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Editing PIUG wiki pages for adding to the PIUG website

  • 21 May 2020 7:40 PM
    Reply # 8985362 on 8968704


    I might be interested to resume maintaining "Patent Information Meetings, Conferences, and Seminars " pages. What type of editing is needed for existing wiki pages to move some of them, if any, to PIUG webpage?


  • 14 May 2020 10:41 AM
    Message # 8968704
    Thomas Wolff (Administrator)

    We discussed the matter of updating and editing PIUG wiki pages for moving to the PIUG website at the recent Member Relations Committee (MRC) meeting and the PIUG Annual Business Meeting. Suggested wiki pages were listed in the PowerPoint presentation shared at the Annual Business Meeting (to be posted for the general membership shortly and are listed at the bottom of this message. Some MRC members expressed interest in helping with the editing process. After the Annual Meeting, Lucy Antunes offered to edit the wiki page "How to Become a Patent Information Professional." Lucy made some good edits. However, I think there is more to be done to make this a standalone resource/knowledge page for adding to the website; it still reads like a historical document. I am also unsure where to put this and other such knowledge pages within the menu system of the PIUG website.

    I do not know an ideal way to proceed with this editing process. One point of the PIUG wiki was to make such community editing relatively easy. However, participation on the PIUG wiki was historically low and the wiki is archived. As an alternative, I have posted the current page content on Google Docs at Anyone who knows this link can edit the document. You will notice that I added parenthetical background information at the top of the document. You may edit anything, but the point is to edit the primary content of the document to make it appropriate for the website.

    I did not know how broadly to post this request. I decided to post it in the main PIUG-PF for all PIUG members to see. We will see how this goes. If the process works, kudos to us all. I would continue the process by posting on Google Docs the contents of other PIUG wiki pages that should be migrated to the PIUG website. If this becomes a free-for-all on one hand or a non-event on the other, I will revert to asking individuals to help.

    If you have additional ideas on how to improve this process or want to edit particular pages, you may post a reply to this entry or send me email at

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Tom Wolff
    PIUG Webmaster


    Updating and editing would be needed for these PIUG wiki pages:

    Other references
    Top Ten Publications by Stephen Adams
    Top Ten Publications by EdlynSimmons

    Some PIUG wiki content either cannot be moved or would need major editing effort and regular content maintenance:

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