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Patent Information Users Group, Inc.

The International Society for Patent Information Professionals

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PIUG Boards of Directors

Years Chairperson Vice-Chairperson Secretary Treasurer Directors-at-Large /
Immediate Past Chair
1988-1990 Mike Feider
Nancy Lambert Pat Dorler  
1990-1992 Edlyn Simmons John Dudinyak Nancy Lambert Pat Dorler  
1992-1994 Andy Berks Joseph DiSalvo Nancy Lambert Pat Dorler
1994-1996 Suzanne Elsoffer Vicky Veach Elyse Turner Pat Dorler
1996-1998 Vicky Veach Sandra Unger Joan Rogers Pat Dorler
1998-2000 Sandra Unger Steve Reynolds Karen Wehner Elaine Campbell
2000-2002 Lucy T. Antunes Ford Khorsandian Sandy Smith Suzanne Robins Stuart Kaback
Edlyn Simmons
Sandra Unger
2002-2004 Lucy T. Antunes Elyse Turner Sandy Smith Suzanne Robins Stephen Adams
Edlyn Simmons
Sandra Unger
2004-2006 Elyse Turner Suzanne Robins Anne Marie Clark Ken Koubek Stephen Adams
Lucy T. Antunes/Edlyn Simmons
Sandra Unger
2006-2008 Suzanne Robins Heidi Stone Ginger DeMille Ken Koubek Edlyn Simmons
Elyse Turner
Sandra Unger
2008-2010 Cynthia Barcelon-Yang Doreen Alberts Denise Fobare-DePonio Ken Koubek Edlyn Simmons
Suzanne Robins
Heidi Stone
2010-2012 Anthony Trippe Denise Fobare-DePonio Jim Brown Ken Koubek Cynthia Barcelon-Yang
Heidi Stone
Diane Wian ('10-'11)
Dominic DeMarco ('11-'12)
2012-2014 Susanne Hantos Jim Brown Kimberly Miller Ken Koubek Anthony Trippe
Cynthia Barcelon-Yang
Dominic DeMarco
2014-2016 Elliott Linder Stephen Adams Bo Peng Martha Yates Cynthia Barcelon-Yang
Susanne Hantos
Ron Kaminecki
2016-2018 Martha Yates Stephen Adams Shelley Pavlek Malcolm Hallam Ron Kaminecki
Elliott Linder
Heather Simmons
2018-2020 Martha Yates Shelley Pavlek Rosanna Lindquist Malcolm Hallam Ron Kaminecki
Elliott Linder
Heather Simmons

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