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PIUG 2011 Biotechnology Meeting

New Biologics: Proteins & Beyond

Wednesday, February 10, 2011

Amgen Inc.
360 Binney Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
(One Kendall Square, Building 1000)

Networking While in Boston

Information overload has forced many to redefine what for most of us is a very important aspect of our professional lives and relationships – networking. Witness the recent popularity of e-media efforts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and a seemingly overwhelming number of web wikis.

Some of us continue to believe that the most valuable networks to which one can connect are those with which we are in some way already connected, whether we realize it or not. These professional relationships develop with time and energy and involve face-to-face interaction and qualitative, shared experience in-the-field. They go well beyond incidental acquaintanceship or e-chat rooms and can result in life-long professional relations.

In the greater Boston biotechnology corridor, we proudly participate in an annual PIUG event that brings together a tightly focused group of information professionals that work hard and – yes – play hard. The event is the PIUG Boston Biotechnology Meeting. During the past three years, an ever-growing, tightly networked group of spirited individuals has emerged. At least once per month, the Boston Biotech “dinner gang” now meets at one among an ever increasing list of highly attractive dinner venues to discuss during the evening various professional interests and culinary delights. These events provide a valuable yet relaxed forum for discussion of patent-related issues of immediate impact to our community of practice. Beliefs, learnings, and assumptions are vetted among enthusiastic industry colleagues, and truly the best among so many great Boston restaurants are sampled. Our intent is to develop exemplary networking opportunities consistent with the highest goals of PIUG. Whenever you plan to travel in eastern Massachusetts, know that you have an extended professional network at whose table you are always welcome. Bon appetite and great chat, and, by all means, have a great meeting!

Conference Opportunities

Date Time Event Contact
Tuesday, 9 Feb 2010 5:30 pm General Networking
Blue Room, Cambridge
Diane Wian (IFI)
Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010 5:30 pm Boston Networking Group (all are invited, RSVP req'd.)
Marliave, Boston
Rick Williams
Thursday, 11 Feb 2010 > 4:00 pm TBD ... suggestions are welcome Rick Williams

Please note that, unless otherwise specified:

  • Venues are "Dutch treat"
  • Dress is business casual
General Networking Event #1top of page
February 9

The Blue Room
1 Kendall Sq # B2001
Cambridge, MA 02139-1593
(617) 494-9034

This pre-meeting, evening get-together is announced by Diane Wian (IFI Patent Intelligence). The proposed venue is within easy walking distance of the host hotel.

R.S.V.P. by 4:30pm. Friday, February 5, 2010, due to our short time line for securing reservations. Contact Diane Wian and indicate "Yea" or "Nay" as well as number in your party if more than one.


5:30 pm


Please assemble in the restaurant bar any time prior to the dinner seating.


6:00 pm

Dinner Please mention the Boston Biotech Meeting or Diane Wian to be seated with the group.
      Return to the hotel, or stroll around town.
Boston Networking "Dinner Gang" and General Event #2top of page
February 10

10 Bosworth Street
Boston, MA 02108-4182
(617) 422-0004

This after-meeting get-together purposefully coincides with the 4th annual PIUG Boston Biotechnology Meeting. We welcome our PIUG colleagues who are visiting Boston for the conference and, perhaps for the first time. Local members should feel free to "adopt a visitor", so that all feel welcome in Boston.

R.S.V.P. by 4:30pm. Friday, February 5, 2010, due to our short time line for securing reservations. Contact Rick Williams and indicate "Yea" or "Nay" as well as number in your party if more than one.


5:30 pm


Please assemble in the downstairs restaurant bar any time prior to the dinner seating upstairs.

Hint: the raw bar offers oysters for $1ea from 4 to 6pm daily.


6:30 pm

Dinner Upstairs. Please mention the Boston Biotech Meeting to be seated with our group.
      Return to the hotel, or stroll around town.
  • Located just off the Freedom Trail, Marliave is centrally located among and within walking distance of the Massachusetts state capitol, Boston Common and Gardens, the popular Downtown Crossing district, and Faneuil Hall.
  • MBTA (The "T"): Catch the Red Line at Kendall/MIT Station inbound to Park Street Station (Red & Green Lines). Walk 2 blocks up the hill on Tremont Street past the Orpheum Theater and Suffolk U. to Bosworth and turn right. Walk 1.5 blocks to Marliave (on right).
  • By car: Houston's (last year's networking venue) offers 3 hours free parking at the 60 State Street parking garage... stop there for one drink, get your pass validated, then proceed to Marliave walking down Tremont from the other direction.
  • By cab: quickest, but probably $5-10, depending on traffic, etc (and, of course, snow)
Additional Networking on Thursdaytop of page

The workshop on Thursday is in the Downtown Crossing district of Boston. Many venues are close by and promise a rewarding dinner experience after a full day of learning. Please feel free to convey your suggestions about dinner to Rick Williams.

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