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Patent search webinars Apr. 15, 2021 (1) Sagacious IP (India) on invalidity searches by at 11:00 AM ET| 5:00 PM CET (2) Relativity, legal and compliance technology company on new Patent Search & Analytics services 1:00 PM ET| 7:00 PM CET

  • 14 Apr 2021 11:59 PM
    Message # 10314213

    There are webinars on patent searching, Wed., April 15, 2021

    Sagacious IP (India) on invalidity searches: April 15, 2021, 11:00 AM ET| 5:00 PM CET (see below)

    Relativity “Introducing Patent Search & Analytics from Relativity 1:00 PM ET| 7:00 PM CET (see below)


    Sagacious IPSagacious IP (India) offers a webinar on Invalidity searching:

    A Unique Approach to Identify ‘Killer Prior-arts’ During Patent Invalidity Searches

    Apr. 15, 2021 11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET| 5:00 –6:00 PM CET

    Registration Link

    Key-points to be covered in this webinar:
    1. What are different searching variants to address different invalidation scenarios?
    2. Document of Understanding
    3. Interim discussion and updates
    4. How invalidity searches are helping clients to file pre/post-grant opposition
    5. Content of invalidity Report

    Key-note Speaker: Rishabh Anurag, Senior Patent Analyst, Engg. Searching
    Anchor: Tanmay Mittal, Head - IP Solutions, India Region, Sagacious IP

    Related Sagacious IP recorded webinar:
    How Can a Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search Report Help You? [Introducing an innovative Sagacious IP FTO search report] (February 24, 2021) (A
    link to the webinar description and a registration to view a recorded webinar)


    Note: The information below is posted for information purposes only, and not for endorsement of the company patent search services

    Introducing Patent Search & Analytics from Relativity

    April 15 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT  | 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm CET

    Registration link

    Relativity, the well-known legal and compliance technology company, is announcing its new Patent search product.

    Patent search is fundamental to your IP practice. But the process can be slow, and often requires third-party help. You need results today – not two weeks from now.

    Join our webinar to get a first look at this brand-new product .

    We’ll show you how to:

    Run your own searches in a few easy steps

    Have the Relativity team run searches for you – with results in two days

    Refine, expand, and iterate search results with the click of a button (and at no extra charge)

    Speakers: Jim Witte, Group Product Manager,  Ryan Hynes, Architect,  Evan McAlpineSenior IP Counsel,  Karen Klein, Chief Legal Officer  (all – Relativity);

    Kris Hulliberger, IPAttorney, Howard & Howard;  Steve Lubezny, Partner, Dentons;  Seth Voit, Partner, Ulmer & Berne



    From product description:

    A New Solution Built on the Relativity Platform

    The ProblemPatent search often requires outsourcing to third parties with highly variable price tags and slow turnaround times.
    The Solution A patent search offering that delivers high-quality results in less than two business days. The solution is built on proven technology and informed by Relativity e-discovery foundations, but requires no prior product knowledge.
    Ready to Try, Risk Free
    Let us know how it works, at no charge. Run a historical search to compare real-world results, or a new patentability or invalidity search – with results in one to two business days.

    Two Service Options

    Run Your Own Searches
    Input a reference patent and relevant metadata (priority date, etc.).
    Ingest all relevant patents by classification in one click.
    Review potential references as soon as import and indexing are complete, all sorted by conceptual similarity.
    Refine results by priority claims, additional terms of art, other search terms, or known patent holders

    Let Us Run Searches for You
    • Provide a reference patent.
    • Within two business days, receive a report of the top 50 references, including concept scores.
    • Refine, expand, and iterate the search as needed at no extra charge.

    By automatically pulling data from the face of the patent, you’re able to quickly see results in near real-time. You have the flexibility to refine your search criteria as often as needed before you submit your results for review. Once your patents are ready to review, they’re assigned a rank so you have a curated list of relevant results.

    © Relativity. All rights reserved.

    Additional info:  See attached two screenshots from Relativity website which illustrate search interface of a new Relativity patent search system:

    Fig. 1 Input of a target patent and initial search results available for preview

    Fig. 2 Refined (?) search results ranked by a concept score.

    Search example is for a project "Fitness Tracker". A target patent is a patent application US-20160324432-A1 "Heart rate detection using ambient light". IPC/CPC classification on the search form at Fig. 1 are auto-populated from the front page  of  US-20160324432-A1, by ownership information from the front page of the patent is complimented by reassignment data (cf. the GooglePatents record, Application US14/706,524 events).

    An results set on Fig. 1 contains 110694 patent families, the top results is not appear to be the most relevant.  The result set on Fig. 2 contains 4663 patent families, and top results from this list looks more relevant to the target patent.

    Update: 4/15/2021 !2:49 Discussion of Relativity patent search interface has been added.

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