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Highlights of EPO East meets West 2020 Program, 23-25 November 2020, 9 AM-12 PM CET (Reg. deadline Nov.19, 2020)

  • 11 Nov 2020 3:56 AM
    Message # 9357171

    EPO Meeting East meets West 2020 will be conducted online 23-25 November 2020, 9 AM-12 PM CET | 4 AM – 7 AM EST

    Registration Link 

    Registration fee  EUR 95

    Registration deadline 19 November 2020

    East meets West 2020

    Forum on patent knowledge from Asia and beyond Online
    23-25 November 2020

    The EPO's East meets West forum provides an update on the most important developments in patent information and IP knowledge in Asia and other jurisdictions. Experts will provide first-hand information on how to cope with the growing amount of patent data from Asia and illustrate how to maximise the opportunities made available by AI and new search tools. They will also discuss how to interpret the search results correctly, considering the continuously changing IP landscape.  

    Benefit from expert insights on: 

    • legal events categorisation in Asia
    • recent and upcoming law amendments
    • efficient exploitation of official search tools
    • cross-lingual search possibilities in original texts
    • jurisdiction in the focus: Japan, China, Korea, and Eurasia 


    Program Highlights:

    JPO's AI activities for patent examination

    Takaaki Yamamoto, Japan Patent Office

    JPO's initiatives for AI application based on the “Action Plan for Utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology". A summary of the results of the research project on concept search, the usage status of the concept search in the JPO, and an overview of the "ADPAS" search system.


    Recent references:
    Japan Patent Office, 2018. Outline of JPO’s Activities for Using AI.
    Presented at the Meeting of Intellectual Property Offices (IPOs) on ICT Strategies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IP Administration, May 23-25, 2018 (Geneva, Switzerland), Document WIPO/IP/ITAI/GE/18/P9. 10 p. (See slides 3.3 and 3.4 on use AI in
    assigning patent classifications and conducting prior art searches)

    Takahiro, Higa., JPO’s Activities For Making Use of AI (Japan). Presented at Sharing session on the use of artificial intelligence for examination of patent applications at WIPO SCP31 Meeting. December 2-5, 2019. 8 p.
    [see a videorecording of the presentation (0:02:35-0:10:33), please excuse imperfectness of an WIPO speech-to-text transcript].
    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, (May 11, 2020). The JPO Acquires Patent Right for System for Searching Patent Documents. [JPO developed a system for searching patent documents and a system for managing it (collectively called “ADPAS”) by fully taking advantage of experimental AI and other technologies and successfully acquired a patent right for the technologies involved in this. Through this system, users are able to use their desired language and patent classification system to conduct a collective search of patent documents from around the world, which are written in a variety of languages and have been classified using different patent classification systems, e.g., searching documents from around the world with the Japanese language and FI… classification system.]
    JP6691280 (B1)  -  管理システム及び管理方法 MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND MANAGEMENT METHOD. April 28, 2020 (EPO/Google Translation) [An issued JP patent for ADPAS]
    Reiwa 2nd [2020] revised version of the action plan for the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) technology at the JPO . July 17, 2017 (webpage)

    Patent term extension? Update on the new Chinese Patent Law amendment

    Dengbo Ji, China National Intellectual Property Administration

    Additional references:
    Article 42 (amended)… In order to compensate for the time taken for the review and marketing approval of the a drug , the patent administration department of the State Council may, at the request of the patentee, grant compensation for a period of time for new drug invention patents that have been approved for marketing in China. The compensation period shall not exceed five years, and the total effective patent right period after the new drug is marketed shall not exceed 14 years. [effective from June 1, 2021] (cited by an article by Aaron Wininger,  Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner Text of China’s Amended Patent Law” at National Law Review, Volume X, Number 293; see  also a recording of Nov. 11, 2020 SLW webinar “Top Five Changes in China's Newly Amended Patent Law” (including PTE) to be posted here)

    [Amended Article 42 also extends a patent term for designs to 15 years and introduce a patent term adjustment for prosecution delays]

    Ge, Johnson (Knobbe Martens) China Patent Law Webinar (1:01:29, recorded Oct. 27, 2020) (see a discussion of PTE at 31:38-33:18)

    AI utilisation in KIPO's IT systems.
    Seongheon Kang
    , Korean Patent Office

    KIPO has developed a mid- and long-term strategy for introducing AI technologies into the examination environment. We will introduce AI technologies by phase in consideration of the maturity of technologies for our artificial intelligence tasks.


    Additional references:
    Han, Gyudong (KIPO). KIPO’s Plan for AI, 2018. Presented at the Meeting of Intellectual Property Offices (IPOs) on ICT Strategies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IP Administration, May 23-25, 2018 (Geneva, Switzerland), Document WIPO/IP/ITAI/GE/18/P6. 18 p. (See slides 9, 13 and 15 on Patent auto search system)
    Kang, Seongheon AI utilization in KIPO's IT systems (video, 16:21, presented at PATINEX 2020 (Seul, Korea) Nov.9, 2020) [use cases of AI technology by the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), and the roadmap for the future use of AI patent administration services]

    Recent progress in patent information tools
    Andrey Sekretov
    , Eurasian Patent Office

    … ‘instant' publication of patent documents at the Eurasian Publication Server, new interface and legal status information in English in the Register of Eurasian patents; expansion of collections of patent documents of the countries of Eurasian region with data available in English in the Eurasian Patent Information System (EAPATIS); access to registers of national patent offices of Contracting States of the Eurasian Patent Convention (with focus on direct links in EAPATIS)

    EAPO Resources:
    Eurasian Publication Server
    EAPATIS (Russian Interface, Guest access to EAPO full-text database (in Russian) and EAPO abstracts (in English))
    EAPATIS (English Interface, Guest access to EAPO abstracts (in English) only)
    Eurasian Patent Registry (see for example a record for EA30001)
    Eurasian Patent Gazette (in Russian)


    Discussion rounds

    1)    Keyword searches in Asian full texts

    2)    Asian data in Espacenet

    Stream: Asian file wrappers: usage, coverage, search examples

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