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PIUG 2013 Annual Conference
An International Conference for Patent Information Professionals

Celebrating our Past 25 Years... Preparing for Our Future:
Best Practices for Keeping Up with the Rapidly Changing Patent Landscape

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Saturday, April 27 – Thursday May 2, 2013
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
5000 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA  22311

Stu Kaback Business Impact Award

The application process is closed. Please note that there was no need to disclose any confidential or business sensitive information in the application.

About the Stu Kaback Business Impact Award

As the PIUG's mission is to "support, assist, improve and enhance the success of patent information professionals", it follows that one of the most important functions the PIUG should serve is to highlight the importance of patent information professionals to their respective organizations and to take a more active role in promoting and encouraging the growth of our profession.

In order to promote the profession and its practitioners, I am truly pleased to announce on behalf of the Board of Directors that a new annual award has been established by the PIUG, Inc. in Honorable Memory of Dr. Stuart Kaback for his many outstanding accomplishments during his stellar 42 year career at ExxonMobil. As an internationally recognized expert in patent information, a multi-award winner and a prolific writer who inspired an entire generation of patent information professionals, Stu was a deeply respected and greatly loved "force of nature". Stu's unparalleled technical expertise in patent information and a diverse range of chemical and petroleum related technologies provided invaluable support to both R&D initiatives and in the protection of ExxonMobil's intellectual property assets. Stu's accomplishments demonstrate how a patent information professional can be critical to the success of a business.





The purpose of the Stu Kaback Business Impact Award is to recognize the achievements of an individual or a team of individuals who, in performing as patent information professionals, have made a distinct impact on an organization such as, but not limited to, a corporation, university, government agency, a non-government organization or a non-profit organization. A patent information professional for the purpose of this award is a person who searches, analyzes, organizes or disseminates patent information or designs patent information retrieval systems. A description of the award and the application process is provided below and I encourage you to consider applying for this prestigious award.

Award Package

The PIUG sponsored award consists of US $1500, a commemorative figurine and gratis registration at the PIUG 2013 Annual Conference, an International Conference for Patent Information Professionals. If a team is selected as the award recipient, the award of US $1500 will be divided equally amongst the team members, each member will receive a commemorative figurine and the gratis registration will be awarded to a team representative, as designated by the team, who will be presented with the award during the Gala Dinner at the PIUG 2013 Annual Conference.

Application Process

The deadline for applying for the Stu Kaback Business Impact Award was 11:59 PM US EST March 18, 2013. Applications are welcome from all over the world and should be sent to secretary @ Award applicants can either be self-nominated or nominated by another. If a team is nominated, the team members can be from the same organization or from different organizations. If you wish to nominate a patent information professional or a team of patent information professionals for the award, you will need to contact the nominee(s) as the award application requires their input as explained below.

Examples of situations worthy of nomination include, but are not limited to:

  • performance of a patent landscaping project which helped an organization successfully manage a merger, acquisition or partnership;
  • a patent validity search which helped a company avoid or support a major lawsuit or an opposition or revocation proceeding critical to the organization;
  • the development of a new tool or database involving patent information which helped an organization expand into a new market;
  • providing assistance to an organization by way of an advisory board for helping to improve an existing product or service involving patent information; or
  • assisting a project team with developing new ideas and exploring their patentability leading to a new product, process or service of the organization.

In order to apply for the award, the nominee(s) must complete the application form that includes the name, mailing address, phone number and email address of each nominee as well as the name, mailing address, phone number and email address of a suitable contact for each organization as applicable.

The nominee will also need to provide an essay in English not to exceed 1500 words describing the work they did in achieving the accomplishment and explaining the impact that it had on the organization(s) at the time of achieving the accomplishment. In the case of a team nomination, only one essay is required from a team representative. The work should be generically described as there is no need to include any confidential or business sensitive information.  The selection committee does not need specific details about the work, but rather needs to understand the impact the work has had on the organization. The essay should also highlight how their patent information professional skills were integral to completing the described task.

The application should also include a letter in English signed by an executive or manager from the organization on the organization's letterhead, or in the case of a team nomination, a letter in English signed by an executive or manager from each of the organizations (on respective letterhead) who was involved with the work and who can attest to the impact it had on the organization.

Additionally, the application should also include a written testimonial in English signed by a peer within each organization who worked with the nominee(s), or a written testimonial signed by a client in the case of a freelance patent information professional or a consultant who is being nominated for the award. The peer or client should discuss in the testimonial how the unique abilities, talents or determination of the nominee(s) made the achievement possible.

The successful nominee(s) and the corresponding organization(s) must also agree to permit the announcement of the award recipient(s) and naming of the corresponding organization(s) to take place via several media outlets such as the PIUG website and/or wiki, social media channels and/or press releases. Any applications that do not meet all of the specified requirements may be disqualified. All decisions of the PIUG, Inc. in connection with the award are final.

Applications for the award are to be submitted to secretary @ by 11:59 PM US EST March 18, 2013. I will personally notify the award recipient(s) of their success on or before April 1, 2013.

Susanne Hantos
Chair 2012-2014
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