyn is one of our founding members. She was on board from 1990-1992 and then from 2000-2010. She has been the chair of the Brian Stockdale Memorial Award committee since 2002. She has been part of the IFFI Players and volunteered for various committees through the years. My suspicion is that she has never gotten a service award because she was on the board for so long and we generally don’t give service awards to board members. But this year in grateful appreciate for all she has done for PIUG, we present a PIUG Service Award.

    Donald Walter

    May 2018 - In recognition of Don’s service to PIUG as part of the Northeast Conference organizing commitees since at least 2006.

    Presented by Shelley Pavlek

    I have known Don Walter since the early 90’s, when I was a chemical searcher at Aventis and he was our Derwent rep. I learned everything I know about chemical fragmentation code searching and the Derwent files from Don. Don has been a PIUG volunteer for as long as I can remember. On record, he has been involved with the Northeast Conference since 2006 – although it’s probably been much longer than that. He has always done our travel page and has been an important member of the program committee, which he chaired from 2014-2016. Don has always been an active participant on the program committee – suggesting topics & speakers and even reaching out with personal invitations to speakers when we’ve needed to do that. The program committee would not be the same without him!

    It has been a pleasure working with Don and it is my pleasure to present him with a PIUG Service Award. Thank you for all you do for PIUG and especially for the Northeast Conference.

    John Zheng-Wu

    May 2018 - In recognition of Zheng’s advocacy of PIUG in China since 2009. He has been instrumental in our relationship with IPPH/CPAC.

    Presented by Martha Yates

    Zheng has been a strong proponent of PIUG in China. He formed the Chinese subchapter in 2009. For many years, he has represented PIUG at the PIAC exhibit booth. He has translated the PIUG brochure to Chinese. He has become a key team member of the PIUG PPO Committee helping to coordinate sessions for the CPAC conference. PIUG was recognized at the 2017 CPAC conference with a Loyal Partner Award, which is due in large part to the tenacious and long-standing advocacy work of Zheng Wu. Zheng Wu’s advocacy of PIUG in China over the past decade has been a key contributor to the success of the partnership PIUG currently enjoys with IPPH/CPAC.

    Christopher S. Baldwin

    May 2019 - In recognition of Chris's service to PIUG as a behind-the scenes support of operational activities since 2017.

    Presented by Ken Koubek

    I have known Chris Baldwin primarily since he became a local representative for PatentSight Gmbh. As some of you know, I am a cancer survivor and have had number of surgical procedures over the past two years to eliminate the spread of it. During that time, I have been a bit limited regarding physical chores that needed to be done in support of the various conferences. Chris informed me that he was willing to help in any way he could since he lived close to our virtual office location and our storage facility in Newark, DE. After each procedure I was not allowed to lift anything over 8 pounds. Chris has provided that physical labor surrounding the shipping and receipt of materials used for conferences such as the large crates of signage and other registration related supplies. That has taken a lot of pressure off me and allowed me to effectively carry out my duties as Administrative Coordinator for PIUG.

    It has been a true blessing for having Chris's support and it is my pleasure to present him with a PIUG Service Award. Thank you for all you do for PIUG and particularly in support of my duties.

    Cynthia Gallagher

    May 2019 - In recognition of Cynthia's contributions to the PIUG Partnerships and Patent Offices Committee

    Presented by Elliott Linder

    Cynthia Yang, co-Chair of the Partnerships and Patent Offices (PPO) Committee, and Elliott Linder invited Cynthia Gallagher to extend the work that was recognized by the 2016 Stu Kaback Business Impact Award. The award application described the work by Cynthia and her Pfizer colleagues on the creation of "cheat sheets" to facilitate access to the registries of patent authorities not commonly covered by commercial database providers. The PPO Committee agreed that an extension of the work would provide a benefit to PIUG members. Shortly after a subcommittee was formed, PIUG learned of similar projects already underway at the EPO and WIPO. PIUG instigated cooperation with the existing efforts by the patent offices. The work is ongoing with contributions and dissemination by all three parties. Cynthia Gallagher moderated a panel discussion with representatives from the EPO, WIPO, and PIUG during the Tuesday plenary session of the PIUG 2019 Annual Conference. In appreciation of her initial and continuing effort in this endeavor, I have the pleasure to present this PIUG 2019 Service Award to Cynthia Gallagher.

    Yun Yun Yang

    May 2019 - In recognition of Yun Yun's many contributions to PIUG Conferences.

    Presented by Ron Kaminecki

    Yun Yun Yang has done a lot for PIUG, including:

    Contributed as Exhibit hall coordinator for three Annual Conferences and three Northeast Conferences;

    Assisted Diane Webb with the meeting books for the Annual Conference for several years;

    Worked with Sandra Unger to create CD's for the Annual Conference;

    Helped coordinate the 2018 PIUG-PIAC Conference in Beijing and presented a talk on chemical structure searching at the Conference;

    Participated as a member of the 2018-2019 Stu Kaback Award Committee.

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