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PIUG 2020 Biotechnology Conference

Taking Biotechnology to the Next Level

Tuesday, February 25, through Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Kimpton Marlowe Hotel
25 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA 02141

Twitter: #PIUG20BIO

The PIUG Meeting App

Use the meeting app to manage your experience at the PIUG 2020 Biotechnology Conference!  Plan your conference schedule on your mobile device or use the online version.  Connect with attendees and sponsors via the app.

We’re launching the app in advance to help you start planning your personalized schedule.  The app will be updated in real time, so be sure to close out of it after each use and to check back regularly for new sponsors and exhibitors, tools, and much more!

Downloading the PIUG 2020 Biotechnology Conference Mobile App

  1. Download the PIUG 2020 Biotechnology Conference official Event App for iPhone or Android by visiting this website on your device:  PIUG 2020 Biotech Meeting App .
  2. After the app is installed, please Sign Up (not Log In) and setup your Profile!
  3. Important: Use the same email for the app that you used to register for the conference.
  4. Go to the Events Tab and select Search for an Event.
  5. Search for and find PIUG 2020 Biotechnology Conference.
  6. For web-based app login, click the following link: PIUG 2020 Biotech Web .

Note: The web-based version does not have the networking capabilities of the App and is only recommended for those who don’t have an iPhone or Android device.

How to get Support in the App

  2. If you encounter any issues, Socio provides user support in the App where you can talk directly with a support representative to solve the issue.

App Features

  1. Shake & Connect – Shake your phone to connect with other attendees in close proximity to you and expand your network.
  2. Personal Agenda – Add sessions you plan to attend from the main agenda to create your own personalized agenda.
  3. Ratings & Reviews – Give feedback on sessions, speakers, and more to help shape future events.
  4. Wall – Let everyone know your thoughts by adding text or images to the social wall.

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