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Editing Membership Profiles on the PIUG Website and PIUG Wiki

PIUG members are strongly encouraged to update and augment their membership profiles and add profile photos to help build community. The PIUG website and PIUG wiki are different media, each with its own profile.

Here are instructions for maintaining each of them.

PIUG website membership profile

Users have complete control over others' access to their profiles on the PIUG website.

  1. Login to the website using fields in upper right corner using your website email address on record and website password.
    Use the Forgot Password function to have a reset password link sent to your email address on record.
  2. Click on your name which appears as a link in the upper right corner, then click on the Edit Profile box to update the information. Save changes.
  3. If you need to change your membership level, this should be done with the start of the new year.  After clicking on your linked name, click the Change link.  The screen will now present a list of levels to choose from.  Scroll down to the appropriate level which contains your current level with the addition of the word "-autorenewal -'".  Choose that level and then click Next.  That will update your membership level to provide the discount and will then issue an invoice.  At that point, you may click the pay online button which will allow you to manually make the initial payment at the discounted amount. 
  4. Click on the Privacy link in order to control what information is open to Anybody, to Members, or nobody (No access). Click on the Edit Profile again, make changes by clicking on the radio buttons, and Save the changes.

NOTE regarding membership level changes: If you decide that you want to change back to manual renewals in the future, you should notify the Administrative Coordinator to make the change to your Membership level to avoid any invoicing errors.  It is further suggested to please contact the Administrative Coordinator to make any level changes during the year to avoid any invoicing issues.

PIUG wiki membership profile

For the most part, wiki profiles are viewable only by PIUG wiki registrants after login and are not indexed by search engines. The more extensive Personal Spaces on the PIUG wiki are similar to LinkedIn profile pages and may be created only by PIUG members. Access to Personal Spaces require wiki login by default but may be made open to all viewers and search engines. Note that registration on the wiki does not require current PIUG membership, although all in the patent information community are encouraged to join PIUG; see the Membership Benefits page.

  1. Login to the PIUG wiki via the Log In link in the top blue menu bar using your wiki username (not your email address of record) and your PIUG wiki password. Use the Forgot your password? function on the login screen to retrieve your wiki username and receive a link to reset your wiki password.
  2. On the top blue menu bar, hover over Settings > Manage my Personal Information and then select any of the available options: View my profile, Edit my profile, Change my email address, Change my password, or Edit my picture.
  3. Edit the information on the resulting page and save the changes.
  4. Additional help is available on the wiki : QRG - Personal Spaces and QRG - Profile Photos.
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