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Guidelines for Commercial Participation

The PIUG Wiki, discussion forums and blogs are open for complete participation by all members of the patent information community as described on the PIUG Space home page. The following guidelines are based on those of the former PIUG/PATMG Patent Information Discussion List and are to guide members posting information about commercial products on the PIUG Wiki, to the PIUG Blog, and in its discussion forums:

  1. Commercial postings, including press releases, are not monitored, but only those that are clearly related to patents and related information sources should be placed within the wiki and forums.
  2. Press release information and simple announcements should be posted as blog posts rather than PIUG Discussion Forum (PIUG-DF) topics.
  3. All commercial postings should be short and include a location, e.g. a web address, where more detailed information can be obtained if desired, and/or a name, phone or FAX number and/or e-mail address for people who want to follow up on the prices or features of products. Users may wish to disguise their email addresses by including spaces around the @ sign to foil spammers.
  4. Briefly summarizing prices is acceptable but users should recognize that wiki and forum pages will remain available indefinitely while prices and features change over time.
  5. Commercial postings may include non-executable attachments such as Adobe Acrobat documents, but they should be attached only when they supplement rather than replace explanatory text on the wiki page or on other web sites.
  6. Communication about the content or features via comments by users and commercial representatives is welcomed and encouraged.
  7. Information on new products, services or pricing structures, training seminars or classes, press releases containing business information relevant to the interests of PIUG members, and replies to requests for assistance are welcome. Messages focused on marketing or advertising the company itself, as opposed to providing specific information regarding products or services of use to the membership of PIUG, should be avoided.
  8. Company representatives are expected to avoid disparaging comparisons with competing products. Comparisons with competitors should be limited to brief factual statements about content, price or features.
  9. An individual who is not a company representative may submit comparisons with competing products, however such postings are expected to avoid unsupported attacks on commercial products or their representatives.

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