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PIUG Public Discussion Forum (PIUG-PF)

This new Public Discussion Forum (PIUG-PF) was initiated for new discussion and blog topics on October 20, 2019. The public has only read access. The names of contributors may be listed as "anonymous" by PIUG contributors who have not made their PIUG directory profiles public.

In order to comment or create new topics, you must join the PIUG-PF at  All current paid members of PIUG plus current Wiki registrants already have read/write access to this new forum.  Public Forum Members do not have access to Members Only Pages.  Those pages are only available to paid members of PIUG.  Please address questions to

To create a new topic or comment on an existing topic, login to the PIUG website. To receive daily alerting email messages for new topics or comments, users must click on the "Subscribe to forum" link. Users may change the frequency of alerting emails messages (immediate/daily/weekly): edit your profile, go to the “Email settings and log” tab, and click on the Edit button next to “Email Preferences.”

The previous PIUG Discussion Forum (PIUG-DF) and PIUG Blog on the wiki will be maintained for archival purposes for the foreseeable future.



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