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  1. Program

PIUG is pleased to announce the preliminary program (subject to change as speakers are added) at the Plenary Sessions for the PIUG 2024 Joint Annual & Biotechnology Conference. Details for Workshops will be listed on a separate web page by February.  When planning your trip to the conference, please keep the following events in mind so that you do not miss out on a valuable opportunity.

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Technical Sessions - Sunday through Thursday

PIUG would like to inform all conference attendees that the use of photographic or recording devices of any kind to create recordings of the conference proceedings including the technical program and workshops is strictly prohibited. This includes recordings by the audience for personal use.

Please note that the speakers listed below may change if circumstances arise. Accordingly, please monitor this web page for updated information.

Sunday, May 5
Welcome Reception
Monday, May 6
Fun run/walk, Plenary Sessions with Panel Discussion
Awards Ceremony and Presentations, Update on Certification and PIUG and CE-PIUG, Unconference Session 1
Tuesday, May 7
Plenary Sessions, Unconference Session 2
Evening Dinner Cruise
Wednesday, May 8
Plenary Sessions, Unconference Session 3
Biotech Workshops
Thursday, May 9
Biotech Plenary Sessions
Biotech Plenary Sessions

Current list of speakers (stay tuned for more details):

Stephen Adams: The ever-changing face of global search or 'Has the centre of the forest moved'?

Andrea Davis and Andrew McElligott: IPR Estoppel: What Prior Art Can Reasonably Be Found?

Rosanna Lindquist: Edible, Comestible, Consumable: Navigating Food Science IP

Andrew Klein:  Patent Families

Zhifu Shu: Technology Opportunities Identification in Low Carbon Space - Search and Visualization of CO2 Capture External Options

Julia Heinrich: Patent Alert for Targeted Protein Degradation

Matt Eberle: Focused IP Reports: FTO Whitespace, Surveillance, Structures, Sequences, and Beyond

Ron Kaminecki: Digging Deep into Patents

Thomas Ehrich: Painstaking Experimentation Is Not Enablement: Implications of Amgen v. Sanofi

Divya Goyal and Sumit Kumar Singh: Effective patent monitoring as a tool for competitive intelligence in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry

Kathleen Kalafus from the USPTO: A Look Back on the First Two Years

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