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PatSeer (Gridlogics) webinar 'Patent Searching in the Corporate Environment by Dr.Alexander Giesen, Varidian GmbH April 7, 2021, 5 AM ET | 11 CET

  • 05 Apr 2021 11:58 PM
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    Patent Searching in the Corporate Environment

    April 7, 2021, 5 AM ET | 11 CET

    PatSeer is a leading patent database used by numerous patent professionals and business analysts in an industrial environment. This webinar discusses distinguished features of PatSeer which allow for effective novelty searches, thorough Freedom To Operate (FTO) searches, in-depth searches for invalidity and opposition concise analytics reports.

    This webinar also presents a unique capabilities of PatSeer by an example of a Wind Turbine project. Presentation will cover Data coverage & tools provided by PatSeer as well as advanced workflows for effective patent information sharing & collaboration, advanced analytic tools & reporting which will be presented by an experienced patent professional.

    Speaker – Dr. Alexander Giesen, CEO, Varidian GmbH

    Host – Gargee Patankar, VP-Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Gridlogics Technologies Pvt Ltd.

    Registration Link


    About the Speaker

    Dr. Alexander Giesen is the CEO of varidian GmbH, a fine patent search firm located in Germany with a team of ten IP professionals. He gathered more than ten years of experience in patent searching, patent database programming and workflow design. His work is focused on the development of approaches for efficient processing of simple searches as well as managing complex search projects requiring hundreds of man hours and analysing tens of thousands of patent families. Alexander earned a PhD from the University Aachen (Germany) and an MBA from Henley (UK)  [From a book of presentations abstracts of  CEPIUG 10thYear Anniversary Conference]. Dr. Giesen has been elected at CEIPUG Board in 2019, representing PING, German-speaking patent information user group (Germany)

    "Varidian GmbH is a leading German service provider in the field of intellectual property. Our firm provides technical and scientific advice to corporate clients and major law firms"

    Varidian GmbH provides support for PatSeer users in German-speaking world

    Dr. Giesen’s  related presentation:

    Alexander Giesen (Varidian GmbH) with Manish Sinha (Gridlogics) Beyond Features - Effective and Efficient Patent Search with PatSeer. Presented at CEPIUG 10th Year Anniversary Conference, Milano, 9-11 September 2018 (Abstract only [at p.6]) Effective patent searching produces relevant results while efficient searching does this within a reasonable time frame.


    About Patseer/Gridlogics:

    Related resent publications from PatSeer blog:
    How to create a Invalidation Search Strategy. March 2021
    How to create a Freedom to Operate Search Strategy February 2021
    How to create a Patentability Search Strategy. January 2021

    See also:

    PatSeer [Online] Patent Searching Guide [Patentability Search; Patent Invalidation Search; FTO Search…]

    Tips and Tools to improve patent searching quality and productivity (Recorded March 8, 2021, 69 min; Presenter: Mike Lloyd, Patent-Insights)  
    [PatSeer smart features, best class codes, best synonyms, Efficiently reviewing the results;   Working with images]

    Sinha, M., Pandurangi, A., 2016. Guide to Practical Patent Searching and how to use PatSeer for Patent Search and Analysis (A contemporary guide to creating effective Patent Search Strategies), 2nd Edition. ed. Gridlogics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. E-book. vi,228  (ToC & a link for a free immediate download)

    Gridlogics Technologies, 2015. Searching on PatSeer. Training Manual. 51 p. -PatSeer User Manual.pdf

    Blog Posts on PatSeer query language:
    Searching gets serious in PatSeer,  January 2013
    Now searching gets familiar in PatSeer! May  2013
    PatSeer Q4/2013 Enhancements, January 2014

    [See also (as a bonus) videos from PatSight – IP Symposium by Gridlogics (28th February 2020, Mumbai), featuring Tony Trippe and Andrea Davis]

    Gridlogics At a Glance

    Founded in 2004 and having more than 14 years of experience in Intellectual Property Software Solutions
    Launched Patent iNSIGHT Pro in Jan 2006 and gained quick market acceptance to achieve more than 400 users across 100+organisations globally
    Patent research and collaboration platform PatSeer launched in 2012
    PatSeer Pro™ – a web based IP analysis solution that combines PatSeer’s global patent search capabilities with powerful patent analysis and visualizations of Patent iNSIGHT Pro launced in 2016
    Introduced PatSeer Explorer in 2017 – A solution for organizations who want to give smart global patent search access to their researchers
    Launched PatSeer 360 in 2018 – A solution for Patent Analytics for Monetization, Portfolio optimization and IP Licensing: PatSeer Global Patent Database is in use by more than 6000+ users across 33 countries in corporations, law firms, service providers and even technology start-ups

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