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  • [Online] PATINEX 2021 (Korea) The 17th PATent INformation Expo, Smart IP Strategy for New Digital Era, 6-10 September 2021
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  • [Online] PATINEX 2021 (Korea) The 17th PATent INformation Expo, Smart IP Strategy for New Digital Era, 6-10 September 2021

[Online] PATINEX 2021 (Korea) The 17th PATent INformation Expo, Smart IP Strategy for New Digital Era, 6-10 September 2021

  • 05 Sep 2021 7:05 PM
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    [Online]PATINEX 2021 (Korea) The 17th PATent INformation Expo, Smart IP Strategy for New Digital Era, 6-10 September 2021

    The meeting web-page and registration (

    Note: Presentations are available online through PATINEX map (see an attached image)  and then are posted at  the PATINEX2021 YouTube Channel , all Exhibitors Solution Updates (see a selected list  below) has been  also posted on the YouTube channel, the most presentations are in Korean with English subtitles,  slides maybe in English or Korean)

    PATINEX 2021 Program Highlights (see also an attached image of the Program Schedule)
    (see also Exhibitors Solution Updates below)

    Monday, Sep.6, 2021
    9:00-9:10 PM ET (6/5/2021)| 3:00-3:10 AM CET | 10:00-10:10 KST
    Opening Speech, Kang Kyung Ho, CEO of Korea Institute of Patent Information (KIPI) (video, 3:43)
    … strategic utilization of intellectual property data is essential not only to survive but also to lead in the global market.

    9:10-9:20 PM ET (6/5/2021)| 3:10-3:20 AM CET | 10:10-10:20 KST
    Welcome address: Kim Yong Rae, Commissioner of Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)
    (video, 3:11)
    At PATINEX 2021, you can obtain and share a variety of information that can effectively use patent data, a key intangible asset of an enterprise, across R&D and management strategies. Through this event, I hope you take a step closer to technological innovation and set the direction for entering the global market.

    9:30-10:00 PM ET (6/5/2021)| 3:00-3:30 AM CET | 10:30-11:30 KST
    Keynote Speech: Intellectual Property Strategy in New Digital Era (Lee Kwang Hyung, President of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST))
    (video, 11:06, presentation, 19 p)
    …In PATINEX 2021, I would like to tell you about the intellectual property strategy we need in the future and the vision of a ‘Global IP Hub Country’.

    Patent office presentations
    2:00-2:30 AM ET | 8:00-8:30 AM CET | 15:00-15:30 KST
    EPO  The ‘Fighting coronavirus’ platform and EPO patent insight reports (Christian Soltmann, EPO)
    (video, 11:17)
    …Recently, we have established a ‘Fighting coronavirus platform' to make all the information about the coronavirus pandemic available at once. We introduce this service to you in PATINEX 2021
    See also:
    EPO Fighting coronavirus platform
    Fighting Coronavirus - background to the EPO's response. Nigel Clarke,  Presentation, 33 p. (at the 2020 EPO Patent Information Conference
    An additional info at Jul. 23, 2020 and Oct. 25, 2020 PIUG-PF posts.
    See Note 1 for WIPO, CHIPA, KIPO and USPTO patent COVID-19 patent info initiatives

    EPO Patent insight reports (web-page) (See also Jan. 29, 2021 PIUG-PF post on EPO webinar series and additional info)

    Tuesday, Sep. 7, 2021
    Patent office presentations
    2:00-2:30 AM ET | 8:00-8:30 AM CET | 15:00-15:30 KST
    Patent information news from Japan (Kosuke FUJII, JPO)
    Through PATINEX 2021, we introduce JPO's intellectual property data supply policies, J-PlatPat service information, upgraded function, and future plan JPO gazettes operation.
    Additional info:
    J-PlatPat (
    Japan Platform for Patent Information): Patent/Utility Model: Number, Keyword (incl. expert mode), and Classification search (PMGS, FI/F-terms/IPC); Designs (Number, keyword, Japanese design classification search [Japan design classification (Google MT)]
    February 1, 2021 Update; release notes; J-PlatPat WIPO INSPIRE profile

    Wednesday, Sep. 8, 2021
    Patent office presentations
    2:00-2:30 AM ET | 8:00-8:30 AM CET | 15:00-15:30 KST
    KIPO’s plan of establishing and disseminating patent data (Sung-chan Shin, KIPO)
    The latest industry and technology trends rapidly changing, KIPO is focusing on the value of patent information data. However, we recognized that the construction and dissemination of patent data that can be analyzed and utilized are relatively lacking. Through PATINEX 2021, we introduce the plan to build and disseminate 'available patent data‘.

    Thursday, Sep. 9, 2021
    Case study:
    1:00-1:30 AM ET | 7:00-7:30 AM CET | 14:00-14:30 KST
    AI NPU SoC and Strategies for Securing IP (Kwon Youngsoo, Assistant Vice President, ETRI, Korea)
    What are AI semiconductors? You can find out the need for NPU and see the current status of NPU semiconductor development by ETRI.
    (NPU Neutral Processing Unit; SoC System on a chip; ETRI Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea)
    See also:
    How far have AI semiconductors come? ETRI Webzine, July 2020, v. 61.
    Kim, J.-H., Lee, M., Park, J., & Cha, H.-Y. (2020). Special issue on SoC and AI processors. ETRI Journal, 42(4), 465–467. (Open Access)

    Case study:
    1:30-2:00 AM ET | 7:30-8:00 AM CET | 14:30-15:00 KST
    The Smart Patent Strategy of Autonomous Driving. (Ha Hongjun, Patent counsel, Aurora Innovation, Pittsburg, PA, USA)
    These days, the self-driving technology is attracting a lot of attention around the world! Through this presentation, we will look at exactly what self-driving technology is, and how we can effectively protect technologies developed by our engineers with intellectual property rights
    See also: What Technologies are Covered by Aurora Innovation Patents? Insights by GreyB, Jun 29, 2021

    Patent office presentations
    2:00-2:30 AM ET | 8:00-8:30 AM CET | 15:00-15:30 KST
    China patent office's service and policy (LV Haibo, CNIPA)
    In recent years, CNIPA has expanded the supply of basic intellectual property (IP) data, improved the convenience and accessibility of data collection, and announced a series of policies to continuously improve the public service level of IP information. Practical efforts have been made to promote the collection and utilization of IP basic data by subjects. Today, on behalf of CNIPA, I would like to present the topic of ‘Expanding IP basic data supply and overall improvement of IP information dissemination and utilization efficiency’.

    Friday, Sep. 10, 2021
    Patent office presentations
    2:00-2:30 AM ET | 8:00-8:30 AM CET | 15:00-15:30 KST
    Provision and use of IP data at the USPTO (Nelson Yang, USPTO)
    The USPTO studies how people can use IP information more efficiently and effectively by increasing the accessibility of IP data. We introduce a variety of services and tools to leverage vast patent information from USPTO

    2:30-3:00 AM ET | 8:30-9:00 AM CET | 15:30-16:00 KST
    Understanding Trends in Digitalisation using Patent Analysis (Bernice Oh, IPOS) )
    From analysing patent data, we can see how the advent of the digitalisation megatrend enabled revolutionary technologies in various industries, leading up to industry 4.0. This presentation briefly introduces IPOS and helps you understand the digitalisation trend through patent analysis

    PATINEX Solution Updates (posted on Youtube):
    [Solution update 1] LexisNexis Early discovery for NPE and rising star and prediction (video, 17:39)
    …We would like to analyze leading companies in the field of wireless LAN technology, and explore notable companies among new entries

    [Solution Update 2] Orbis IP  - Deriving useful insights from patents and company data (video, 9:17)
    See also:
    Orbis IP
    (Bureau van Dijk, A Moody's Analytics Company) Combining company and patent information for intellectual property management and strategy (webpage):  Product Brochure (6 p.)
    Summary: Company Information
    (Bureau van Dijk) [300 million companies in all countries;  Extensive corporate ownership structures…[Ability] to  see the entire patent portfolio of a corporate group and uncover patents held by subsidiaries]; Patent data ([from] Lexis Nexis): 115 mln patents [Legal status updates,  Oppositions notifications for relevant jurisdictions; Tracked patent ownership changes]; 200 000 essential patents, 13 mln patent transactions [linked with extensive corporate ownership structures]; Patent Valuations ([from] IP-Business-Information B.V., The Netherlands) [Valuation data for all live and granted patents globally; Historical valuations data; Qualitative innovation indicators for patents and companies]

    [Solution update 6] Xlscout Introduction of XLSCOUT. (video, 13:38)
    We provide the world's largest AI-enabled technology database and IP analytics platform. You can search and utilize more than 130 million patents and 200 million research materials.

    [Solution update 7] WERT Intelligence.  Strategies for using AI and Big Data in the IP field examined by keywert 3.0 (video, 13:38)
    Why is AI really needed in the field of IP? Where can IP data-based AI technology be used? What is the difference between traditional patent analysis and big data analysis?

    [Solution update 8] WISDOMAIN, INC. Patent valuation service using A.I
    (video, 7:57)
    We will introduce the world's first patent valuation service using A.I and big data in 120 patent databases …. only using the patent number and company name. In addition, the company's patent trend and technology portfolio can be directly compared to similar companies to determine the competitiveness of the technology…

    [Solution update 10] WIPS. ‘WIPSCLIP’ clip the patent information where it’s needed
    (video, 15:18)
    WIPS propose a way to complete the puzzle of patent work by providing the patent information where you want to clip.

    [Solution update 11] EURASTECH. IP technology trading platform to help enter Russia (video, 13:59)
    From the video: EURASTECH Eurasia Overseas Network (at 1:25-1:48) Enable to search 100,000 Russian patents; provides data for about 3  mln companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgystan, Kazachstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Cyprus
    See also: EurasTech Corp  (АО ЕвразТех) (Seoul, Korea);  Patent Analysis System (By establishing and utilizing a patent information analysis system based on local patents that can be utilized by experts in Europe and Russia, we provide a matching provision of patent applicants, inventors, etc. with technical supply and demand specialists, thereby realizing a specialized technology transfer service)

    [Solution update 13] K2G Partners Newly Released Ideation Tool, K2G IAS (video, 21:19)
    …we newly build a Feature Database which is consisted of Problem related data and Solution related data out of a science and technology database including patents as well as non-patent literatures.

    [Solution update 14] Clarivate: Unlocking the full value of IP (video, 6:50)
    (…We are helping customers discover promising innovation opportunities faster with increased analytics capabilities and targeted advisory support…)


    Note 1: WIPO, CHIPA, KIPO and USPTO patent COVID-19 patent info initiatives
    WIPO: Patentscope Covid-19 Index [WIPO COVID-19 Search Facility of PATENTSCOPE] (WIPO Press Release, Apr, 21, 2020; Special Covid-19 in PATENTSCOPE  webinar (presentation, 35 p., video,  27:41, May 7, 2020; Alex Riechel, Iustin Diaconescu & Sandrine Ammann)); WIPO Pearl Covid-19 GLOSSARY (also in pdf, 19 p.) (WIPO Pearl News, Sep. 22, 2020)
    CNIPA: See “The Introduction of Patent Information Systems for Pandemic Prevention Against COVID-19 in CNIPA”, Miao Gao, CNIPA, Presentation on 16th PATINEX (2020), (video, 9:32, in Chinese with English subtitles. Nov. 9, 2020) [ (1) Information sharing platform for patents on pandemic prevention against COVID-19, Special Database, 7000 patents selected by experts (China Patent Information Center (CNPAT) and Patent Examination Cooperation (Beijing) Center of the Patent Office, CNIPA) (4:03-8:52 of the video); (2) Patent Information Thematic Database for Prevention and Treatment COVID-19 (Intellectually Property Publishing House Co, Ltd.) (2:37-3:26);  (3) Patent Information System for Pandemic Prevention Against COVID-19 (SIPOP, State Intellectual Property Operation Public Service Platform; Chinese Only) (3:30-3:53)]
    COVID-19 Patent Information Navigation (WIPO IP Policy Tracker record)
    USPTO: Patents 4 Partnerships (database of COVID-19 related patents and published patent applications available for licensing)
    See also: Lens COVID-19 Dataset; Relucura COVID Analyzer
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    Update 9/6/2021 5:02 AM ET Inforamtion on PATINEX Solution Updates has been added.

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