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  • 11 Feb 2020 12:49 PM
    Reply # 8740338 on 8739858
    Thomas Wolff (Administrator)


    You should definitely evaluate both PatBase from Minesoft and Orbit from Questel, both of which are better for searchers than PatSnap. You may also like features of AcclaimIP from Anaqua who was also a Bronze sponsor (as were Minesoft and Questel) at the PIUG 2019 Annual Conference. 

    I discussed in detail the advantages of such patent search systems in my recent paper, Enhanced Patent Search Systems Revolutionize Searching” (Online Searcher, 43 (3) (May/June 2019): pp. 22-29). did not discuss particular search systems. Nonetheless, you might want to consider my paper in your evaluations and in your discussions with your manager.

    Best regards,

    Tom Wolff

  • 11 Feb 2020 9:04 AM
    Message # 8739858

    Hello all,

    I am curious what your current favorite patent search tools are. I have been using Derwent Innovation for many years. I don’t want to change, but my boss (non-patent searcher) has challenged me to objectively evaluate if there are cheaper / better tools out there. We had a demo of Patsnap and he really liked the bells and whistles; I however just wasn’t convinced that the searching was sufficient for my needs.

    Is there anyone out there using Patsnap – any pros / cons you can share?

    Is there anyone using Derwent Innovation who moved on to something else and are happier / regret the change?

    Anyone using any other tools that you recommend?

    I appreciate any feedback, thank you!

    Mindy Peters

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